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In a way that made me wonder if my copy was missing pages. It's not really about Liv instantly becoming friends with these Londoner Raven Boys, which is unlikely but not impossible - I did a two-day intensive TEFL course in Glasgow a few weeks ago, and after about an hour in a class of 15 students, we were all soul mates. I mean it. We'd have taken a bullet for each other. When I was querying my manuscript, I had an agent tell me that it was weird that the protagonist makes such fast friends when she moves to a new city, but I swear to god, meet the right people in the right setting and you really can experience the gush of instalove.

Sometimes I think about the people I met in that classroom, people I knew for a maximum of 20 hours and will never see again, and I pine. But it's more about the way that none of the characters get freaked out by this whole dreamscape thing, and nobody thinks it's weird, and then there's the strange ball, and I know I'm not explaining this very well, but it was all so surreal.

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Like The Mighty Boosh. What the fuck was that all about. I'm not getting my point across very well, probably because it was something I couldn't put my finger on - maybe the atmosphere, or something like that. It was just bizarre. I'm done with them for now. I don't want to read anything else about London. But this book was a strange mishmash for me, and while I'd love to read more of Liv's voice, I don't think I can really justify throwing myself back into this psychedelic funhouse for another pages.

I have better things to do. View all 6 comments. First off: no love triangle! Liv is a fun character and her dialogue was a hoot to read! She just tells it like it is. The story is quite the sassy and ridiculously fun romp! Oh, and the boys weren't so bad either ;. View all 5 comments. I really, really liked the narrative voice, which was engaging and humorous. The story didn't feel as cohesive as I would have liked, however, and there are a lot of things going on, a lot of characters, and it just felt a bit all over the place.

I am definitely interested in reading the author's Ruby Red trilogy now, though. I like the way she writes, I just hope the plot and characters are a bit more clear cut in her other series. Seems like other people are liking this one better, which I und I really, really liked the narrative voice, which was engaging and humorous. Seems like other people are liking this one better, which I understand--I just haven't the patience for this right now.

View all 8 comments. My two star rating said "It was okay. I think that's true because this book is okay. It's fun sometimes but it was overall disappointing. I was expecting something magical and fun and some adventure. Not 4 golden boys who made a pact with a devil. Enter this girl who says YES to the things that should be said NO to and who's sometimes badass but most of the time a tad annoying.

So this is okay but I sure as hell want something different. View all 4 comments. This was a very interesting book and a quick read! I really enjoyed it and since I already own the other two books in the series, I'm definitely gonna read the second book now. The only negative things I can say about this book are that I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed "ruby red" and the other books in that series and I was also a little disappointed that the main character of this series reminded me a lot of the one of her other series. They were a little too similar for my liking and I h This was a very interesting book and a quick read!

They were a little too similar for my liking and I had just been hoping for someone different as the mc this time. But the book still deserves 4 out of 5 stars! This is how books with a fantasy element should be: unique, like nothing you've ever read before. I've enjoyed reading this book a lot, happy to be continuing this story with book 2 and 3!

View 1 comment. Upon reread: original review stands. Fun and entertaining. Finally continuing on with this series. I am not going to lie, from the blurb, I was picturing a sort of The Raven Boys knock off story and the only similarities is that there are dreams, and 4 boys and a girl. Otherwise, they are nothing alike! Dream a Little Dream follows a hilarious girl named Olivia who moves to London and meets 4 boys in a dream one night, and these same four Upon reread: original review stands.

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Dream a Little Dream follows a hilarious girl named Olivia who moves to London and meets 4 boys in a dream one night, and these same four boys go to her school. What ensues next is Liv, using her love for solving problems, trying to figure out what the boys are up to, and how she fits in to everything. The best part of the book is by far the characters.

Really diverse and intricate characters. All have a unique voice and really bring something to the story. Plot wise this book was great! I love the creativity of the story. I love the pacing. Never too fast or too slow. I felt like every scene was necessary and helped further the plot in some way. I also love the ending because it has a bit of an open ending, but if this was a stand alone I wouldn't mind. I truly adored this book and I hope that book 2 and 3 get translated to English soon!

