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Soar into skies on a thrilling airborne adventure in this meticulously restored John Wayne film classic. In one of his most memorable screen roles, Wayne plays Dan Roman, a veteran pilot haunted by a tragic past. Now relegated to second-in-command cockpit assignments, he finds himself scheduled on a routine Honolulu-to-San Francisco flight -- one that takes a terrifying, suspense-building turn when disaster strikes high above the Pacific Ocean at the point of no return. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

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Mobile device. Xbox Description Soar into skies on a thrilling airborne adventure in this meticulously restored John Wayne film classic.

Cast and crew. William A.

Former Airline Pilot Remembers the Filming of “The High and the Mighty”

Wellman Director. John Wayne Dan Roman. Credited cast members in order of on-screen credits and roles: [5]. Gann shared the story with Wellman, and the director offered to make a sales pitch. Wayne also agreed to give Wellman 30 percent of the earnings to be the film's director, based on the condition that The High and the Mighty would be filmed in CinemaScope.

Wellman's experience was that the CinemaScope camera was "bulky and unwieldy", and the director preferred to station the camera in one place. Clothier , [10] with whom he had worked on many films, as cinematographer assigned to the second unit sequences, only; Archie Stout, with whom Wayne had a long association, had already been assigned as primary cinematographer. Ernest K. Gann wrote the original novels on which both films were based along with both screenplays, as a result of which both films, including dialogue, were closely adapted.

The High and the Mighty depicts a dramatic situation in a civil transport aviation context. Jack L. Warner initially was opposed to the film, believing that audiences would not stay interested in a plot stretching over minutes involving passengers in an aircraft. Gann wrote the original story while he was flying DC-4s for Transocean over the Hawaii-California routes.

The film's fictional airline's name "TOPAC" was painted over the Transocean's red, white and yellow color scheme for filming. Transocean Airlines director of flight operations Bill Keating did the stunt flying for the movie. Keating and Gann had flown together and the author recommended his friend for the work. After several approaches, Wellman asked for "one more take" touching down even closer to the runway's threshold.

Keating complied, taking out runway lights with his nose landing gear before "peeling off" and executing a go-around. Wellman quipped that the crash would look good in another film. A second former C equipped with a large double cargo door [18] used to accommodate the loading of freight on pallets , was employed for all shots of the damaged airliner on the ground at San Francisco in the film's closing sequences.

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Exterior airport scenes were filmed at the Glendale Grand Central Air Terminal, [19] east of Burbank, California , where an outdoor movie set was constructed to replicate the terminal gates at SFO in the early s. Additional exteriors shots were taken at Oakland International Airport , including all boarding, engine run-up, taxiing and takeoff scenes used in the opening sequences. Passenger-cabin and flight-deck interior scenes were all filmed on sets built on a Warner Bros.

Filming took place from November 16, , to January 11, , on a Goldwyn Pictures lot and Warners soundstages in Hollywood. Cast members recalled disliking the experience; Claire Trevor called it "a dreary picture to make". Wayne and Stack did not face similar problems since they were filmed separately and comfortably in the cockpit set.

At one point during filming, Wayne attempted to assert himself as director.

The High And The Mighty / Island In The Sky

Wellman argued publicly with him in defense of his directorial control, telling Wayne: "Look, you come back here behind the camera and do my job, and you're going to be just as ridiculous doing it as I would be going out there with that screwy voice of yours and that fairy walk and being Duke Wayne. Aircraft feature prominently in The High and the Mighty , including two unusual aviation events: the U. Navy JB-2 version of the V-1 an early kind of cruise missile at an atomic missile test site.

The postwar use of piston-engine aircraft in oceanic flights was a key element of the film which required the use of a then-modern airliner. Wellman, an accomplished pilot in real life, purposely maintained the point of view of the path of the seemingly doomed airliner traveling as the support staff in San Francisco would observe it: flying from the west to the east, from Honolulu to San Francisco, film frame right to film frame left, except during takeoff and landing. Similarly, the U.

Coast Guard rescue plane was shown flying from San Francisco to towards the stricken airliner, film frame left to film frame right. Casting for The High and the Mighty was problematic because there were no real "leading" roles which resulted in many of Hollywood's major stars turning down parts that did not appear to be "big" enough for them.

The High and the Mighty - Film Score Click Track

Spencer Tracy was offered the role of Dan Roman but turned it down because, Wellman said, that Tracy found the script "lousy" while assistant director Andrew McLaglen claimed that Tracy's friends told the actor he was "in for an ego-bruising ride" which led Tracy to excuse himself from the film. McLaglen recalled: "He said, 'Well, it never had any love story.

For the other major male lead, Wayne had promised the role to his friend Bob Cummings , who was a pilot and had Wellman's recommendation as well. The High and the Mighty and Island in the Sky shared many of the same cast and production crew. The theme song was also called "The Whistling Song" because John Wayne whistled the tune during production.

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The High and the Mighty was produced nearly two decades before Airport and its sequels along with the Airplane! Although the choice of the new Cinemascope format limited theater use, [3] it was also one of the most commercially successful films that year. Within two months of its release, it was ranked first in box-office receipts and set the record for the "fastest return of negative cost" screen jargon for making back production costs. At the time of the release of The High and the Mighty , it received mostly positive reviews.

Variety wrote that the film "is a class drama, blended with mass appeal into a well-rounded show that can catch on with most any audience. The High and the Mighty also received some negative reviews, with Richard Griffin of the Los Angeles Times writing that another reviewer had criticized the cast: "All are fabricated characters—and that is the way they are played. Modern reviews of The High and the Mighty are mixed.

Wayne biographer Ronald L. Davis described the film, "While its plot is somewhat synthetic, the special effects and performances make for an engaging film. John Wayne provided a critically praised role "against type", while supporting actresses Claire Trevor and Jan Sterling earned Academy Awards nominations for Best Supporting Actress. The film earned additional Oscar nominations for director William Wellman and film editor Ralph Dawson, along with composer Dimitri Tiomkin and lyricist Ned Washington for the film's title song. Tiomkin received the film's only Academy Award, for the film's original score.

The popular title song by Tiomkin and Washington was included on only one print of the film so as to qualify it for an Oscar nomination.

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It is not heard on the prints issued for general theatrical release, nor in the recent restoration. One crucial element in the film's resurrection was the extensive restoration required after decades of languishing in the Wayne film vault, where the film suffered major water damage and one reel was lost for a period of time, making the possibility of such a pristine restoration seemingly unlikely.

Significant portions of the film stock showed color fading which necessitated a restoration process. Demand arose to get the film released in home video formats. The estate of John Wayne, through Gretchen Wayne, the widow of the actor's late son, Michael, made a deal in the early s with Cinetech film and Chace Productions sound to update and restore both The High and the Mighty and Island in the Sky.

Together with Island in the Sky , the film was released as a "special collector's edition" DVD with new cover art in August of the same year by Paramount Home Entertainment. It was also broadcast on Turner Classic Movies on October 27, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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