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Cody remembered the first time he understood how bad off Andi had gotten. He had found her on campus late one night, laying on the ground so drunk she was nearly unconscious. He helped her back to the dorm room she shared with Bailey, and he stayed long enough to make sure she was okay. When the night was over, Cody knew two things. And second, Andi was in love with him. Her confession had only been the alcohol talking.

Especially since back then his heart belonged to Bailey. She took up with a foreign exchange student, a dark-spirited guy with wrong intentions. They dated for a few months and the guy found a way to get Andi to do things she never meant to do. Cross lines she had never imagined she would cross.

Andi wound up pregnant. She had the baby—a boy—and put him up for adoption. Luke and Reagan Baxter adopted the child and Andi had a dramatic change of heart.

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She returned to God, made things right with her parents, and moved home. This time things were different. Sparks flew and the chemistry between him and Andi was undeniable. By then both Cody and Andi had been sober for years, and Andi was strong in her faith, trying her hand at acting. It made sense since her dad was a producer. After the interview at Oaks, Cody flew back to Bloomington but he and Andi talked every day.

A month passed before Cody made a decision. They walked their favorite trail, and that morning he did what he had tried and failed to do for years. He ended things with Bailey Flanigan. It never had been and it never would be. And he told her to find her way back to Brandon Paul. The guy who had given Bailey far more time and attention than Cody ever had.

But because Brandon really was better for her. And because of one other reason: Cody had fallen in love with Andi Ellison. Cody breathed deep and kept running. Riley panted as he kept up beside him. A stream wound its way beside the trail at the top of the hill, a place where Riley could cool down and get a drink. He had taken the job at Oaks in part because he was certain that his future belonged to Andi. They swam in the chilly surf and spent Saturdays in Santa Barbara, strolling the stretch of shoreline where artists and craft vendors set up their wares each weekend.

He wanted to do more than date Andi. He wanted to marry her. He was sure. You always will be. Everything seemed like it was headed for the most beautiful happily-ever-after. And when the time was right Cody took her to an early dinner at Bella Vista, the prettiest Santa Barbara restaurant perched high on a bluff overlooking a perfect stretch of the Pacific Ocean. After the meal they walked along the water, hand in hand, and as the sun melted over the sea, Cody pulled a simple solitaire diamond ring from his pocket and dropped to one knee.

He asked Andi to marry him and she said yes. The happy moment lasted only a few hours. As Cody was proposing, thousands of miles away in Indiana, a semitruck hit the van carrying Erin Baxter Hogan; her husband, Sam; and their four daughters. The family had been headed to Bloomington for a family reunion. Only Amy Hogan—one of the little girls—survived. At least back then. Which made the accident a little too close to home. Sometime after the accident he called Bailey and the two talked about what had happened that day, how the people of Bloomington were handling the tragedy, and how the Baxter family was doing.

Toward the end of the call, Cody realized he was doing everything he could to keep the conversation going. As if only Bailey could understand him, only Bailey could talk him through his angst and sorrow. Whatever confusion his heart had felt during that time, when the call was over he was no longer sure of his feelings for Andi. He let a week pass, and then two. But at the end of that month he knew he was wrong to keep walking blindly toward a wedding date. He had lost his certainty. Lost his way when it came to Andi and the future he had imagined for the two of them.

On a heartbreaking day late that summer, he drove with Andi to a secluded spot in the mountains. He stared at the fading sunlight ahead of him. His decision back then had been both unnecessary and cruel. At least from the vantage point of today. Instead after he broke off the engagement, Andi had cried and asked him why, what had she done? What had he done? He had no good answers for her then. He had none now. Heartache and hurt for the people he knew so well and a mixed-up sense of what the future held.

Maybe he just needed someone to talk to. Someone other than Bailey. Either way, the wedding was off. The top of the path came with a view of the setting sun over Thousand Oaks, flickering lights from the residential streets, the haunting transition between day and night. Riley jumped into the shallow stream and Cody stopped for a few seconds to catch his breath. As far back as he could remember. Flickering lights, catching him in the transition between day and night.

