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Creepy Cassia is freaking brilliant when it comes to a creepy suspenseful fun ride! Cian has a horrible past and this turns him into a sexy monster. Come find out why and what happens. Everyone needs to read this beautiful lady's books. View all 9 comments. Dec 30, Paula Phillips rated it it was amazing. What do you get if you were to set the series of Dexter in a hospital? You would get Lincoln Hospital featuring Dr. Cian O'Reilly. After reading romance, you get bored with it if you are like me and for me, my go-to books are Mysteries and Dark Fiction.

This series I have had sitting on my kindle for about a year now. On May 23rd Dr. O'Reilly suffered a horrible tragedy which led to death, and for Dr. O'Reilly it opened something in him. The need for justice. On the 23rd of every month with a se What do you get if you were to set the series of Dexter in a hospital?

On the 23rd of every month with a select team of fellow vigilantes - doing this for their reasons, they do a Dexter and kill the ones that get off but are guilty AF. What better way to do this than in a hospital where the murders can look like medical accidents? Three stories are paralleling in Lincoln Hospital. You have the introductions to the new round of interns including one Athena Payne who will also become a possible love interest for Cian O'Reilly.

I have to admit the ending which was a major cliffhanger left me going OMFG with that last page, so much that the last line I had to re-read a few times to wrap my head around it. It took me by surprise. So much that I now can't wait to read Book 2 Flatline. This book really surprised me.

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When I started reading it started out cheesy but oh Boy! I was so wrong! As I read more and more, I was so much engrossed and the concept the author has come up with! Scary and I'm intrigued. What was the right and wrong path. I felt that the book no matter how dark, it was deep and I can't wait to read the next book. I have not read anything from this author before but I liked this book more I thought I would. This book is definitely for adults readers due to language and sexual situations. I was a bit surprised by this but overall I liked the characters a lot more than I thought I would.

But since this is a series, opinions for characters can change I have had I have not read anything from this author before but I liked this book more I thought I would. But since this is a series, opinions for characters can change I have had it happen to me before.

Athena Payne, I like her and her friend Sabine very much. I hope we have much more of them and learn more about these characters in the books to come. I may read the next book to see what happens next. I like to give new authors and new series books before I decide if this is a series or author I will keep reading if I am on the fence about it. This one I am still on the fence about but the book and the story does have a little something in it for many readers.

Please note this review may contain spoilers. From the first page, you know that Cian is not a nice guy. What can I say about Athena? Not much because to be honest, Please note this review may contain spoilers. My main issue was in relation to the POVs. That would be fine, except that the POV changes without any notice at all, which often left me confused. At one point the POV switched between three characters in as many paragraphs. I also noticed incomplete, extra and wrong words used here and there, so it could use an editor.

It feels like they got their HEA, as happy as they can be in a story such as this. For more reviews, please visit our website: www. I really didn't know about this book going in but just a few pages in I was glued!! Cian is the chief of cardio thoracic surgery at Lincoln Hospital and well he is super hot! But Cian has a dark side.

Something horrible happened to Cian and since then he has been out for blood. He seeks justice and monthly kills a criminal in his OR. He is a dark avenging angel Athena is a fresh intern at Lincoln hospital and first day she encounters this rude and too large of an e 4. Athena is a fresh intern at Lincoln hospital and first day she encounters this rude and too large of an ego man, but well he was hot. Little does she know the man she despises yet got hot over was the man she aspires to one day be.

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And her boss's boss. A series of shitty things keep happening to Athena and thank goodness she has a dark avenging angel is all I am going to say. This book is a very good page turner. And I know you are suppose to not like a man like Cian but everything about him is a plus in my book. Athena well I think she is an ok girl. I just wish she would so quickly fall back for Cian but with that said I am pretty sure in reality I would to. And he is a total stalker I just want to point out.

How is he everywhere she goes?!?!

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I mean in the bathroom?!?! My other question is how does this not lead back to him and the hospital. He is damn near at every scene. And he is the dr for each patient?!?! To me that is a good first book.

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It has me coming back for answers. And the very last freaking page!!!!! I had no damn clue. And does anyone know who Dr Daniels was?!?! I am dying here. So glad I have the next book. I watched only a few episodes of Dexter and I think this is like that and well it's def a dark version of Greys Anatomy. Just thought I would address the similarities that everyone is claiming. Great read!!

I bought this book the moment it came out, but literally just got around to reading it. And I read it in one sitting. I couldn't get hottie, murdering Dr. Cian O'Reilly out of my head!! He's one of the top cardio-thoracic surgeons in the country. He takes saving people very seriously. But after a horrific incident, he let his inner darkness out, and became a vigilante trying to right the wrongs done to innocent people.

He's what you'd expect the best surgeon to be: cocky, arrogant and smoldering I bought this book the moment it came out, but literally just got around to reading it. He's what you'd expect the best surgeon to be: cocky, arrogant and smoldering hot. Athena is a first year intern.

