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You can park the domain name to parking page provided by third-party auction company like sedo. This method is the simplest way to park your domain name with the option to sell.

How to Invest in Domain Names

Host your domain name, with a website. Create a simple website with custom website design and get a web hosting services for it, You can have one hosting plan for all your domain and use your design for all your domain. This way you have more control of your website and do better SEO for your domain name.

Parking or hosting your domain name is a very important step for your domain portfolio. As this will never happen. Spend your time reaching out to people who actually want to buy your domain for sale. As soon as I register a company, I start getting an email from the company trademark registering.

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As soon as, I make my website online, I start getting a ton of email telling me about how bad my SEO is. What do I feel about it? I received an email from one of my customer Domain Investor saying. Surely someone may be interested to buy my domain name. What do you think? Imagine I am an owner of Netspaceindia. Now imagine doing this thing times for your one domain. It is a guarantee that you will end up in the blacklist and maybe you end up paying can spam fine list.

So, How you build a list of potential buyers for your domain name?

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Here are top 10 ways to create a list Targeted for your outbound marketing campaign for potential buyers:. Tip: if you own stockmarketinvestment. Goto Zfbot. As shown in the screenshot below:. Visit a website which sounds like your website like stockmarketinvestmentips.

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  6. The company who is paying for your keyword is already aware of the importance of your keyword and maybe a good target buyer. Sometimes you find a user with simpler userid for that keyword or popular code base that may want launch website on your domain. You may find a fan page or a user matching with your keyword. People using your keyword hashtag on regular bases may be a good buyer.

    How To Invest Domain Names To Make Profit in 12222

    The last tip is for old school people Like me goto yellow pages or magazine under your domain category. Now, that you have a list of domain names you can go look up for whois info manually and check for owners. By now, you know that selling a domain name to a right buyer is not an easy job. You have to do research a lot, create a mailing list, negotiate with buyers and in the end complete the transaction. Just like you in the real world, you have a broker to sell your property through the broker and the broker take care of all the process and documentation on your behalf.

    Get in touch with marketplace sellers and get in understanding with terms for doing all the hard work for them. This way you can also start building your capital for your domain name portfolio. Today my team and I, focus on helping real businesses to overcome real-life challenges and analyse data in a way that can help businesses grow in the right direction of this digital age. Account Login Register. Get A Quote. Domain Names. There are several way for making money online.

    This article can be a benchmark for your investment journey in the domain name industry.

    Investing in Domains and Websites (Digital/Intangible Assets) Explained in One Minute

    This article will give you an insight of: What is domain name investing? The right way for selecting a domain name for investment? Is there any risk involved, domain name investing? How much money can you make from domain name investing? Building a right Domain Name Portfolio. Setting a right Domain Name Pricing. Where to sell your domain name? Creating a list of potential buyers for your domain name.

    Zero Investment Domain Name selling method. The Hustle of domain name investment. What is domain name investing? Domain Name investing required looking into the future. Sometimes, even you are not aware of the value of your domain name. The above is a screenshot is taken from the keyword planner. TIP If a high searched keyword domain name is not available in. You can also look for a brandable domain name which is short and easy to remember.

    Should You Invest in Domain Names?

    Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress. The simple answer is Yes. Rick Schwartz. Many standard domain registrars , such as GoDaddy. Meanwhile, specialized websites, such as Sedo, are designed exclusively to buy and sell domain names. Finally, parking domains with a for sale page is a great way to draw targeted interest from potential buyers.

    Set Price Setting a specific price is the preferred method for domain sellers that have a large portfolio of domains and aren't in a rush to sell them. Auction Auctions are a great way to sell higher profile domain names where there is a lot of interest, since they typically result in the highest possible price.

    Risks of Investing in Domains There are many risks that would-be domain investors should carefully consider before buying and selling.

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    The three largest risks are liquidity , subjectivity and legality, but there are also many other ranging from misleading appraisals to faulty escrow payments. Would-be buyers should carefully consider these risks before investing in domain names. Liquidity Most stocks and bonds can be bought and sold with ease through a broker , but domain names can be much harder to sell. Finding the right buyer is often a matter of listing a sale for several months or even years, which means that investors should have a lengthy time horizon and the ability to stomach a loss.

    Subjectivity Stocks can be valued by the discounted value of future cash flows , while bonds can be valued by their coupon payments and interest rates. Domains are a much more subjective valuation that can be very difficult to pinpoint. And so-called domain appraisers are well known for issuing lofty valuations that can be hard to realize. Legality Domain names can be a sticky business from a legal standpoint. Choosing names that are too close to a trademarked name can result in a lawsuit and a court order to forfeit the domain name for free.

    In other cases, stolen domain names can be sold before the buyer has the ability to discover that they're not the true owner. The Bottom Line Like any investment, domain names come with their own set of risks.

    Domain Name Investing - How Much Money Can You Make ? | Netspace (India)

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