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Can you give me an example of a law that you disagree with i. Someone tell me what the First Amendment protects? You see Ladies and Gentlemen,. In the most abstract sense, the. District Court 4th Judicial District. A Trip to Cambridge By Iina Lahti A beautiful sunny day in July; I m walking on a street in the middle of a city, being surrounded by stunning old buildings.

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Colleges and churches seem to be in every corner,. Judge 2. Courtroom Deputy 3. Prosecutor 1 opening statement 4. Prosecutor 2 direct of Dana Capro 5. Prosecutor 3 direct of Jamie Medina 6. Prosecutor 4 cross of Pat Morton 7. Introduction People affected by breast cancer need a safe place to go for relevant, timely, and understandable medical information so they can prepare themselves for conversations with their doctors and. Help Save the Life of a Child with. There are certain signs to show that winter is coming.

Birds begin to fly south. Defense Attorney: Attorney court tour guide. Prosecutor: Attorney court tour guide.

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  • A student selected by the teacher. Officer, I am placing a copy of your department report face down in front of you. Please feel free to use that document at any time. And sixty cents of it in the smallest pieces of money - pennies. Pennies saved one and two at a time by negotiating with the. If using a plastic container, cut a small hole in the lid, large enough to insert coins. These are challenging times to be sure,. The answer to this question is complicated because, under Missouri law, when you are considered an adult and when you are considered.

    The following information will summarize. Questions piling up on Auto Insurance? Why do I need automobile insurance? First, it s the law. Illinois law requires all motor vehicle owners to have certain auto insurance coverages. There may be others. Did you walk or bike to school when you were a child? Thirty years ago, more than 66 percent of all children walked to school.

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    Escape the heat today and get a little of the fun. Skier Campaign: Sell the skiers at work your office or cubicle or ask a local business to put them up. Bless the day. The President gives. Employment Permit Application for 14 through 17 Year-Olds Instructions: After completing the form and obtaining the required signatures as indicated, take this completed form to the Superintendent of Schools,.

    Just because someone is under the age of 17 considered a juvenile does not mean that laws do. Planning Attractions for Your Car Show or Cruise-In Clearly, cars are going to be the main focus of your event, whether you are hosting a full-fledged car show or a cruise-in. However, you may want to. Fundraise Online. Register online at www. You can track your progress, allow others to donate. Vincent s: We are inviting you to take a leadership role in an important historic restoration. Located in south Denton, Texas, Tuscan Hills is situated on gentle rolling hills overlooking picturesque Unicorn Lake.

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    Individuals between the ages of 16 and 18 may obtain a drivers license, with permission from their parent. An emergency evacuation area must be designed, a nearby safe area, preferably. Sheldon Gas Company Celebrating Years! About Us Sheldon Gas Co. All applications must be received on or before April 30, at 5 p. Please email the application. Risky Business Simone, Paula, and Randy meet in the library every. This brochure is intended to provide your household with the latest information regarding home security and break-in prevention.

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    Get some health insurance Again, Germany is in the EU Health care is provided, just in a different way. You pay a lot more directly to it. Tax is higher a lot. But life is just better. They have a really expensive public transport system. You might think. In one month you can easily take another ten from that. Give it another two weeks and take another ten again. Shit is cold. Buy a scarf, buy a coat. Buy a bike Berlin is big.

    Deceptively so. I still do this. This is where a bike is the answer. On top of that, Berlin is built for cyclists — paths are everywhere — and drivers seem to be pretty well trained. Just make sure you lock the fucker up, otherwise you might have to go buy one that looks curiously similar, from the shifty people at a flea market.

    Recycling bins are everywhere, inside the courtyard of every block of flats. And when. Stop drinking shit beer The Germans are understandably proud of their beers. Here there are laws preventing beer from being too crap only specific sets of ingredients can be used, all have to be above a certain standard.

    Smoke inside As a non-smoker this is shit. Pace yourself A night out really is a night out in Berlin. So stop being a twat. See someone lurking in the bushes. Come away with drugs. I mean paracetamol, obviously. So yeah, what are you waiting for? A packed lunch and a kiss on the cheek? Stop being a pussy and move somewhere fun.

    You voted for this — we've sifted through thousands of responses to bring you the best places to go for some scran and a bevvy in Glasgow and Edinburgh words: Peter Simpson. It would also make the rest of this introduction a bit moot, really. Exciting new bars open,. We even had that Mayan apocalypse, remember? Do you want some food, but also to catch that bus?