Her passion lies in the same field as Dr. O'Reilly, but she's not sure she'll learn under the scorching tutelage of the sexy surgeon. Luckily she's got her bestie Sabine - who is hysterical - by her side. This book is dark and twisted and brilliant as far as I'm concerned. There is a secondary plot line that is introduced, and I do believe that it will carry over into the next book. Now, if you don't like cliffhangers, hold off on reading this book. If you have ANY trigger issues, I would tread carefully. There are some rather graphic scenes in the book. This is the first book from Cassia that I've read and I'm very excited to see where she takes these characters.

I got a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is the first book I have read by this author and I can't wait to read more. I am giving this book 5 stars! The story flows, and its intense and dark. I loved the characters! Each and every one of them pretty much. I was pulled into the story from the beginning and kept my attention, I hated putting it down but had to as life gets in the way of reading.

Then I couldn't find my kindle so I had to dig out another one to finish the boo I got a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Then I couldn't find my kindle so I had to dig out another one to finish the book on. This book is gory, and some parts did leave me queasy but I loved it. I recommend this book to everyone who loves a dark, intense story.

Its not for the weak. Cian O'Reilly he is dark, intense, dangerous, and he is the biggest asshole, but I couldn't help but love him. He is a Surgeon. Athena is a new Dr. She is sweet, caring, tries to get along with everyone. She is one of 6 interns, hoping to become a surgeon. She catches the eye of Dr.

O'Reilly and even though he is a playboy, Athena is attracted to him. Fantastic start to this brand new series Cassia Brightmore. I was hooked from the first page. Loved all the new characters. The suspense and twists in the storyline were off the charts. I really didn't know what was going to happen next Dr Cian O Reilly is the leading Surgeon in his profession. Everyone wants to work with him and the ladies fall over themselves to sleep with him. But Cian doesn't want a relationship and isn't interested in anyone who tries to catch his eye. That is until Wow!!

That is until a certain intern arrives at the hospital. Athena Payne is like no other, from day one he wants her. She wants him but he can't give into his feelings, it will only end with heartache On the 23rd day of every month he hunts To bring justice to all criminals who escape the law. Giving them a taste of what they have put their victims through. This is side of him that people don't see and not many people are trusted with this knowledge.

How can he give into his feelings? Reprinted by permission of the author. We sit down and pahnah pours himself a glass of sherry and lights a cig before asking me about the purpose of my visit. I take a seat in a chair next to the window. On the street outside the house, a car is stuck in time. A woman sings along with the car radio, her mouth open just slightly, frozen. In the back seat a little girl sleeps, her lungs in the midst of a lazy intake of air. Thomas sitting under the big tree outside the auditorium at Charlotte Amalie High.

The Ghettos crew is throwing his pants around. Real original shit. I come up and immediately start taking these dudes down, and I mean hard. My legs turn to noodles under me, and I fall face-first to the ground. Later people tell me I looked like that dude from Punch-Out!! I wake up in a hospital bed with a massive headache and a fire in my ribs that keeps pulsing. Known him all his life, and that empty look he gets still trips me out. My left eye is puffy and leaky.

He tries to stop, but that just makes his body shake harder. For a moment I swear the room looks different. I close my eyes and rub at my temples, disoriented. Inside my eyelids is a lightshow of colors. Because of the concussion they have to keep me there overnight. In the late nineteenth century, J. They also give him a Nobel Prize.

The Hospital: The First Mountain Man Story

How it works, Hugh tells me, is you shoot electrons at a slab with only one slit and a detector screen behind it. It becomes a wave of possibilities. If you attach a camera to try to record which slit the electron actually goes through, the electrons become particles again. Two slit-sized splatters show up on the screen. They teleport, superimpose, and disappear. They run off cliffs and forget to fall.

Upon witnessing the complete lack of fucks given by the quantum world, physicists collectively lose their minds. How can they reconcile reality with what they are seeing? Many of them, in desperation, entertain solipsistic ideas. Bohr won the Nobel Prize in Physics in He modeled the atom. He is brilliant and highly respected, and when he tells a room full of people his theory, they listen.

His idea is this: The world is separated into two, our physical macro world that we pretty much understand and the quantum world where shit just happens. When we are not looking at subatomic particles, they exist as waves of possibility: wave functions. When we observe them, the wave collapses, and they become particles. It is pointless to try to figure out what subatomic particles are doing when we are not looking at them and that is not our job as physicists. He is animated now.

He has put down his glass of sherry on the nightstand next to the bed. His cigarette is resting in an ashtray. From the s to the s, the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics becomes dogma with a capital D. Dudes crazy enough to question it—or worse, come up with alternatives ha! He closes his eyes for a moment, and the world is still like death. Then he opens his eyes and looks at me. Starts competing in some local matches and actually wins a few of them. Around then Cory gets into girls, and I mean big time. Surprises the hell out of me. Dude trades in his Marvel undies for Calvin Kleins and girls seem to dig his weird mix of nerd and badass.

That stuff is for some people, you know? But I would have never guessed it would be little Cory messing up dudes. I come home one night after a hard day at K-mart fucking K-mart, man! I just stand there staring at him. I close the door and sit next to him, and we pass the joint back and forth.