Mostly night. Why did I let her go? An ocean wind from the other side of the mountain range drifted through the scrub brush and cactus plants that dotted the mostly barren mountainside. Cody stared at the vast sky. Are You there, Lord? Do You see me? I see you, My son. I am with you. There it was, the familiar voice of God. The sureness that no matter how quiet and lonely the nights, Cody was never truly alone. He let the assurance wash over him like sunshine on a winter day.

God would see him through this season—no matter how long it lasted. Riley ran up to him and shook off the stream water, dousing Cody, head to toe. Like he did every day after his late afternoon run. Once he had changed into sweats and a T-shirt, Cody found the most comfortable spot on the sofa. Maybe Baylor was right. He considered it for a minute and then dismissed the thought. No way. It was definitely too late. Not just the broken first engagement, but his recurrence of post-traumatic stress disorder. The PTSD was like a snake in the grass, ready to strike at any moment.

And so their relationship had suffered deeply. A misstep for sure. A mistake. Cody sighed. If he had it to do over again, he would be more honest, more open. But there was no going back now.

Love Story (Baxter Family Series)

God had shown him so much since then, ways to handle the terrifying flashbacks and phobic fears that almost always came without warning. For five months he attended two meetings a week and over time Cody learned how to deal with the episodes. How to live with them. So why not call Andi and explain the situation? How messed up his mind had been and how much better he was doing? He thought about it but after a while he let the possibility die and settled in with his book.

She would never pick up. Not if he texted or called. In that way, there was nothing different about this night compared to the others. Gilly and Sam have never been on a ship before. Samwell is seasick and begins throwing up into a chamber pot. Gilly assures Samwell that it won't be long and says that she can't wait to see Oldtown; the ship's captain told her that it's the most beautiful city in Westeros.

While Samwell had originally planned to go and study at the Citadel , he adjusts his plans since he cannot bring Gilly and her child along as the Citadel only allows men within its walls. While he does not get on with his father Randyll Tarly , Samwell assures Gilly that his mother and sister are very kind. Samwell wants to do everything to protect Gilly and her child from harm. Despite some unease, Gilly promises to follow Samwell and let him decide what is best for them.

Bran has a vision of the past again. The last two of the Targaryen Kingsguard stand before the Tower and block the way of a small party of Northmen led by Eddard Stark himself. Ser Arthur states that Rhaegar Targaryen ordered them here to guard the tower, so there they remained, even as Rhaegar and the Mad King both died.

Under My Skin

Eddard asks where his sister Lyanna is, but Dayne simply wishes Stark the best in the wars to come. The two Kingsguard draw their swords, with Ser Arthur saying, "And now it begins," to which Eddard replies, "No, now it ends. Ser Arthur slowly cuts down the number of northmen, but Ser Gerold falls to Ned's blade. Eventually, Ser Arthur duels Eddard one-on-one. Dayne easily gains the upper hand and kicks Ned's sword away from him, but is unprepared for Howland stabbing him through the back of the neck.

Eddard seems visibly uncomfortable at winning this way, but unhesitatingly delivers the killing blow to the incapacitated Ser Arthur. Bran is shocked, as he had heard tales of this duel and never expected his father to stand for such things. Eddard runs towards the tower, having heard a woman's scream come from one of its windows towards the end of the duel.

Bran runs to follow Eddard, calling out, but he is told it's time to go by the raven. Ned looks back for a second, seemingly hearing Bran, but then runs into the Tower. Bran tries to follow, but he is forced out of the past and back into the cave by the Three-Eyed Raven, saying he had already been in the past for too long.

Bran is both angry and sad at this, but the raven asserts it was for his safety, and again sternly reminds him that the past cannot be changed. The raven further states that he's waited a thousand years for Bran to arrive, and that Bran will not share the raven's destiny. But before he can leave the cave, Bran must learn everything. Qyburn is in the company of the little birds , children who used to spy for Varys. Qyburn tries to win the favor of the children by attracting them with candied plums from Dorne.

On being questioned about what they are doing at a small council meeting, Cersei replies that she is the Queen, only to be corrected by Olenna that the rightful queen is the one married to the king and that Margaery is the one who fits that description. Jaime then argues that he, as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard , also has a right to attend. Pycelle admits that Ser Gerold Hightower once sat on the council, but dismisses this due to the Mad King's eccentricities.

