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Are you sure? Is that a problem? Take it.

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Have it for free," the cashier said, not even touching the book. Who cares though? I had my book and I was pretty excited to get to reading.

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I haven't read a good thrilling book in a while, and this was free so, hey, what's not to be excited about. For some reason though, I couldn't shake off that I wasn't sure if he said "Bye-bye then", or something else. I swear he could have said "Bye-bye Jen. We got home and I had some dinner.

Darkest Shadow

The best. Sometime around P. I decided to start reading the book. I grabbed it off my nightstand next to my bed. I pried it open and began to read. It had the thick smell of age to match the yellowing paper. The text was still readable so I didn't mind. The book was actually pretty cool and interesting. It was about a girl who had drowned in a bathroom after her husband found out she had an affair with another man.

The man cut off the light while the mother was washing their 12 month old baby in the tub. The man drowned the girl in the tub in front of the daughter, and then proceeded to drown the baby. Due to the guilt and realization of what he had done, he slit his throat and bled out.

That's all I've read so far.

I look at the clock. I should get some sleep, I thought.

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I stood the book up on the nightstand, hoping the book would make my room more decorative. I turned my mini-lamp off and my room was flooded with pitch blackness.

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For some reason, I began to feel insecure, like something was watching me from the closet across my room. I closed my eyes and tried to shake off the feeling. I figured I was feeling this way because I read a scary book until A. It wasn't really a good idea but I was just so drawn to this book that I almost couldn't put it down. My eyes had adjusted to the blackness of the room and now I could make out object in my room like my bookshelf, my Xbox, TV, my desk, and computer.

I could see the outline of my sliding closet door. Something caught my eye, though. The book on my shelf was producing a shadow the stretched to the roof of my room. I don't know how, seeing as my windows were completely covered by the shades so there was absolutely no source of light shining through the window.

There was no light source at all, yet the book had a shadow growing out of it. I could tell because there was a shadow like shade emerging from it that was a darker shade than the rest of the room.

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As I stared at it, I realized it looked like the shadow of a human. That scared the crap out of me. I guess I just had set it up oddly on my nightstand It moved. I held still, petrified. I swear it moved. It looked like a girl with long hair. I was scared stiff. The shadow's head slowly jerked sideways, as if looking at me in a two dimensional form. I turned in my bed, scared that it was clearly aware I was there.

SIR VIDIA’S DARKEST SHADOW: V.S. Naipaul (1934-2018)

I closed my eyes and did not open them until somehow I fell asleep. The next morning the day went through normally. It was a Sunday so I didn't do much. I decided to give the book another shot. I grabbed it from off my desk and read and read. I decided to get sleep early tonight. I turned the light off and pitch blackness flooded the room again. Nothing wrong had happened this time.

Once my eyes had adjusted, I saw the shadow again. Suddenly, there was a faint sound coming from outside of my room. I listened harder, and it sounded like a baby crying. I looked up to see the shadow Must have been my imagination the whole time. I looked down at the floor and yelled. The girl shadow was rising out of the ground, its head facing towards the floor. Oh crap, oh god, this is terrible. Thoughts were blurting through my head and then the shadow jerked its head towards me.

I was stuck. The baby crying crew louder, and the girl came closer, emitting a multi-pitched, demonic-like laugh. It was the sound that would emit like if you removed a game cartridge out of a device while its still playing. I don't disagree, cause we're all using science and facts, but this is a strange pattern.

Of course you are! I'm sure a lot of people recognize your username. Not really. And if you post "The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows," I'm pretty sure people will pick up on the double meaning. I prefer ending my posts traditionally, and felt like the "amirite" was too casual to slip in right after something poetic. Login to Your Amirite Account. Forgot username? Forgot password? Don't Have An Account? Create Account. Recent Topics. More Topics. This is true literally, but also makes for a great metaphor, amirite?

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