    Are you off for a pint? We asked around, and here are the good places. Keeping it simple, that was the plan. We also asked you for your favourite food newcomers of the last year, and tried to work out exactly what it is that makes them tick. It seems that personality, determination, and good interior design nous all count for a lot in the world of food.

    We also jazzed things up for our second attempt at this survey business with some special celebrity guests. We put together a roll call of the best of the Scottish musical scene, from Ally McCrae through to Withered Hand, and nudged them all into filling out the survey. Their thoughts are in here, along with the collected wisdom drawn from thousands of votes by you, the readers. Thanks for those by the way, as this whole endeavour would literally have been pointless and impossible without your voting.

    We may have made some changes, but the main plank of this survey has remained the same — we wanted your opinion on where to go for food and drink in Scotland, and boy did we get it. As we said last year, these results were chosen by you lot, so if you disagree with them you only have yourselves to blame. See, as much as time marches on, old favourites disappear, and new ones pop up, some things never change. We delved into the collective psyche of your favourite newcomers to find out. Spoiler alert — you will need lots of time and money words: Peter Simpson. Award-winning and bulletcatching theatre hotshot Rob Drummond takes us through the one-eyed dogs and suspicious jukebox of his food and drink hero, Woodlands' finest pub, The Doublet Lovecrumbs.

    Just trying new things, and bringing new ideas to the table, much like your four choices of Best Newcomers. In the spirit of the new year, we did our best to glean as many helpful hints and tips on being a successful food newcomer as we could, to inspire the next generation of top-notch food and drink and therefore snag some of the credit this time next year. At Lovecrumbs West Port, Edinburgh , the mad professors of the Edinburgh cake-making fraternity, personality plays quite the role in proceedings. Like we said, personality. Then there are the cakes.

    Holy shitballs, the cakes. Amazingly squishy brownies, slices of sponge the size of a small laptop, and crazy experimentation exhibit A — bacon and chocolate cake. Alan Sugar would love that, then presumably call someone a mug and tell them that they were fired. The Edinburgh coffee shop has a growing reputation for making use of an outrageous range of equipment and expertise in their quest to make the best coffee going.

    Their coffee machine is called The Slayer, for crying out loud. Oh, and Dave also says that painting will take longer than you think. Especially if you have other experience which you can draw on. People like beer in their pubs, so clearly they were onto a winner. So yes, that abandoned Chinese restaurant is your equivalent of the baseball pitch in Field of Dreams. If you refurbish it and stock it with lovely food and drink, they will come. And if all else fails, just do something that noone else has done before. Have they picked up extra passing trade by confusing cyclists?

    But you lot seemed to also quite like their food, and John Cummings of Mogwai does too. In fact, when he gave us his completed survey he pointed out that it is a bit of a head-scratcher that Glasgow has never had a Vietnamese restaurant before. Hanoi Bike Shop, folks — the newcomer that makes you think. So what have we learned? The Doublet is a pub of wonderful contradictions. Oh, and it has a wonderful two tier graduation system for drunks — upstairs for beginners, downstairs for veterans. I think graduation day may be in sight.

    Sanders for Santa Claus, we like to embrace the whole world of food. Oh yes they will. Andrews is the best Italian in Scotland. Your responses make it clear that when it comes to American food, you prefer it to come from south of the border. What we do know is that in Edinburgh, you enjoyed the hand-stuffed brilliance of the burritos at Illegal.

    And to finish our tour, another glowing rock. Phagomania: Vietnam wonders While you lot recommended world grub for the Food Survey from the comfort of your homes, our resident Phagomaniac went to Vietnam in search of odd tastes and cooked pets. The horror, the horror, etc. As we went to press, Soba had just unveiled an Edinburgh branch to go with the one in the West. Good choice. Having sampled mountains of delicious splendour, we are going to look at precisely none of that stuff.

    This is Phagomania, and Vietnam is full of weirdness. Why not arrive to a breakfast of Singaporean frog porridge? Too soon? But you have got to join us for rat for lunch. But I did, just for you, order the snake curry. It is meant to do a million things to make your health wonderfully better. Well, the French guy across from me lapped up all of his snake, garlic and onion. Good for him, healthy lad. But you want something that is actually tasty?