Cersei accuses Kevan of not caring for her daughter Myrcella , while Jaime appeals to the bigger picture and urges Kevan to take action against Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes who have taken over Dorne after eliminating House Martell. Displeased with the newcomers, Ser Kevan and the small council leave the hall. Meanwhile, an angry King Tommen Baratheon and his Kingsguard visits the High Sparrow to secure permission for Cersei to visit her daughter's resting place in the Great Sept.

The High Sparrow replies that Cersei cannot visit because she still has not been cleared for the other sins that she is accused of. Tommen criticizes the High Sparrow for his self-righteous treatment of Cersei after she had atoned for two of her crimes. Despite their differences, the High Sparrow claims admiration for the deep love that Cersei has for her son, Tommen, which he attributes to the divine love of the Mother.

When Tommen asks the High Sparrow why he wants to put his mother through more trials, the Sparrow replies that he is merely carrying out the will of the Seven. He urges the young King to turn to the Seven for wisdom. She had seduced and murdered several members of the Second Sons and Unsullied. Vala is defiant and states that she opposes the new regime imposed by the Unsullied and Second Sons as illegitimate.

She became a prostitute out of patriotic fervor for the old ways. Varys assures Vala he has no interest in torturing her and decides to strike a deal. In return for revealing who is funding the Sons of the Harpy, he offers her and her son safe passage on a ship bound for Pentos with a bag of silver to start a new life. Varys warns her that if she doesn't agree to the offer, she will be executed for her crimes, leaving her son orphaned. Meanwhile, Tyrion passes the time by engaging Missandei and Grey Worm in small talk. Tyrion offers to play games with the pair but they are not interested. While Grey Worm advocates attacking the cities, Missandei advises against it since that would leave Meereen unprotected.

Using this information, Tyrion asks Varys to use his little birds to send them a message. The High Priestess of the Dosh Khaleen orders the bloodriders to leave and strips Daenerys naked, giving her a robe which the dosh khaleen wear. As Daenerys puts on her new clothes, she tells the high priestess that she will soon regret what she has done as she was the wife of a great khal , the Queen of Meereen, and the Mother of Dragons.


The high priestess retorts that she herself was the wife of a previous Great Khal, Savo. Just as Daenerys thought she would conquer the world at Drogo's side, so did the high priestess think she would conquer the world at Savo's. But Savo was slain, and she joined the dosh khaleen. She is now content, just as Daenerys would be in time, if she is in fact allowed to join them.

When Dany expressed confusion, the priestess points out that khaleesi are supposed to return to Vaes Dothrak immediately after their khal's death She explains that all the khalasars have gathered to decide which cities will be sacked and which tribes will be enslaved, and now they will have to decide what to do with Daenerys for not coming to the dosh khaleen after Khal Drogo died - allowing her to join the dosh khaleen being the best outcome. A blind Arya Stark resumes her training with the Waif and Jaqen H'ghar , the former of whom beats her repeatedly when she lies.

Meanwhile, Jaqen has her mixing potions blindly. During her training, Arya continues sparring with the Waif while answering questions about her family and the Hound. Arya admits to leaving the Hound to die instead of killing him, despite wanting his death. The Waif voices her disbelief that Arya's list is so short, but Arya counters by asking which name she wants added.

When Arya insists that she is no one, the Waif does not believe her and tries to hit her. However, Arya is able to deflect her blow and leap out of the way, surprising the Waif. After confirming that Arya has mastered blind sparring, Jaqen approaches Arya and offers to give back her sight if she tells him her name. Arya replies that "a girl has no name.

Could be a very delicate situation. Hudson and Vogey have been great. Remember how Randy Johnson threw his back out swinging the bat? The drop off from Pagan to any other player, or combination of players, in the organization is the real problem. With the way Hector is starting to hit, the best move might be to get him into the lineup everyday, moving Morse back to LF and Colvin into CF. Might have to bring up Brown as a platoon partner for Colvin.

And maybe being humiliated by ML pitching will finally convince Brown to change his swing. I think if you go out and get a guy, you get somebody that you think is going to help you win a playoff game. The guys you listed although are not going to command the biggest of hauls this year, they are still going to be quite expensive in terms of prospects, especially as teams try to outbid each other. All 3 of them are very solid, very steady pitchers but none of them have above average stuff.

