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Lydia, Lydian. The Return to Zion. Shimon Bar-Kochba. Bar Kochba Revolt. Ben Sira, Alphabet of. Maimonidean Controversy. Judges of the Bet Din. Manuscripts, Hebrew. Servi Camerae Regis.

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The Seven Species. The Birth and Evolution of Judaism. Shewbread or Showbread. Rulers of the Ancient Middle East. Sibyl and Sibylline Oracles. Chronicles of the Kings of Israel. Coins and Currency. Cult of Moloch. The Great Synagogue. The Monarchy. Talmud and Middle Persian Culture. The Dead Sea Scrolls. Teacher of Righteousness.

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Egypt and the Wanderings. The Temples. Episcopus Judaeorum. Ten Lost Tribes. The Essenes. Timeline for the History of Judaism. Timeline for the History of Jerusalem. Translation and Translators. Nevu'at Ha-Yeled. Travelers and Explorers.

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The Twelve Tribes of Israel. The Great Revolt. The Great Assembly. Oath More Judaico.

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Urim and Thummim. Juramentum Judaeorum. Hannah and her Seven Sons. The Occupation of Canaan. Weights, Measures, and Coins. The Herodian Dynasty. Weights and Measures. Ossuaries and Sarcophagi. The Western Wall. Who Were the Hebrews? Hillel and Shammai. Jewish High Priests. Social Class. Emphasis on priestly obligations. Application of priestly laws to non-priests. Attitude Toward:.

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Opposed usurpation of priesthood by non-Zadokites. Free will. Sophisticated scholarly interpretations.