We watch the show together and talk on breaks. By then Cory is in eleventh grade and has made a minor name for himself. He starts cutting class and taking girls up to the house during school hours. Mom comes home sick one day and finds him in the house with some girl, and he has to run out half naked as she chases him around the yard with a belt.

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A month later, Cory has a big fight set up with this dude named Antonio from Croix. Cory is feeling himself way too much, saying all kinds of shit about the boy. It seemed obvious that Cory would be taking home the win. Cory tells people to come out and witness the carnage. The haters descend quick. Cory becomes the butt of endless jokes. He hides out in his room and lights up all day.

He tells Mom to mind her business when she tries to intervene. He cuts class constantly. Spends most of his time running from hall monitors and hiding out in the back of the special education building smoking. He spends the rest of that year driving his grades into the dirt. And he does. After he barely graduates, he goes to basic training and is off to Afghanistan within a few months. On his day of departure, she begs and begs. The room is thick with smoke and conversation. Hugh thinks. He looks at Hugh, concerned. Hugh steadies himself on his legs.

He feels euphoric. He looks to his friends for confirmation, but they just stare incredulously. They laugh again. I roll my eyes. They drink some more, and the conversation drifts on to other things. The next morning Hugh wakes up with a hangover and the answer. He pulls out a notepad and begins scribbling furiously.

I consider telling him that I know, that I was there, but it would only confuse him. Looking back, though, I find meaning in those silences; they seem dark and threatening. For the first two weeks, he spends a lot of time in his room. I ask him what he did over there and he tells me that they mostly built infrastructure. I ask him if he killed anyone and he says no. During the next two weeks of his leave, he goes out every night. He meets a girl named Keren, and for that last week I see him out all the time with her.

He nods and I nod, and then I go about my business. Then he is gone again. This time for a few months. When he returns, he tells me that he has been discharged. Now I can be around for my baby girl. I tell him that babies are expensive and he should have been more careful. He tells me he is a grown man and that he can take care of his responsibilities and who the hell was I to tell him anything about his life.

When I tell him I am his big brother, he laughs at me. That hurts my feelings. I get up to leave, determined to wipe my hands of the matter. The pages stack up. He shares the idea with his thesis advisor, John Wheeler, and he is both excited and apprehensive. On one hand, the logic is sound. On the other hand, it will be very unpopular. He is charming, and Nancy is fun-loving and passionate, and they hit it off. Nancy helps him type up the final draft of his dissertation and he submits it to Wheeler. In the meantime, Hugh and Nancy get married. She gives birth to a baby girl, and they name her Elizabeth.

The waves do not come. Wheeler takes off to Copenhagen to get some buzz started on the idea. He comes back discouraged. He calls up Hugh and tells him the news. Hugh listens quietly. A couple of years pass with nothing. He makes a name for himself analyzing the possible effects of nuclear fallout. So they go. Hugh meets Bohr and they talk over the course of several afternoons. The conversations do not go as hoped. There is a lot of talk. Hugh explaining, Bohr listening. Bohr responds with mumbling half completed sentences before getting up sporadically to go relight his pipe.

I am sure that it could if these other. We would need.

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You say the math is consistent, oh, give me one second while I light this. Terribly sorry. Just one moment. Impossible to prove. And then I change the subject. Your wife and daughter. Do you love them? Mom does end up kicking Cory out, but not for the reason I thought. It is , my last semester at UVI, when he calls asking if he can live with me. See how you almost burn this bridge? Can't wait for the new It movie to hit theaters this fall? Help the time go by a little bit faster by reading these books that will scare you senseless all summer long. Stephen King may be the Master of Horror, but that doesn't mean he is the only one out there who knows how to tell a terrifying tale.

Not everyone likes scary stories , but for those people who do, nothing beats a nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat, can barely turn the page kind of read. Whether it's a suspenseful murder mystery, a tense gothic horror, or a creepy psychological thriller , a scary book not only entertains, but it shocks and excites in all the right ways.

Not for the weak of heart or stomach, reading one is a full-on visceral experience that leaves your heart racing, palms sweating, and hairs standing on edge. Luckily for those who can live up to the challenge, there are plenty of books in that can do all that and more. Are you ready to spend all summer scared silly? Then check out these 13 new books that will terrify you more than any campfire story. But be warned: you may need to sleep with the lights on after reading them.

Helena thought she had a happy childhood, secluded in the woods with her father — that is, until she learned she was the product of the kidnapping, rape, and imprisonment of her mother. When, a husband, two children, a successful business, and over 20 years later, Helena learns her father has escaped prison, she knows there is only one person who can find him hidden in the wilderness: her.

An intensely emotional thriller, The Marsh King's Daughter is the kind of novel you won't want to read after dark. Click Here To Buy.

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Can you really have a horror round-up list without mentioning Stephen King? In this creepy novella co-written by Richard Chizmar, readers return to the infamous town of Castle Rock, where one young girl treads the dangerous line between good and evil, light and darkness, as she learns the dangerous balance of power and responsibility. A short but ultimately eerie book filled with mysterious characters, disturbing nightmares, and one powerful, potentially evil, button box you will want to try out yourself, Gwendy's Button Box will remind you that horror comes in all different shapes and sizes.

Is there anything scarier than losing your family?