    Behold, the elephant ear fish, a rare treat from the Mekong Delta. This deep-fried monster parades in front of tourists on wooden holders, trouncing their eyes with its suspect appearance. Ebooks and Manuals

    As is predominant in Vietnamese dishes it is best served wrapped in a rice paper roll with fresh herbs and a dipping sauce. In Vietnam, expect to find yourself frequently lost in, and somewhat stranded by, translation. Fresh from the fiery, leafy mouthfuls I search for some food accompaniment. And this is where I let you, trusted readers, down once more. The house special: steamed goat penis and testicles with medicinals. One can only imagine It may have a bit to do with the fact that an Artisan Roast coffee leaves you so hopped-up that you feel like running all the way home.

    Whatever it is, you liked them. Over in Glasgow, you also had a soft spot for Tribeca Dumbarton Rd , the New York-style deli cafe with the enormous omelettes, and Where the Monkey Sleeps West Regent St , the cafe with the outrageously-named sandwiches Meathammer, Firewalker Deluxe etc and the love of heavy metal. Glasgow, send some of your interesting people over here — we need them.

    Yours sincerely, Edinburgh. Amazing sandwiches. I kept an office nearby for over a year after I needed it just so that I could justify getting their Chicken Ole for lunch! Gold star, folks! Nevertheless, there were some choices which stood out. In Edinburgh you liked The Blue Blazer Bread St , the home of oddly-placed barrels, real fires, enough rum to float a battleship and the cunningly-place Castle floating just above eye level to disorientate you when you step outside at 1am. And you also enjoyed Cloisters Brougham St , with its dark wood, great range of booze, and the convenient church next door to repent your sins.

    Over in Glasgow, your favourites ran a similar gamut. Oh, and there are gigs downstairs too Can we have one in Edinburgh please? Bar Bloc Bath St, Glasgow for all other noisy late night pub needs. The food, the decor, the whole experience — everything is just a bit better than normal, with no difficult cutlery etiquette or syllabubs to confuse the situation. Amazing food and great service. Different approaches for the two main cities here. Probably Mono, we could buy records if it all went horribly wrong. It seems from your voting that the people to speak to for good food on the move are Americans.

    The fastest burrito wrappers in the West End. Edinburghers went for Illegal Jacks Lothian Rd , where hangover. A great Swedish-run bar with a nice selection of drinks and tasty bar-menu, comfy chairs and eclectic playlist The Selkirk-raised brothers Hutchison and comrades, AKA Frightened Rabbit, are all set to reach the next summit with fourth album and major label debut Pedestrian Verse when it lands next month. Who knows? Worked for me! Best place Not just for a drunken treat either. Really consistent too. Great food and really pleasant staff.

    Incredibly friendly staff and solid Italian food. Massive choice on the menu too. Thistly Cross cider is something Scotland can be proud of. Also, they organised a damn fine festival this summer. Good folks. Yet to find good Thai food in Glasgow. Please educate me. Food Hero: I bloody love Stravaigin. In my mind it could have won every category in this poll. Far from confining itself to one medium, the exhibition will feature everything from opera costumes to video projections — the central tenet is that all these pieces have been used to enhance the performance.

    By placing different media next to each other in this way, it becomes possible to understand how designers approach the tasks associated with performance: from transforming spaces, to utilising sound. This in turn allows the audience to appreciate the entire process, from the conception of an idea, to model building and the live performance itself. A creative hub for the Arts, its studio and workshop spaces have been a hive of artistic and cultural activity in recent months.

    The exhibition runs from 15 December through to 22 February, and opens from 11am — 6pm daily. Entry is free. More information is available at www. As recent recipients of the prestigious Cultural Enterprise Office Starter for 6 programme, the duo have begun to produce artistdesigned skateboard decks, publications and a limited edition clothing line, as well as providing a support network for young, up-and-coming skateboarders.

    With over ten years of skateboarding under their belts themselves each! With so much unique talent apparent at the moment, it made us decide to get something going. Perhaps a fortnight. Maybe a month. Or a year. Support comes from equally exuberant pop-punkers The Mirror Trap. Taking in a wide range of influences from.

    Support comes from fellow Fence-r Rozi Plain. They play the Glasgow Art Club. They are your offical alternative to the Fence bash, playing Bloc on 24 Jan. Expect fireworks. Support comes from Clockwork Social. Looks like those Mayans were wrong, eh, droogs? Well, what did you expect? One step at a time, like. Swedish post-metal vets Cult of Luna are on tour with the like-minded Humanfly and Amenra.

