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Hunter has finished speaking. How does obeying and serving the Lord make our burdens light?

A Yoke for Rest?

Discuss Matthew —13 and Luke — Invite class members to read selected verses aloud. See Matthew —2. What did the Lord teach as he responded to their accusation? See Matthew —8. He wanted the people to focus on loving others, not merely on performing public religious ceremonies. How can we use this principle to guide our Sabbath activities?

What did Jesus teach about the purpose of the Sabbath when he healed the man with the withered hand and the woman bound by an infirmity? See Matthew —13 ; Luke — What did he teach about the Sabbath in Mark —28? How can keeping the Sabbath day holy make our burdens light and bring us rest? Then read and discuss selected verses from Luke — The woman who entered the house of Simon the Pharisee carried the burden of sin Luke What did the woman do that allowed Jesus to take away her burden?

See Luke , 44— What can we do so the Savior will remove the burden of sin from our lives? How did the sinful woman and Simon the Pharisee differ in their attitudes toward Jesus? See also the quotation below. Why are the qualities that the woman possessed important as we repent and seek forgiveness? How do the qualities that Simon possessed keep us from repenting?

Even though she had not been invited and would risk being treated unkindly by Simon and his household, the woman came directly to Christ as soon as she knew where to find him Luke What can we learn from her example? What obstacles might keep us from repenting and coming unto Christ?

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How can we overcome these obstacles? But when he asked the Lord to remove it, the Lord replied,. My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness. His weaknesses, sufferings, hardships, persecution — anything that worked against him to trip him up — provided an opportunity for the grace of God to be shown for how powerful it really is. Paul came to a place where he was so dependent on the grace of God that he could say,. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities.

For when I am weak, then I am strong. His grace releases us from the pressures of perfect performance.

Take My Yoke Upon You

When we admit that we are not perfect and never can be, we affirm our belief that God is perfect and everything about Him — His work, timing, strength, provision — is perfect as well. So what does this mean in practical terms?

023 What does it mean when Jesus says "my yoke is easy and my burden is light" (Matthew 11:30)?

Right now, I encourage you to stop and immediately exit the guilt train. So why do you have that expectation for yourself? The yoke of Christ is perfectly fitted to support and aid us in fulfilling His purpose for our lives.

49 Bible verses about Yokes

It is always what I need for the path He wants me to walk. Nor am I full of discontent as I hurry toward a more perfect future version of myself. Under the yoke of grace, I rest content with where I am right here, right now, weaknesses and all — as long as I am walking close to Jesus. Do you feel weak today? Maybe you need to step into the yoke with Jesus. He will walk close to you and carry most of the weight for you if you let Him!

No longer wanting to enter into conflict, they reverted to hiding in caves. They laid down their weapons for the shelter of a hiding place; it was time for fresh oil. The yoke is the oldest form of harness. The yoke is a device for linking two or more animals to a cart or plow. Early yokes consisted of curved wooden bars that rested on the shoulders of the animals or where fastened to the horns or necks by metal or rope collars.

The yoke was attached to the vehicle by a pole.

Here Isaiah shares the concept of the anointing in a way that every Israelite would understand. Any passerby in Israel could observe two oxen yokes together. In the case of oxen of differing sizes, the smaller ox would simply have to go wherever the larger animal would lead.

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The Assyrians were a yoke on the neck and shoulders of Israel. God was going to deliver them from the power of the Assyrians. The yoke is figurative of bondage and affliction. They shall be wholly delivered from the power of the Assyrian, and from the fear of it. They shall not only be eased of the Assyrian army, which is now quartered upon them and which is a grievous yoke and burden to them, but they shall no more pay that tribute to the king of Assyria which before this invasion he exacted from the, and they shall be no longer at his service nor lie at his mercy, as they have done, nor shall he ever again put the country under contribution.

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We are like Israel is in relation to Assyria. We have allowed the devil to put yokes on us. We have allowed him to lead us around, to lead us where we really do not want to go. Many have been under his yoke and have been seeking to be free from it. Independence Day Preaching.