I definitely recommend this book, and probably the entire trilogy, to everyone who like a bit of a light fantasy read with nothing overly complicated. So the translated version of the first book in this series, Dream a Little Dream has been released this month, that centers around the life of an unconventional teenager who is admitted to a new English school in London and so as her dreams take a new turn, exciting adventures are waiting for her that will change her life. Synopsis: Mysterious doors with lizard-head knobs. Talking stone statues. A crazy girl with a hatchet. The strangest part is that Liv recognizes the boys in her dream.

Luckily, Liv could never resist a good mystery, and all four of those boys are pretty cute. Liv Silver, a 15 year old teenager leads a pretty unconventional life compare to her age, mainly because of her mom's constantly changing jobs, she has got to live and see a lot of new places and this time her mom's new job and her mom's new boyfriend, leads her straight to London along with her Mia and the au pair named, Lottie. Liv is enrolled into one of the poshest school in London, Frognal Academy, where girls have stupid names and boys are terribly hot with great hair and everybody is subjected to their school's very own blog, Tittle-Tattle Blog, with an anonymous author.

Following her entry to this new school, her dreams started to get weirder and weirder, where no doubt she could see her number one crush from her school, Henry and in someone she feels her dreams her actually real. And eventually Liv started investigating those dreams and what she finds out is not at all nice and friendly.

Having never read any of the previous books by this author, I had no idea what to expect from her writing style, but from the very first page, itself, I was drawn into the story, mainly because of Liv's sense of humor and her witty demeanor of cracking up jokes with her sarcastic comments.

Yes, I can vouch for Liv and say that she is the life of this book, without her the journey would be very dull. The pacing of the book is good, but I believe that the translation is not much polished compared to the original book. Liv's fun-filled adventures certainly kept me going through the book, well since it falls under middle-grade genre, the mystery felt bit predictable layered with childish drama.

The characters apart from Liv are not that impressionable, especially those four boys, except that hot, sultry looks! Yes, there is romance between Henry and Liv which is sweet and innocent, but the author never shifts her focus from the main theme of the book which is the mystery surrounding Liv's dream.

So if you want to delve deeper into the worlds of dreams and wants to float in them, then do read this cute and funny book that is filled with thrilling adventures. Verdict: Drams worlds with strange door knobs, fantasy world, Gossip Girl kinda feel with some hot dudes- if these are things that you love to read about, then definitely go for this book.

Courtesy: Thanks to the author's publicist, for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book. View all 10 comments. I have been stalling to read this series for 2 years, but I think I am ready now. One of my absolute favorite trilogies was written by Kerstin Gier and I am really hoping this one would be just as amazing, if not more.

I forgot how relatable her characters were. Liv, the protagonist, said the most hilariously relatable things. The plot was interesting. Slow, but definitely different. It was very eerie at times and incredibly fun at others seeing Liv discover how these dreams worked.

I mean, would I like to be able to do anything in my dreams, go anywhere, see anyone??? Thoughts on the 2nd half of the book Honestly, I got bored. The plot was not really moving anywhere. So much secrecy, so little answers. It did not feel progressive. The bits of mysteries and reveals speckled throughout the book did not make me more curious. I just felt disinterested and was waiting for something amazing to happen. Also, I felt like the characters got a bit dull. The thing that was lacking was in the friendship department.

Because a good part of the book was set at school, it sucked to see that most of the girls we met were so…nasty. They were boys-obsessed or superficial or just plain ugh. Not that she should, but she did not even consider it, which was weird when she treated Mia almost like a best friend at the beginning of the book.

My problem was that we did not really see any developments or true connection among them. I just felt blah about them, which was disappointing. No real development after that. I thought she was going to get included in the group somehow because she was an integral part of their mission afterall. These characters were not developed very well in my opinion, except for maybe Henry and Grayson. Henry — because he was the love interest of Liv, and Grayson — because he was sorta-kinda her brother now.

Arthur and Jasper — I did not get a good grasp on their characters, but all four boys as a whole were just blah for being a central part of the book. I liked the romance in the book. It was a bit cheesy and sudden, but still very cute. There was some cute bantering and funny and sweet moments. I have to say that Ruby Red is certainly better in pretty much every aspect — the plot is better-paced and more fun, the characters are more endearing and funny, and the protagonist is just…perfect. However, the one thing that this series perhaps has done better judging by this 1st book is the romance.

