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Gummy Donut. World's Smallest Super Soaker. Scentsory Putty.

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Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink. Tetris Micro Arcade. Giant Color-Morphing Stress Ball.

Orange Cream Gummy Bears. Glow-in-the-Dark Neoballs. Root Beer Cotton Candy. World's Smallest Care Bears.

Sneak Peeks: This Awesomeness Just In!

Pie Sodas. Sour Powdered Chewing Gum. Northern Lights Heat Change Mug. Wild West Shooting Set. Hot Chocolate Cotton Candy. Vat19 Qubes. World's Smallest Glo Worm.

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Rainbow Bath Fizzy. Creepy Crawly Challenge.

Balloon Balls. Strawberry Cheesecake Cotton Candy.

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World's Smallest Crocodile Dentist. The now common practice of screening a newly finished movie to a select few audiences in order to test general reactions and determine whether anything should be cut or edited differently is valued for the opportunity it gives directors and studios to gain a new perspective on their films. On platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, the form of cinematic sneak peeks now includes not only trailers and small scenes but other potentially viral content like interviews with the cast and set photos.

A teaser is another word often used interchangeably with sneak peek.

Translations of “sneak peek”

The term sneak peek is often used in a more general sense and in reference to any number of creative endeavors beyond film. Anything which suggests getting a glimpse into the future might be described as a sneak peek. For instance, a photographer could offer a sneak peek of an upcoming show by publicizing one photograph, or an author could promote a new book by releasing an excerpt as a sneak peek.

A sneak peek could also be even more general and intangible than early access to a new release of any kind; for example, one could say that during a career fair, students are getting a sneak peek into the adult world or a particular field of work. Sneak peek can also be used to describe a secret observation.

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Someone could also take a sneak peek into a closet full of birthday presents if feeling impatient. Menu Dictionary. Submit Definitions Synonyms Editorial All the words.