So, you are going to be paying out a lot in prospects for what is essentially a 4th starter, on this team, and a rental. Masterson has the most potential probably but none of them are going to be lights out playoff pitchers. They are not front end pitchers, stuff wise on a good team. Blanco will just have to do I think. That should help a bit. Daniel Nava is sitting in the Red Sox farm system for who knows what reason. I wonder what it would take to get him.

Vault of Dreams by Luke Taylor

IMO, he should be playing everyday and could really give this team a nice lift, and if Pagan does miss more time he would limit the drop off, although hurt the defense a bit. Really underrated player imo. Colvin played CF for the Rockies. Nava as a bench bat might work. I dug out my old anatomy text books this morning. And now, I may have to change my thinking of many years about teaching kids how to pitch.

I now may have to re-think the whole process of throwing, or at least highly repetitive throwing pitching. Not familiar with the term? Watch how a catcher throws, back to pitchers and to the bases. There are quite a few here that can explain the term. I think Morse does the least amount of damage at 1b still damage done of course. I have seen Colvin play CF for the rocks, I am not sold. I would rather see Blanco do it. It is always a possibility though if things do get really bad.

Well, our Not Quite Blue Chip Pitching Prospects are not quite burning up their leagues so your options are one way to go. Look at other pitchers around the league Kershaw, Harvey, Strasburg, Fernandez, etc. If inning eaters are needed for the stretch, then by all means.

Masterson is the most intriguing of that lot. Perhaps more pitchers are trying to turn over the 2 seamer and causing additional strain as they pronate. Then on the next pitch supinate on the slider or cutter. Teams with aspirations that have been dashed and will probably dump salary absent significant prospect demands. I thought roids might help faciliate the recovery of micro-tears. Gio is an interesting case.

He was yelling what looked like, I told you so down at someone. I would also consider stretching him out if he does make it down on the F-bus. His walk rate is still a little high but gosh his stuff is as nasty as ever…. Angel on the DL for longer than 2 weeks kills the season. Look at the splits last season. Anybody have athletic sons, nephews, neices or up and coming grandkids have them search sfgate. The only thing common in all these Brandons is that they are mediocre ballplayers all with career averages under.

However, not to simplify anything ok I am going to pitchers usually hurt themselves during the decelaration phase of their delivery. Think running all out down hill vs running up hill. There is a need to overly strengthen the deltoid muscles and then there still are no guarantees.

Various texts talk about the tension on the elbow UCL and there have been numerous assessments of the tension, but the multiple fibre bundles of the ligament often have diametrically opposed tension in full extension and full flexion at the same time.. My elbow hurts, I think. Still on suspension until mid-June due to amphetamine use.

I guess your legacy and reputation mean less than another paycheck and extension of career. Kinda sad, actually. She was fine also but Pam Grier was uncomfortably fine ya know, absolutely ridiculously gorgeous. She made Halle Berry look just ok. Dodgers; underachievers; Mavs; have they actually done anything? Seems like getting two quality players like Lee and Barnes would be enticing. One older, expensive and still productive, the other a bit of an enigma with potential. Many of the pundits does BSPN count? The Warriors got themselves a good one!

I was a Mark Jackson fan, however Steve Kerr will be a keeper and take them to higher levels as long as this ownership group spends money and Bob Meyer can nurture players to come to the Bay. With Kerr — he has diligently built his non-coaching resume and now he will take the next step. Every current successful coach also had to begin by coaching HIS first year.

Nice to see Lute Olson fly in for the Press Conference. One article I read suggested they could trade Lee somewhere for a draft pick s and then trade Barnes, Green, and the draft pick s to the Wolves for Love. That way they keep Thompson. After Steph, he might have been the most valuable Warrior this season, and he certainly was one of my favorites. Your themes are so sadly based on paranoia and: -misspells -malaprops of others -attention spent to other troll comments -lack of knowing what being a fan includes -a hating bias towards players who fail every other Wednesday.

Kyle Kendrick is a nice below-the-radar option, maybe. This is a subject that I have been really working with my other coaches about for the past couple months. We have some very talented baseball players on our team and the last thing that I want to be is the guys or coaches that ruined a career. Whether the athlete has the potential to become a high school baseball player or higher we have to be the minds of reason in these types of situations.