At this moment, I like Henry more than Gideon. Anyway, I am curious about how the future books will develop. It has been overall a fun first book with a lot of promise, even if I am disappointed with some aspects of it. Angst level? Good vibes, fun meeting the main character and the others. Were there actual scenes of sex or mature scenes? I also loved that it was a hell of a lot darker than I thought it would be and I was all for it. Demons and dream walking? Sign me up!

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My only minor complaint is that the relationships between the characters kind of annoyed me at times and it affected my enjoyment of the book slightly. View 2 comments. The really weird thing is that Liv recognizes the boys in her dream. But they seem to know things about her in real life that they couldn't possibly know, which is mystifying. Then again, Liv could never resist a good mystery.

What I Liked: Kerstin Gier does it again! I wish all of her books could be picked up by USA publishers, because I've been quite in love with her books since Ruby Red was published in the United States, in The Ruby Red trilogy is one of my favorite series of all time! In this new series, Liv is leaving one place for another, but her new home has some Her and her younger sister, Mia, are constantly traveling and moving, as their mother is a professor their father is as well, but the parents are divorced.

The girls show up in London, and the first person their mother introduces them to? Surprise - her boyfriend! Whom she will be marrying, and Liv and Mia will being moving in to his house. Liv's soon-to-be stepbrother, is a strange, quite one, and her soon-to-be-stepsister is pushy and a bit rude, and her soon-to-be-stepfather is old and just a bother in general. Attending school means meeting new people, and Liv immediately meets Grayson's friends - Arthur, Jasper, and Henry. Things get weird when Liv starts dreaming, and the four boys are in her dreams. Or she's in theirs.

When they want her to join their strange dream group, Liv is skeptical, but she joins. But perhaps things aren't so plausible - perhaps things are much more sinister than they appear One thing that strikes me in all of Gier's books is the humor. I love how funny Liv's voice is, how Gier makes Liv a tiny bit awkward, a lot sweet, and a bit sarcastic, in a funny way.

This book is hilarious, even if there are parts that are very serious, and borderline scary. I liked Liv. She has a distinct voice, and it's so great to watch the story unfold from her perspective. She likes logic and science, and likes to figure things out. She joins the boys and their bizarre rituals, but mostly she wants to help them, and wants to prove to herself that demons aren't real.

See, the boys tried to summon a demon who will grant their hearts' desire. On Halloween. I like the boys. There are four of them, one of them being the stepbrother Grayson , the other three being his friends. They're all described as super good-looking, like shampoo commercial guys. Each has their own personality. Jasper is very rambunctious, and doesn't really take things seriously.

Grayson is a bit protective. Henry is the mysterious and brooding one, but he's also very sweet. Another thing that I really liked about this book is the sister-sister relationship! Mia is about five years younger, but she's mature for her age, yet fun like a child should be. I liked her a lot, which surprised me. The story is quite interesting and goes by very quickly.

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I was really strapped for time this week soooo many exams and papers and research , but I finished this one faster than I expected. I love how Gier writes - her writing is beautiful, but also very easy to read and pay attention to. Seriously, anyone could read her books, translated or not, and know her writing style and voice. There IS romance in this book!

Check out my Swoon Thursday post from yesterday March 12th if you want a little insight on the romance. The love interest is pretty swoony, and he's more than a love interest - he plays quite pivotal roles in the book. No love triangle, and while Liv becomes infatuated with the love interest pretty quickly, I wouldn't call it insta-love.

More like insta-interest. There are no declarations of love or serious feelings, so no insta-love. The romance is really sweet, but also very subtle and a bit in the background compared to the story. The story was intriguing and almost scary at some points! Dreams are beautiful and scary places. But I couldn't stop reading. No cliffhanger though, yay! What I Did Not Like: Nothing in particular - I might have wanted a little more from the romance, but I know how Gier writes in the romance into the story of her books, and it's always very slow and subtle.

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Which is cool, I'm fine with that. Would I Recommend It: Yes! This one was fun and easy and quick, and not to mention lush in details and gorgeous in writing. And the cover is pretty great! I liked the original USA cover, but this new cover is spectacular.

In any case, I'd recommend any Gier book I've read now four , this one included! Rating: 4 stars. I'll definitely be reading book two as soon as I can get my hands on it! Noooow, please! I wonder if there are editions in Spanish bilingual for the win! I'll buy one of those, if I have to! I am seriously loving this author.

