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With the right systems, you will stop wasting valuable time, energy, and money.

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You will learn to manage your time to reduce overwhelm, gain perspective, and lower stress. You will end your day feeling in control and accomplished. You understand the importance of eliminating clutter — wasted time, resources, and money. But how much clutter still exists within your business and life? What can be automated? I help you find the right tools, systems, and processes to streamline your workday, gain perspective and control, and make room for growth. I partner with smart, motivated professionals who understand the value and importance of an environment that allows for optimal focus and production — so you can get things done and enjoy life.

I listen, problem solve, and approach your challenges with understanding and energy. I confidentially assist you and your business onsite and virtually. Yet some of us have that polished capacity to arrive with enough time before morning meetings Maybe you've wondered if the fancy stand-up desk your company purchased for your colleague is a waste of money and just the latest "shiny object. After working with you on Thursday, I spent the weekend on my mailbox — using the File-Act-Toss process — and got down from to 9 items in my inbox at this very moment!

I am going to really work to build up these habits over the next couple weeks. It feels so good to be in control of my work environment — it has really been life-changing. I look forward to keeping up with your tips and suggestions for productivity. Thanks Lori. I know all of our attendees took away some valuable insight from your presentation. I really enjoyed your presentation style! Will definitely give it a try. You were great and I know we will all be more organized because of your great advice and insignt!! We can help guide you to make the choice that is the best for you and yours.

A Durable Power of Attorney, Will, Healthcare Proxy, Advanced Directive are all important components of a good estate plan that will truly take care of you and your loved ones. When we meet with our clients, we review their documents and make sure they are up to date. Need help? No one is in a hurry to pay estate taxes.

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We can help strategize ways to minimize the taxes but it is actually the administrative burden of settling an estate that often weighs families down just as much if not more. We deal with this issue all the time and we can assist in the estate settlement process when the time comes. We recognize that everybody has different priorities and resources. But we also recognize how important it is to support charitable endeavors. We are here to help you identify your charitable goals and find the right vehicle to direct your charitable giving plan.

We help to organize and execute charitable giving plans for most of our clients. They depend on us to keep things organized so that they can actually feel good about their giving and know that it is being done effectively. While making a donation via check is easy, there are much more effective ways to fulfill your charitable obligations. Establishing a foundation can be a great way to build a long lasting legacy and involve the next generation in philanthropy.

Our foundation experience and resources are available to you if this is an avenue you wish to explore. We will work with you to construct a charitable giving plan that anticipates and inspires next-generation involvement. The depth and breadth of experience we have helping clients allows us to guide this process. Our long-standing relationships with social innovators and unique organizations help too.

The days of the classic pension plan are long gone and it is now our individual responsibility to figure this out.

Time Management: Tips To Better Manage Your Life

We are here to help determine the best way to go. Depending on your income, lifestyle, and budget, we can help you create a solid and dependable retirement plan. No matter your age or your income, we can help you to develop a strategy for building up your retirement savings. Collecting Social Security can happen at any point after you turn However, there are a few things to consider before taking it. This can be a complex decision.

Our Portfolio Managers and Tax Professionals can help you develop a plan so you feel comfortable with drawing on your assets during retirement. This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. By using this site, you consent to the placement and use of these cookies. Read our Privacy Policy to learn more. Skip to content. We all have the same questions. Financial Planning Can I help my grandchildren with their education expenses? Should I rent or buy a home? Buy or lease the car?

What level of spending can my assets support? Tax Planning Do you prepare tax returns? I feel like I am paying too much in taxes. Can you help? How does my retirement savings stay tax efficient? How do I know if I have to make estimated tax payments?

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Investment Advice I want to take risk, but not lose sleep. What do I do?

Should I be concerned about rising interest rates? Can I integrate my ESG interests into an investment plan? What is a realistic total return expectation? Estate Planning I do not have an estate plan. Does that matter? Can you help me put an estate plan in place? Do I need a trust? What Kind? Who should I appoint to be my trustee?

What other documents might I need?

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How can I eliminate my estate tax burden? Charitable Giving How much can I give to charity? How much should I give? I cannot keep track of my charitable giving.

What are the best tips for managing your time?

What is the most effective way to make charitable gifts? Does it make sense for me to set up a foundation? How do I involve the next generation in charitable giving? How do I find organizations that are worthy of my support? Can you help me? How much will I need in order to retire?

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When should I start saving for retirement? When should I start taking my social security benefit? Which assets should I draw on first?

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