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I want to go wild on Amazon! I sure do! Angels, what are all your Social Media Links? You want me to paste everything here? Angels, how long is the queue to marry you? Well… to be honest..

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Thank you!!!! Angels is not only a phenomenal musician, but also a wondrous huge ball of pazazz and fun in a tiny package. Her ability to play the piano really caught my attention, as well continue to interact with her audience. When she laughed, I laughed, when she cried, I cried with her. It is my goal to meet her in person, and when I do, I know I will shed tears of joy.

This Lady is by far the best thing to happen to any broadcast platform! Her warm talented loving approach combined with a passion for music and a never ending progressive perfection all while remaining genuine ,gives viewers true entertainment!


If your not feeling great after spending time with her , check your pulse! Your music is simply delightful. There are few artists that play with a passion that has the depth of yours. The music is second only to Angels the incredible person with a lovely personality. With her humor she can make you laugh, with her music she will lift your spirit.

Angels lives in real time with those who love her beautiful musicianship and personality. She really is a ray of hope and sunshine in a world of narcissists and skeptics. Any negative reviews here are from those who I just described. We love you, Angels! Here I explain how you can set up a monthly donation to support me every month! Also, I've added a much needed FAQs section where I answer many questions from best way to contact me, wishlist questions and why I set this up.

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  4. Love xx Angels. Love and lots of Hugs!!! Angels FAQs Angels, why are you setting this up? By PoseLab. Reviews 3. Have something nice to say about me? Your review. Your name. In your room, in the car, in the basement, in your office or study, on your Bible—all of these are places where you can post an image of your Guardian Angel and call attention to his presence. Pay attention to the many times that angels are mentioned in the Bible and meditate upon their presence, purpose, and role in the history of salvation. Just to mention a few, we would like to direct you to the Mysteries of the most Holy Rosary.

    In many of the Mysteries we encounter the presence of an Angel.

    Encounter With an Angel Promo, Copyright (2014); TriDreams Productions

    The birth of Jesus is announced by a Choir of Angels to the Shepherds watching over their sheep at night. Of course at the Resurrection, the angels are present at the empty tomb… and much more. As you read through the Bible and encounter the angels, stop to think about them, and then talk to them and ask for their help. You will feel and experience their presence in your life.

    We should never forget that the Catholic Church officially celebrates the presence of the Guardian Angels on October 2 nd.

    Will angelic activity pave the way for the greatest revival in world history?

    Why not make a novena to the Guardian Angels every year? By the way, this novena to your Guardian Angel can be any time; the angels are always waiting for us to call upon them for assistance. We all have moments of darkness, obscurity, confusion, a certain spiritual blurred vision. Why not call upon your Guardian Angel to cast out the darkness? Imagine going through a dark tunnel, a very dark tunnel.


    Finally, the tunnel comes to an end and you enter into the light of the day. Our life casts many shadows, better yet tunnels! This darkness might even be desolation in your soul. Beg your Guardian Angel to grant you consolation. He will not fail you, if you call upon him.