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I am so glad I picked up both her trilogies! This series is like a Freddy style creepy plot that makes a person double think the safety of dreams. Not really a horror but still intriguing! The last time I was laughing so hard was my Angelfall-reading. I was worrying for nothing. From the very first pages I got that I will love this series. What do we have here? A Family 2 : a calm and wise dad, 17 year old twins a daughters who wanna be the best in everything and a son who's more like his dad and can call a demon , a cute and passive cat.

Lucid dreaming, British Gossip Girl and her blog, four handsome seniors who want something and fast from our MC named Liv, a demon who can fulfill your wishes and wants to break loose into our world, school days and teenage problems. But lord forbid you to look in this book for strong sense, morals etc. There will be naivety, mismatches, predictability, but you will love this because of its writing style. You can be clever, wise and thoughtful but uninteresting and boring.

On the other hand, you can be as plain as day, but friendly, nice, with a great sense of humor. I bet that people would love to pass the time with the second you. And "Silber" is just like that. View all 12 comments. Oh boy! It was so refreshing! Just what I needed. And all the cutziness and fluffiness of this cloudy book got me out of the slump.

I mean who can resist the charms of dream traveling??? Liv's life couldn't be any more cliche. Divorced, career-obsessed parents, a loving nanny, future ex-step father and his family, Oh boy! Divorced, career-obsessed parents, a loving nanny, future ex-step father and his family, new school, gossip blog, four boys,yes mind you! But the narration! They never had a home. Her mother's job never allowed them to settle in one place. And this year her mother is going to teach in Oxford and hence they all reached London! And there began the drama!

Ernest is Liv's mother's new boyfriend and Florence and Grayson are his twins. I absolutely loved Grayson and absolutely hated Florence! I loved her new school and her new friends even Persephone grew on me after some time. And the blog was such a fun to read!! Their friendship! Everything about them. Even Jasper aka Shaving Fun Ken and boy he was something!!

I mean we can spy people in their dreams and do the inconceivable and change our shape and form and can be an owl or a panda or whatever we like!!! And we can wander all night in the dream corridor!! Henry and Liv were so so soooo adorable I can't even! You are my heart's desire, Liv Silver! If you haven't pick it up yet, what are you waiting for???!!!!

Not as amazing as Ruby Red trilogy, but still such a fun book! The general idea really reminded me of The Raven Boys honestly, though it reads very differently. Kind of like a Gossip GIrl with paranormal elements set in London. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How do I reply to an email using salutation if a gender is unknown? Ask Question. Em1 But i know, this wasn't the question I missed on the surname part, I want to refer using the second name i. How about "Guten Tag! Do NOT use alternatives in brackets or with slashes in a business letter!

That's exactly what it should be. A pithy answer. Paul Paul 49 2 2 bronze badges. So you'd go with either of the following salutations: Sehr geehrte Frau Mustermann Sehr geehrter Herr Mustermann Hi or Hallo Erika Said that, I'd like to elaborate on the problem don't knowing the person's gender. Em1 Em1 Great question, I'm confronted with the same problem now and then. Olaf Olaf 2, 12 12 silver badges 32 32 bronze badges.

Well, the idea with checking online isn't bad but the first name I typed on the page first link said it's a girl's name, but unfortunately the only person I know called Kim is a man. Also, just saying Hallo might be possible provided informality is fine. If I get an email from a customer I'd be careful just saying Hallo Em1: That's true about "Hallo", I should have elaborated.

Will do.

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But does that justify a downvote??? About "Kim": if you read carefully, the first link says " it is 1. The second link gives genders and countries, which is quite good and exact. And Googling shows you the Kim you are probably talking about although I think Kim is also quite a common girl's name. The downvote because the approach is more a workaround than a solution. Your answer is imho just a comment worth. Between the lines of OP's question you can read: What does the German language offer to work with that problem.

You also don't answer this part. If you think German does not support it then you could start with: There's no way, but there're several workarounds. However, using google is here still a workaround in distress. What do you think? Well, I think it's the other way round. I fact I think trying to avoid any gender specific salutation is even more a workaround than finding out - correctly in most cases, I can assure you - the gender of the recipient.

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