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Blaise and Amber exit the Team Rocket airship and head down to see if their leaders are safe, only to find their leaders' bodies are slowly disintegrating. Maxie and Archie explain how they returned from their supposed deaths, just before fading away completely while asking their subordinates to protect the planet.

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Heartbroken, Blaise and Amber mourn the loss of their leaders. After everyone comes up with a plan to destroy the meteoroid, people from around Hoenn are called to Sootopolis City to assist in stopping Grand Meteor Delta. This, combined with the might of Mega Rayquaza , successfully shatters Grand Meteor Delta into pieces.

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None of Swellow's moves are known, and its Ability is Guts. Slugma's known moves are Smog and Acid Armor. None of Armaldo's moves are known, and its Ability is Battle Armor. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. Jump to: navigation , search. Team Magma. Personal tools Create account Log in.

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Magma Admin. Three Fires. Swellow is Blaise's main mode of flight transportation. It was first seen being used to take its Trainer to Slateport City. While Blaise interrogated Captain Stern , Swellow was used to keep Dock in place by holding his head with its talons. Tripped Up by Torkoal. Blaise owns two Slugma. With the flames they create, Blaise can manipulate his opponents by showing them a variety of illusions.

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One was used to torture Dock to force Captain Stern into revealing information about Submarine Explorer 1. Inside the submarine, Blaise used illusions to attack Ruby, only for it to backfire and make Ruby even more determined to win. Their illusions were used against Brawly at the Lilycove Museum , but were eventually defeated after Brawly broke through the illusions through sheer strength. One Slugma has a Quiet nature. Slugging It Out with Slugma. Armaldo is used for water transportation. It was first used to rescue Tabitha from the wreckage of the Submarine Explorer 1.

It dived into the water and found both Tabitha and Amber inside and took them to the surface. No Armaldo Is an Island. Camerupt originally belonged to Maxie. He is level 68, has a Quiet nature, and his Characteristic is "often lost in thought. Language Title Japanese.

Team Magma Boss: Maxie. One with the utmost and most original swagger.

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They are also very good at krumping. Man, that krumping kid is so Blaise. Blaise is a nice guy who plays soccer and has amazing hair. He also has a ton of friends and swagger.


When a girl meets him she is immediately attracted to this guy who can be so sweet it's like your in heaven. His mom is really awesome too.

Girl 1: Why did you say that to him it was really jerky of you. Girl 1: go apologize to him I mean he probably will understand because he is a Blaise and is the best guy you will ever meet.

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A person who gets all the lady's and is considered a sex icon among their peers. A guy who is extremely strong and good looking. A person everyone is envious of. Ted : Dude that guy is so strong, and all the ladys want him. Chuck : ya that guy is a total Blaise. Hot girl summer She can speak french Larrie Mormon Car Bomb