    Dinnae lose out! Mind them Limped Bizdkit fellers? Should be an interesting one, so keep it in mind. That should be enough to keep you busy. See ye next month! The undisputed kings of slacker rock return. If anything, the band are stronger and more energised than ever. Things start on the floor, with the room edging and craning to catch sight of Palms belting through a short set of terse hooks and galvanic, rough-hewn post-punk.

    Things move up on to the stage for Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gates Lock Pickers, plying their strutting rhythm and blues with panache. While there have been drop ins and drop outs throughout the evening, Organs of Love are the first act to play to a noticeably less attentive crowd. Finally, Tut Vu Vu bring the event to a close, with their wonky and wild fusion of polyrhythmic jazz and playful prog-rock undertones crowning an excellent night with its final flourish. The spooky kids adore Marilyn Manson — they mouth the words to every song as the God of Fuck goes through several costume changes and stage sets.

    Also significant is the imagery he employs — a two-armed cross rather than an inverted crucifix; flouncily tearing pages from a bible; and the clulmination — his old set of codNazi banners, a Hitler-like portrait as backdrop, and a podium. Manson continues to flirt with extreme imagery to mask his increasingly dull music. In contrast, Rob Zombie delivers all killer and no filler.

    • Express for success.
    • Anne Droyd and the House of Shadows (The Anne Droyd Adventures Book 2)?
    • Introductory Raman Spectroscopy?
    • Ebooks and Manuals;
    • ;
    • Lezioni di storia della filosofia morale (Campi del sapere) (Italian Edition)?
    • .
    • His stage set — staggered walls of carnivalesque video screens, microphone stands made of bones — is colonised by a succession of vast, weird creations, from giant s robots to a twenty-foot devil; drones and contraptions with visual nods to industrial SF classic Hardware; and a pumpkin-headed ghost. There is barely time to breathe between the hits, as Zombie opens with Jesus Frankenstein, and barrels through utter classics from his comic-book industrial ouevre, including Sick Bubblegum; a juddering, anthemic Living Dead Girl; and a stomping Mars Needs Women, all culminating in a thrilling encore of Dragula.

      The commitment Zombie shows to giving the fans what they want marks him as the clear winner of this much-hyped bout. In the encore, Meiburg invites requests and selflessly selects the one most testing to his ravaged voice-box, stretching for every high note of a solo Hail, Mary and setting hairs on edge. A decade into their second wind, Mission of Burma have arguably set the criterion standard for how to reform a cult act and not only preserve your reputation, but enrich it. Mission still accomplished. The results are positively grim, paving the way for three more stellar, qualityassured acts.

      The crowd have been fairly static up until this point, but as L. Instead, the Massachusetts hardcore veterans pile on the aggression with seminal Jane Doe opener Concubine, which acts as some kind of anger-stimulus for the audience, who lunge forth with wild enthusiasm. A good bulk of new material is given a test run: quickfire rager Trespasses and the slower, more textural Glacial Pace stand out, going down superbly in amongst the classics.

      To witness their calculated brutality in the flesh is to be part of something truly significant. One of the most engaging things about Christ. His extended, hypnotic improvised synth lines and spiralling, interlocking melodies create vast sonic cathedrals in the mind of the listener, and give his music the feel of vintage synth music — his compositions sit well beside the likes of Aphex Twin and Plaid, but are equally comfortable in the company of Tangerine Dream, Stockhausen or Brian Eno.

      Live, he adds the element of a live drummer to the mix, imbuing the sometimes meandering tracks with an urgent pulse. When Christ. Live, backed by a guitarist, bassist, drummer and synth player, the setup coaxes out the jaunty indie-pop roots of the songs. There are hints of post-punk in the drums, at times recalling The Cure; the tempo of many tracks is upped slightly, and the resultant loss of space and dynamic in the mix leaches the music of much of its uniqueness.

      The guitar lines lose their FX-pedal sheen and become jangly, Teenage Fanclub-esque workouts. The synth is largely drowned out by the band. Although Tatum and co. A competent performance, but tonight the Virginian outfit veer a little too close to bland. The pace occasionally slows down to make way for some decidedly awesome sludgey breakdowns, and the tight outfit keep onlookers guessing with some playful false-stop shenanigans.

