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Jejeebhoy is a demographer at the Population Council in New Delhi.

The present legal situation

Introduction - Shireen J. Jejeebhoy and Sarah Bott 2. Ellsberg, K. Santhya and Shireen J. Ajuwon , Nancy Luke 3. Guedes and Ana Guezmesm Alan J. Flisher 6. Townsend 7. Moving Forward - Shireen J.

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Sex without consent: Young people in developing countries

Laddas ned direkt. The pressing need to break the silence on non-consensual sex among young people - an issue shrouded by denial, underreporting and stigma - is self-evident. Despite the growing body of research regarding young people's sexual behaviours, the study of coercive sexual experiences has generally been overlooked by both researchers and national programmes.

Available evidence has been scattered and unrepresentative and despite this evidence, non-consensual sex among young people is perceived to be a rare occurrence. This volume dispels any such misconception. She noticed that on "controversial" topics, such as sexual and reproductive rights, young people's voices often get lost. Joaquim Alberto Chissano, a former president of Mozambique and co-chair of the taskforce, said: "Fulfilling sexual and [reproductive] health and rights is not only a human right … it also offers solutions to many of today's global problems.

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Chissano — often credited for ending civil war and strengthening democracy in Mozambique — cited the links between sexual and reproductive health and national progress. He said that by promoting sexual and reproductive health, the international community can "fully unleash human potential, energies and talents … to nurture the human capital that countries need to reduce poverty and inequality". If sexual and reproductive rights are not addressed, "those who will feel the pinch more are the coming generations", he said.

The taskforce's work — entitled policy recommendations for the ICPD beyond sexual and reproductive health and rights for all — reaffirms values established almost 20 years ago in Cairo, where governments adopted a programme of action that placed the human rights of women at the centre of development goals. The taskforce calls on governments to address Cairo's "unfinished agenda" by: ensuring sexual and reproductive rights through law; working towards universal access to sexual and reproductive health services; providing sexuality education for young people; and eliminating violence against women and girls.


It argues that governments should expand access to safe abortion and to services for victims of gender-based violence, and that the international community should adopt a definition of "comprehensive sexuality education". The taskforce's work will inform UN negotiations for a new development framework, to replace the expiring millennium development goals after According to the taskforce, the sexual and reproductive health of young women and girls is particularly compromised.


It says one in three girls in developing countries are married without their consent; 2, young people are infected with HIV every day; and up to half of all sexual assaults are committed against girls under the age of Asked if sexual and reproductive rights are often barred by social or cultural norms, Chaudhry — founder of the YP Foundation , a non-profit organisation in India — said: "I come from a country that has a broad representation, both in terms of religion [and] culture. It has a lot of sensitivities.

Sex Without Consent: Young People in Developing Countries

She emphasised the importance of providing information and sexuality education to approach such sensitivities. She added: "Because there's such a broad lack of understanding … the fear and stigma and discrimination around issues of sex and sexuality therefore remains very high. Chaudhry said some of the most effective cases in achieving sexual and reproductive rights are when governments invest at community levels in reducing levels of related stigma. She said: "One of the biggest misconceptions of sexuality education is that if you provide sexuality education to an adolescent, you're going to decrease the age of first sex.

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