I know that there are so many different theories, opinions, teachings, and feeling amongst each one of us. My conclusion is to be smarter with these boys and not abuse the boys arm because we are looking for that win. We know that boys now play almost year round just to have the opportunity to play at a higher level.

That limits the amount of proper healing time and we as coaches become so focused on competing that we may forget what is most important, a healthy arm. They can certainly overuse their arms without proper down time. Icing and resting the arm is vital but not allowing them to throw and loosen up can be just as bad as sitting them.

To go with your philosophy of common sense we can use that on our side of the ball. Most of my boys will pitch whenever I give them the ball. Sometimes common sense escapes the parents because of the reward at the end of the day. The rewards should be longevity and the ability to play as long as they can without surgeries. Colvin career line:. The piece I read by Jeff Passan a couple days ago also mentioned that Japanese pitchers, who have much fewer UCL injuries despite ugly pitch counts, do long toss rather than weight training. Blanco is just a shadow of those numbers right now.

Nevertheless, Colvin has been the better hitter against RHP, and my intent, stated above, was to use Colvin in a platoon. Would Love be interested in joining the Celts? What possibly could the Knicks offer as an an enticement? I think this will still be an issue up until the trade deadline next February. Stephen Drew is going back to the Red Sox—for a pro-rated amount of the qualifying offer he turned down from them last fall.

And maybe Brown learns what it will take to stick at the next level. By then taking your photo with Puig while both holding the bat will seem so far away. I was trying to post a very similar comment a couple of hours ago but disquis was down. It went like this:. Even you seem dumb enough to answer that.

Yours on the other hand are always either silly or repulsive when you change to your even uglier handle. Is it any wonder we have a hard time keeping pitchers healthy? Kids can play catch a lot. They really should be playing other positions and other sports, not just pitching. There has got to be less competitive pitching. It may not be here but I hope everybody realizes what a talent Barnes is at his young age. The trend in high school athletics has been for kids to specialize in one sport and practice it year-round.

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  • Former Spur Brandon Paul set to play in China!
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  • Crawford — Most Homers 1. Alex Pavlovic More Posts. I resemble that. We have 4 Jasons on our HS team and 3 boys named Max. Alex — super post game theme and great day off story. Thank you! Michael Scott, I enjoyed your tearful confession in the last thread. Well done. Man, what a shame. No need to apologize.

    Anyone you may have missed would likely be grateful. But is widely respected as being the best in the business—as is Bochy. If you get MiLB. TV, the Richmond game is televised, and Blackbuurn is pitching…right now. Time for a Richmond pitcher to really step it up. Nobel Prize winners? Industry mavericks? This might be the lamest blog post I have ever read. Way to mail it in Alex. Interesting ruminations coming out of the Chavez Latrine.

    WHY is he the 1 most famous one here and not me? Walt, they and their troll army are in pain. He knows I give him a hard time. Calm down. Todays MLB power rankings. None of your family members told you about my post beforehand? Judging by your post, it is safe to say English is not the subject you teach. Off day enjoyment. Not shown via TV. Finally we have video of Bapah driving home from the liquor store. Or cranked out Give it a couple more years.

    Those negative WAR years might not stop. Homeless are people too.


    I have a sense a split was soothing for Boch, Sabes and the guys. Hey Foots — ever heard this? Thought you might get a kick out of it. I could almost feel a transition into Morning Dew. I heard that in the garden. And Larry would use power of veto in short order. Hey Chef, are you up for quick game? Kind of a fun game. This is true. Eddie deserved his Hall nod. Matlab is all we use; at least in the design phase. I meant to say that everybody is misunderstanding WAR.

    The Book of Genesis - Part 1 of 2

    There are some of those in MLB too. Berken make hitters pound balls into the ground. Throws a Heavy ball. I know; that was mean. Look out for Coors! Chris Heston at Yay for Dan Runzler: Still a few too many BBs for Dan, but he may get the call this summer. San Francisco Warriors press conference today noon to introduce new coach Steve Kerr. Some minor league reporting: Augusta — I try to take pitching numbers with a grain of salt.