      As the sublime Keeping Warm unfolds and builds up to its huge crescendo, most of the assembled crowd look noticeably taken aback by the sheer majesty of it all, whereas the more straightforward, anthemic tracks Quiet Little Voices and Roll Up Your Sleeves in particular provoke impassioned shoutalongs. Their set brings the Edinburgh boys one step closer to playing a stadium. Judging by the vibe, they might as well be. The stage glows a passionate, violent red to match the mood of the downright menacing Kill it in the Morning.

      The rhythm section are understated throughout, whereas singer James Graham who has always made for a fascinatingly unconventional frontman allows himself to be consumed by waves of feedback and noise, rather than facing the audience directly. Despite this cacophonous beginning, however, the tumult with which Dirty Three open their set is still startling in its raw energy. By the end of an all-too-short two-hour set, any limitations in the venue are long forgotten. Though they now officially operate as a duo, the necessary extra instrumental duties keyboard, sax, additional guitar are fulfilled by a pleasingly enthusiastic, instrument-swapping backing band, bringing their membership up to five.

      Other standouts include the subdued and introspective Sequels, while the instrumental interludes that studded Vol. For full UK dates, see thepictishtrail. On fourth album Christopher, New Zealander Ryan McPhun has pushed The Ruby Suns further still from their psychedelic-threaded indie origins, embracing a dancefloor-friendly aesthetic to mostly swish effect. But for all its early promise, later stretches feel detached and even a little hollow, melting into an undistinguished zeitgeist sound when once The Ruby Suns stood out a little more distinctly.

      Pristine and glittery on the surface, but not enough to push McPhun up a league. If the tone of Long Way is therefore somewhat confusingly pitched, that does little to tarnish the brilliance of its crystalline dreamscapes.


      Schnauss has now been mining this rich vein for a decade, and his masterful meshing of intricate drum loops, hypnotic arpeggios and throbbing synth chords can be arrestingly beautiful. Consequently, whatever it lacks in narrative coherence, Long Way makes up for in its ornate construction. For now, Berberian Sound Studio showcases a muted, minimal approach which is still in keeping classic Broadcast, evoking memories of Witch Cults of the Radio Age.

      The giallo theme of the film is also explored, with sonic nods to Goblin, particularly their Suspiria soundtrack — analogue synths and organs feature heavily, and the production has the hiss and reverb of a vintage recording. They nod to big band jazz, soul and bop while Lazy spits classic UK hip-hop patterns dripping with clever rhymes.

      Yes, the musicianship on display means Lazy Habits are a custom fit for the cardigan-wearing, Guardian-reading hip-hop fan. A strong debut. Pierre is perhaps the most boldly ambitious and abstract yet: eschewing the electronica which supplemented the field recordings and samples used on previous outings, The Island Come True instead revolves entirely around those elements. The samples — including classical melodies, drum loops, and mournful vocal cries — are here allowed to speak for themselves.

      For the most part, the LP is comprised of sparse electronic soundscapes, loosely scattered with pulsing chords and bleeps, which swim in and out of the mix. That minimalism means that, when the pieces acquire more structure and rhythm — as on the stuttering sub-bass beats of Erato — the music feels imbued with a disproportionate sense of weight and impact. Such aberrations, however, go against the grain of what is essentially a wilfully understated, ambient improv record.

      The South Carolinian has largely shaken off the chillwave tag — if it was ever of any use — in honing a sound that owes as much to the shuffling, disjointed beats of Flying Lotus as it does to radio-friendly soul and RnB. Fiery the Angels Fell begins proceedings with brooding, Slint-style fretwork and insistently scattershot percussion, before descending into a frenzied climax of QOTSA-esque bruising distortion.

      Burnt Up, then, is a surprisingly diverse record from an artist previously known for his asceticism and focus. It must be a relief to indie obscurists and what few record shop assistants remain that Hoboken trio Yo La Tengo have remained so prolific and consistent over their near thirty year history. Well You Better is pure doo wop, while Paddle Forward could comfortably take on Dinosaur Jr in the fuzzed up alt pop stakes.

      Pick of the bunch has to be Cornelia and Jane where drummer Georgia Hubley coos over icy guitar and gentle brass. Behind the puntastic name lies a rapper with a tasty, Silver Age hip-hop flow, keeping it loose and elastic on tracks like Return of the Blaow! Parkinsun uses some odd rhythms — the wonky, stumbling beats of Me really suit his verses, as he spits about weed, food and his talent.

