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All of these things worked together to create a world that was hungry and desperate for a change, a world that sensed its darkness and hopelessness.


And when the time was just right, God sent His Son to earth as a baby boy. When all hope was lost and the world was at its darkest — God showed up in a totally unexpected way. He never changes. His love is steadfast, and His purposes and plans endure forever. Has God gone silent on you?

Have you been waiting a long, long time to have Him come and heal you, come and save, come and restore? They never satisfy, do they? Right now.


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Reconstructing a vulnerable application

Add Check-in. When you look into the silence, what do you taste? The infinite expanse of spiced po Show More. The infinite expanse of spiced possibilities? When that happens, properties that are controlled by the attacker can be injected into objects and then either lead to denial of service by triggering JavaScript exceptions, or tamper with the application source code to force the code path that the attacker injects.

After three years of silence, a new jQuery prototype pollution vulnerability emerges once again

Following is a proof-of-concept example from the original report I triaged on HackerOne as part of the Node. While not a very straight-forward vulnerability to exploit, it can potentially affect a large amount of projects and users due to the popularity of jQuery in the JavaScript ecosystem. The jQuery team has recently released a fix for this security issue in version 3. The attack begins with user input, which allows a malicious attacker to inject an object that the developer might not have sanitized or referenced for any special treatment. By requesting a test report, you consent to us emailing you occasionally about Snyk.

After three years of silence, a new jQuery prototype pollution vulnerability emerges once again

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