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After leaving Dimma, Declan went to Rome, where he studied for the priesthood and was later consecrated bishop.

Irish Texts Society Volume 16: Life of St. Declan of Ardmore and Life of Saint Mochuda of Lismore

On his return to Ireland, he established a monastic community at Ardmore and was later confirmed in this office by St. Patrick himself. Declan was well known as an active missionary in Ireland prior top the coming of St.

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Patrick, the great organiser of Irish Christianity. Many miracles are attributed to the intervention of St. He is credited, in particular, with having arrested a serious plague by his prayers and fasting.

He is reputed to have been a very close friend of St. David patron saint of Wales and, perhaps more importantly, to have been on very good terms with Aengus, king of Munster. His influence, therefore, would have been considerable. According to tradition, Declan made a miraculous return from Rome by crossing the sea on a large flagstone.

Popular belief has it that this flagstone ran aground at Ardmore, where he decided to establish his monastery. To this day the flagstone is pointed out by the locals on the popular beach at Ardmore. Declan's day is still actively celebrated by the Ardmore parishioners on 24 July. Until recent times it was the custom, on this day, for those suffering from back ailments to crawl under the flagstone as a method of obtaining relief.

A Gorilla Explores Ardmore

One nineteenth century commentator, however, voiced a certain amount of disapproval of the practice on the grounds that participating ladies would, of necessity, reveal their ankles in the process. Such a display could, conceivably, lead the onlooking menfolk into temptation! These contain inscriptions that are written in ogham script , an early Irish style of writing that utilised linear lines for letters. To the southeast of the cathedral is a small stone building or oratory that is said to contain the grave of Saint Declan.

St Declan of Ardmore

The floor of the oratory is covered in large flagstones and contains what appears to be a empty grave recess. This opening is meant to be the final resting place of Declan and pilgrims used to take small samples of soil from the pit as relics of the saint. Possibly the most impressive surviving building at the site is the round-tower. For extra security the doorway was positioned 4m above ground level and was probably access via a wooden ladder that could be withdrawn inside when needed.

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Still used as a local cemetery, Ardmore is easily accessible to the public and contains a number of informative display boards. Buy Celtic Cross Pendant Spirals. Hello, wonderful information, thanks. Trying to verify information on findagrave. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.