      If Parkinsun had explored the theme of Akai beatsmithery in his rhymes a bit more, this could have been a classic. Influenced by house, garage, RnB and future bass, he never settles on one style, preferring to infuse each track with a range of influences. On his warm, inviting, third full-length album Hardcourage, he seems to have got the formula exactly right. She Sleeps, which features a silky vocal from Friendly Fires vocalist Ed McFarlane, manages just the right mixture of summery, electronic indie-pop and smooth house.

      Solid and inventive. A never-ending treasure trove of ideas, Scorpio Little Devil is the sound of two remarkable minds becoming one. At 15 tracks long, Whispering Trees could benefit from a little fat-trimming, but this is still a fine reminder of uncomplicated times. Yet for all their eagerness to experiment, they remain firmly a product of their times; the combination of crashing bass drum, urgent synth lines and pleading falsetto that comprises lead track Cough Cough characterises the predominant sound of the late noughties.

      The sum is not the work of a band intent on playing it safe, but neither is it quite the adventure that their outlook suggests. The LP almost seems built to cater for misanthropic house parties like the one depicted in the video for latest single No Future. Though smartly presented, with buffed-up choruses and radio-friendly polish, Collections is a limp, generic and bland set that solves an equation no one ever posed: what might Jimmy Eat World sound like if they took inspiration from Scouting for Girls?

      The results sound cynical and watered down; undeniably proficient, but difficult to warm to. Even when the Welsh trio deliver the somewhat overblown Maw Maw Song, their unbridled gusto and apreggiated fretwork salvo will likely subdue you into some form of appreciation. There are a few familiar faces — multi-instrumental lo-fi songstress Julia Holter, who delivers a live recording of a minimal, sparse, organ-led song; Anticon alum Odd Nosdam, whose expansive, synth-driven jam Sisters hits the right euphoric notes; while experimental bass terrorists Run DMT delve into woozy psych-rock territory on the crepuscular Bardo States Dream Walker.

      Elsewhere we get FlyLo-esque space-age jams from yuk. Both indebted to and reflective on its patrimonial past, this is the kind of debut on which devotional followings are founded. Lady From Shanghai, coming thirty-five years after their seminal debut The Modern Dance, evinces the continuing robustness and relevance of the brooding, deconstructed garage sound first unleashed on that LP. Avast ye landlubbers. There be treasure here. Body Mass Index returns as bonkers as before, furnishing the album with its title and supplying its most Marmite moments.

      Stud marks a significant step up for the band, aided in no small part by the addition of former Laeto bassist Kevin Black. With this as their latest calling card, Fat Goth should have no problem becoming an in-demand ticket. Satellites is the nom-de-plume of Johnny Vic, whose baritone vocals signal The National as a key influence, with his delivery in Where Love Lies Bleeding particularly Matt Berninger-ish. Yet by the time Sale of the Century rolls around, faith is restored, its symphonic splendour reaching for the stars without pandering.

      On paper Lead single Black Chandelier is what has become textbook Biffy: mid-tempo, soaring chorus, weird lyrics and a heavy bridge. The Asphodells project offers a selection of tracks linked by an aesthetic that is equal parts spaced-out disco, shimmering post-punk and classic house, techno and electro. But as a masterclass in the marriage of guitars, synths and club beats it is virtually peerless, with an understated, fragile beauty. Like those tracks, Truant and Rough Sleeper both clock in at around 12 minutes; each one containing several distinct movements.

      Truant begins with narcotic, static-laden 2-step, before abruptly breaking into a more bass-led, darker, dub techno-edged sound. Vocals pitch in and out of the tense, claustrophobic mix — this is more lo-fi, twisted territory than Burial has ever explored before, with a midsong breakdown that sounds like early Prodigy synth-stabs recorded onto hissing ferrous tape and listened to through a cough-syrup haze. Rough Sleeper begins with hushed reverence, breaking into minimal 2-step with gorgeous, soulful vocals hidden in amongst the everpresent static.

      Who is it? I think we do need more of that sort of thing in music — people just being a little bit weird. But I really like it when artists are just a bit more like an artist, in the truer sense of the word, where they create this sort of slightly strange world. I like eccentricity a lot. Devlin Feat. Eminem just did this so much better 10 years ago. But I prefer this sort of sound to other kinds of sound, so 6. Can you turn this up? It had me from the intro to be honest. Yeah, that guitar solo is wicked.

