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Pete isn't what we've come to expect from vampires.

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He is not sleek or sexy or seductive. He isn't even cool; he's just a regular guy who's been getting by—for way too long—working nights and, well, drinking blood. If California, where Pete is set, hadn't outlawed them ages ago, I would say that Pete is a schlub.

A mensch.

Pete, Drinker of Blood by Scott S. Phillips

Maybe even a schmoe. Pete is not so different from you or me. Except for that undead blood drinking business, he really is quite likable. Just after getting to know Pete a little bit, the reader also learns that Pete's problems aren't so very different from the traditional vampire tropes. His elder is back in town with a problem that can only be solved by death—or eating his own spawn. We can guess which one the elder prefers, and which one the spawn prefer Pete's attention to his impending excruciating horrible death is severely attenuated when a girl returns his affections.

But, in the tradition of star-crossed lovers, she's a not-dead, healthy living girl.

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A girl who is not a loon. The sun is a star too, you know. I would like to emphasize … that this is not the sexy, scintillating, hormone-fizzing vampire tale we've all been enduring for a while now. This is the specific antidote to that.

Doorchick of Darkness — From the World of Pete, Drinker of Blood

These vampires are crude, crass, ridiculous, and for the most part, neither heroes nor anti-heroes. They are just regular former people, trying to get by in this non-life. Thanks for that, Anne Rice! For folks in the United States however, this is a reasonably priced, unique way to read a book. By paying. Feb 23, Axel Howerton rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite-books , horror.

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A tremendous start to what is sure to be an excellent series. Phillips is a master of world-building and his mash-up of rockin '70s style and the true face of modern Hollywood is, like most of his other work, oddly charming and completely compelling. Check out part 1 now and keep your eyes open for the continuing saga of the most unlikely vampire hero you have ever seen. Aug 18, Nan Silvernail rated it really liked it. He's just a regular guy. Blue collar. A little bit chunky. Works the night shift.

Has a bachelor apartment. Has trouble talking to the ladies. Well, except for maybe this one smokin' hot bartendress, who seems to like him back. Only the thing is, he's also a vampire And now, his Master and maker is back in town and has a really big problem and that problem is going to really put the bite on his "children. Mar 11, K. Waters rated it it was amazing.

Luckily part 2 is coming out soon.

GC148 Author Scott Phillips

A very satisfying read with great character development, just the right amount of description, but not overdone. I felt like I was lurking around the streets with Pete looking for a meal. Scott is a great writer and has a very well developed sense of humor. I am sure you will eat this up and be begging for more! Mar 11, Lucy rated it it was amazing. Oh for Pete's sake!!!

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Part 1 ended too soon. This is going to be vampire crack. One taste, and I'm hooked! I find Pete to be likable, and I'm eager to get to know more about him, Angie and Fitzgerald.

Awesome cover. This serial novel has sucked me in pun intended! Sep 12, Lori S. Good, but way too short!

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On to part Feb 06, Anni Tea in the Treetops rated it really liked it Shelves: to-review , paranormal , novella. A great start to this serialized novel. Funny with just the right amount of creepy, the only problem I had with it is that it was too short! Craig B. Tapley rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Sherie rated it it was amazing Dec 12, Adam rated it it was amazing Feb 23, Jade Varden marked it as to-read Mar 11, Jodi marked it as to-read Mar 25, Ereon added it Apr 10, Dominika marked it as to-read Apr 10, Maj marked it as to-read Apr 11, Linda marked it as to-read Jun 16, Jillian marked it as to-read Jul 05, Paula Marlene marked it as to-read Oct 30, Anne marked it as to-read Feb 06, Stacey Lee marked it as to-read May 31, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.