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It was a disguised portable mini-bar with plenty of his favorite spirits to help him get through the day. Actor Bert Lahr had a long and successful career in show biz, and millions of fans worldwide now remember him as the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz. Every day for several months, Lahr suited up in his pound lion costume which was sewn together with real lion fur.

Under the hot lights inside the studio the suit could become extremely uncomfortable and Lahr had to be mindful not to pass out from dehydration and heat. Lahr had married an attractive woman named Mercedes Delpino in and was relatively happy. But she began to develop mental health problems and was committed to a sanitarium in Lahr had hoped she'd recover, yet as time passed her condition only deteriorated and he began seeing a woman named Mildred Schroeder with whom he had fallen in love.

He had promised to marry Mildred after a planned divorce from his first wife, but legal problems delayed the divorce and Mildred left Lahr and married another man in Lahr grieved over the loss of his girlfriend whose marriage lasted less than a year.

Given a second chance, this time Lahr did not wait and divorced Mercedes in to marry Mildred a year later. Mercedes never remarried and passed away in Bert and Mildred were happily married until his death in Not many people recognize the name Clara Blandick, yet she was one of the most important members of The Wizard of Oz cast. She played Auntie Em, and she and her movie "husband," Charley Grapewin who played Uncle Henry are the only two main characters we see in the opening black and white scenes who do not appear in an alter-ego in the colorized portion of the film which takes place in the Land of Oz.

Blandick was born in and was in her early 60s when she played the stern-but-loving aunt to Dorothy Gale. The actress had been born aboard a ship anchored in Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong that was captained by her father, Isaac Dickey.

MGM and Judy's Drug Addiction

Clara enjoyed a long and fruitful cinematic career over the years, starting in silents, and then playing in some great movies. She was a busy actress and enjoyed a very successful movie career typically playing character and supporting parts. However, in real life she wasn't so lucky, especially in love. She married a mining engineer named Harry Stanton Elliott in , but they divorced seven years later and she never remarried. Blandick's health and eyesight began to deteriorate in the s. On April 15, , with her arthritis causing constant pain, and nearly blind, Blandick went to church on a Sunday, then came home.

She put on a stylish dressing gown, took an overdose of sleeping pills, and laid down on her couch where her body was found later that day.

Beloved Actress Mary Tyler Moore Has Died at Age 80

Victor Fleming was one of Hollywood's most respected directors, and has the distinction of being a director on the Gone With The Wind movie set. Fleming could be a demanding director, and in one famous incident on the set of The Wizard of Oz , he stopped filming a scene between Judy Garland and Bert Lahr. Garland couldn't stop giggling at Lahr's playful acting, and valuable time and expensive film was being lost with each re-shoot. So Fleming called her aside, gave her a mild slap across the face, and told her to get her act together.

Stunned, but realizing the problem she'd created, Garland dutifully shot the scene to Fleming's liking in a single take and the matter was quickly dropped. However, it wasn't until after his death in that one of the actresses who'd worked with Fleming said the acclaimed director had been "pro-Nazi" during World War II, and had a loathing for the British.

He allegedly made a bet that Britain would be unable to repel a German invasion, mocking their ability to defend themselves.

Judy Garland Initially Refused to Sing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

If this is true, then one can understand why Fleming chose to keep his patriotic loyalties to himself--after all, the majority of Hollywood's most powerful studio heads were Jewish, and anyone thought to be a sympathizer of Hitler's Germany would surely have found themselves blacklisted and out-of-work. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Tortilla Flat , and many others. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

Thank you again Patty! I enjoy learning and writing about Hollywood's Golden Age actors and actresses! Glad you enjoyed this!


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  • Like the bored grunt on his fifth non-event mission, Richard wants enemy contact, he wants some action. He wants that Doors soundtrack to kick in and the tracer fire to start tearing apart the jungle canopy. And so does the reader. Apart from that the photographs never seem to be very evocative. Today, everyone travels with a camera. It is at once easy and almost impossible to imagine the novel recast now, for the millennials, the children of the characters Garland wrote about two decades ago.

    What will the generation that reads the novel now, and those that come after them, find in its pages?

    Why Judy Garland Still Captivates Gay Fans 50 Years After Her Death | HuffPost

    And then there is Richard himself … He was not the kind of child who just built Airfix model aircraft. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Fiction Rereading. Alex Garland features. As its title suggests, the show is a tribute to Judy Garland, who died 50 years ago this month. Beloved by queer audiences during her lifetime, the legendary stage and screen star has enjoyed mythical, if hotly contested , ties to the community in the half-century since then. Much of that is attributed to the fact that her funeral took place June 27, , less than 24 hours before the Stonewall uprising , the symbolic start to the modern LGBTQ rights movement.

    We celebrate the courage it takes to be that raw and open.

    Why Judy Garland Still Captivates Gay Fans 50 Years After Her Death

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