      I was half-expecting it to drop into an extremely dirty half-time bass line, and if it had done that it would have got an extra point. Christian Rich feat. I like it, this is exactly my sort of thing. So to be able to get that all to gel is a really good skill I think. Even though their first record was megaproduced, some of it was bonkers, with really interesting progressions. I like that bass line… [chorus starts again] and then it goes rubbish there.

      But I prefer this to their last single — 7. I heard this literally just this morning. This has life and energy about it. Can we make that joint single of the month with Roger Miller? In times gone by, Dundee was besieged by armies from both the north and the south. Today, it is the frequent butt of jokes. There are few Scottish comedians who have not rubbed their hands with glee when an audience member has proudly announced that they hail from the City of Discovery.

      The Hazey Janes are old school friends of ours and they continue to fly the Dundee flag everywhere they go. Their very own Alice Marra was kind enough to sing on Pinball Moron from our new record, which will hopefully take some folk by surprise. Alongside bassist and fellow Harris Academy alumnus Allan Mitchell, they jammed whenever Alamos had time. Most folk seem to enjoy it, but there have been a few who appear to have no sense of humour and have decided to completely dismiss our music before even hearing it as a result.

      I tried to explain this when we did our BBC session a while ago, but it kinda sounded like I was just having a go at obese people. I remember being somewhat perplexed by the fact there were next to no vocals, but that was long before my own investigations into and.

      Once Laeto started blasting audiences with their later feel-good, Van Halen-influenced stuff, we began to think they were maybe nice guys and not the unapproachable and intimidating figures we always assumed. A few drinks together at a show one night marked the start of a beautiful, touching and cherished friendship. I never really intended Fat Goth to play shows.

      I just wrote a bunch of tunes and thought it would be cool to record them while we had the chance. Pinball Moron, the aforementioned duet with Alice Marra, is a country-tinged gem and gentle proof that Fat Goth go beyond hard rocking. Indeed, Stewart is keen to talk about his new-found enthusiasm for ambient music. Having named the album Stud, would it be fair to assume that the lads are a hit with the fairer sex? Come on! Stud is released via Hefty Dafty Records on 28 Jan www. JANUARY IS traditionally a bit of a featureless wasteland in the club scene, with punters too broke to go out, and promoters unwilling to gamble money on a big-name booking for the same reasons.

      After the sturm und drang excess of Hogmanay, people are more likely to take a break, and chill inside with cups of Bovril and a cheeky six episodes of Breaking Bad than they are to come and cut loose on the dancefloor. And yet, January offers a plethora of recession-busting free and cheap nights from local promoters, and the odd international guest thrown in for good measure. So we recommend you un-glue yourself from the custom-fitted butt-groove of your sofa, fill your pockets with left over cutter from Chrimbo, and head out into the winter night for some top-notch hedonism!

      But where do we go, we hear you cry? Fear not! The Skinny has the inside dope on the best fun to be had in front of two turntables and a speaker stack. Read on First up is a mighty clash between two Edinburgh techno mainstays, who both did a bloody good job of reinvigorating the party scene in the capital in It remains to be seen whether this four-to-the-floor face-off will culminate in sweet, beautiful electronic lovemaking or a teeth-bared techno deathmatch — the only way to find out is to get your arse down there.

      His set for Highlife should be a real eye-opener, not to mention an epic booty-shaker. Meanwhile, The Berkeley Suite sees the second outing for new kids on the block Oddio, who welcome Soma signing and deep techno pioneer Alex Smoke, who celebrates the launch of his new album Wraetlic. His new album promises similarly restrained, minimalistic pleasures. Oddio is the cheaper option, at just a fiver. Expect house, techno and deep, deep grooves from a night with a blistering reputation as one of the best places for upfront house and techno in the capital. Are there Thursday parties in January?

      You bet your ass! On 17 Jan, Edinburghers can get down. On 18 Jan, the Axis crew are joined by Turbo Recordings star Duke Dumont, who joins the party for a genre-busting run through electro, techno and dubstep. Get thee down to The Caves to partake. The Trash! Bouffmyhre started plying his trade in Glasgow, and now has releases on Perc Trax, Harthouse and Soma, not to mention his own label.

      Catch him in action on 20 Jan. As you already know, the Optimo boys go all-out when they throw a theme party, so expect zany decorations, a carefully-curated playlist and a weird and wonderful crowd. Check it! Both are genre-bending nights of diverse electronic sounds, both classic and bang up-to-date, which make them a chaotic, unpredictable joy to attend.