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A first second, third etc.

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Today, first mate or chief mate and first lieutenant tend to be separate ranks. The word mate may also refer to the assistant of a specialised warrant officer, see Mate Petty Officer.

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As the alternative name suggests, mates commonly held the rank of lieutenant. A ship would be assigned a number of lieutenants based on her size and these would be rated first, second, third etc. A first-rate ship i.

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Most mates started out as midshipmen at a young age and would advance to lieutenant after passing the examination for lieutenant. Field promotions of midshipmen were possible.

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As such, the mates were the highest ranking officers after the Captain [1]. As having served as a mate was a prerequisite for becoming a captain, the mates would usually take take on similar tasks.

Chief mate

Mates would lead watches, order manoeuvres, chart courses etc. I am not too sure how this boat life works in the real fucking world but in ours he was the boss of everyone on board and the first mate was basically the person who did whatever the Captain said the fuck to do. Dana wanted to be the first mate and I had no idea why but she wanted to be part of it. So the day was winding down and we were heading back in to dock the boat.

Dana up and volunteers to help dock the boat.

Careful Interconnection: A New First Mate Last Break Connector from TE Connectivity

The other boat saved her from rolling off the other side of the dock and into the water. Hahahah you are cracking me up! My imagination is very vivid.. The roll into a fetal position.. SherryAnne you need to do stand up comedy, I am crying laughing my face off as usual!

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