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As he told Vanity Fair :.


Because I have too many other decisions to make. This is because, the Commander in Chief explained, the act of making a decision erodes your ability to make later decisions. Managing decision fatigue calls for the high-value, low-effort systemization that entrepreneurs swear by. Whether or not our offices are oval, we need to find ways to reduce friction in our days.

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As Obama says:. You need to routinize yourself. Woven together, the memos paint a picture of what the presidential workflow looks like—especially since this president prefers written advice to spoken. This is effective because, like always wearing the same suit, the checkboxes impose simplicity.

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While the decisions are obviously complex—how else do they end up at the desk of the president—creating three choices speeds up the feedback loop. Rather than submitting an essay test for each problem, the president can opt for multiple choice.

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Now the kids are older, the Obamas are hosting dinners—starting at six, sometimes lasting until 1 a. This is because Obama gets started on major tasks in the late hours, after the family has gone to bed. Additionally, he wears green gardening gloves. Continuing through the story, his outfit switches to a black top hat with a green stripe, a long, green tailcoat Lighter green stripes on it , black pants, long green gloves, and as an accessory, simple sunglasses. He decides to cut down one of the trees for his invention, the Thneed. When he chops down a Truffula Tree, he finds The Lorax in the tree trunk.

He receives a warning about destroying the forest for his greedy plans. As the Once-ler's small shop grows into a factory and new equipment is being made to keep up with the demand for more Thneeds, signs of damage to the Truffula Forest become evident to the Lorax. The Lorax first complains to the Once-ler that the Truffula trees, being chopped down, were also the food source of the Bar-ba-Loots who are now facing a terrible food shortage and a disease called "the Crummies" because of "gas and no food in their tummies.

At first, the Once-ler only shows a little remorse, but still focuses on expanding his business.

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Soon, the Once-ler's Thneed-making business has expanded tenfold and now uses delivery trucks to take out the shipments. The Lorax eventually comes back complaining to the Once-ler that the factories are belching out so much "smogulous smoke" that it is giving the Swomee Swans sore throats, leaving them unable to sing. After the Lorax sends them off, he also complains to the Once-ler about his machinery making a goo by-product called "Gluppity Glup" and "Shloppity Shlop," and how it's being dumped into the ponds where the Humming-Fish live, leaving them unable to hum and forcing the Lorax to send them away too.

The Once-ler begins to see the light but Ms. Fun-cler calls Mr. Once-ler via a phone and informs him that Thneeds Inc. The Lorax's complaints, however, unhappily prove to be true just as the last Truffula Tree gets chopped down. With all the trees gone, no more Thneeds can be made, so the Thneed factories close down and the Once-ler's family departs, leaving the Once-ler alone with the Lorax, who, looking back at the Once-ler sadly, picks himself up by the "seat of his pants" and floats away through a hole in the smog, leaving behind only a small pile of rocks with the word "UNLESS" inscribed into them.

The Once-ler alone remains, gazing upon the disintegrating ruins of his factories over the years and contemplating the meaning of this last message, perhaps with a sense of remorse.

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In the end, the Once-ler gives the boy the very last Truffula seed for him to plant and take care of. They all thought he would "result to nothing," so when the Once-Ler left to sell his invention, the Thneed, they were happy to laugh at his optimism. Even so, Once-Ler continued on his journey to find the perfect material for his Thneed.

After a while of being pulled in his fully loaded cart by his mule while playing songs on his guitar, he stumbles upon "the most beautiful place he had ever seen.

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During the night of his arrival, while he's peacefully sleeping, the Lorax with the help of the Bar-ba-Loots, the Swommee Swans, and the Humming-Fish take his bed and shove him into the river. Unfortunately, their plan is ruined because one of the youngest Bar-ba-Loots found himself on the bed as well, but is unable to swim.

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  • The Once-Ler promises not to chop down any more Truffula trees, but in turn, the Lorax says he will keep an eye on him.