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Despite the name, kennel cough is most commonly caught in parks and other popular dog walking areas, and places where dogs congregate like obedience classes etc, rather than in boarding kennels. It is also transmitted with bacteria on toys, food bowls or other shared objects. It is a canine respiratory infection caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica and canine parainfluenza virus. These pathogens attack the cilia lining the respiratory tract and cause inflammation of the upper airway. These include stress caused by crowded environments, exposure to heavy dust or cigarette smoke, cold temperatures and poor ventilation.

Kennel cough has an incubation period of two to 14 days, and some dogs can be carriers of the infection for months without developing symptoms. Because it is so contagious we did try and keep Archie away from other dogs for at least 10 days, but I am pleased to say that he is now absolutely fine and really had a very mild dose. The Cornwood Agricultural Show is a local show to where we live. We went to it for the first time last year and in addition to the usual agricultural features of a show there was a family dog show. So a year passed and it was time for the show in and we thought as it was local to us we would support it again.

Having endured a heatwave for weeks and weeks the weather changed on the 11th August and the summer weather ended and it was more like Winter and it was absolutely atrocious. We were in two minds whether to go or not, but as so much organisation goes on into these shows we felt we had to support it. Entering Archie into a dog show you want him to look his best if he has any chance of getting a rosette, and I am a person who is very competitive and naturally want to do well, but of course only for fun as this is not Crufts!!!

Well, when it was time to enter him into the ring, he looked like a drowned rat. Gone was the lovely fluffy wavy coat and here he was with a soaking wet coat and he really did look a sorry sight. Attendance was down on last year due to the awful weather but there was about 10 entered into this class and with Archie looking so bedraggled I had very low expectations.

However to my utter amazement he came 2nd and got a lovely rosette. This was really one instance that coming 2nd was a bonus!!! Here is a photo of Archie with his rosette when he eventually dried off and looking quite handsome as if he actually deserved to win a rosette!! But then again to win a rosette looking like a drowned rat, what is the point if I enter him in another family dog spending time combing his coat and making him look lovely as clearly there is no need!!!

Archie had met his brother Biscuit on a few occasions and they clearly recognised each other and had a great time.

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We were hoping that the brotherly love was still going to be present!! We decided to meet at Plymbridge Woods and met up at the bridge with both Archie and Biscuit being on their leads, but both launched at each other not to greet pleasantly but to have a good growl and bark and clearly not really pleased to be re-united. Archie is very placid and playful and usually every dog he meets he wants to play wit and likewise Biscuit, but for some reason they took an instant dislike to each other. I have to say though that they did look very similar. Biscuit used to be quite a bit darker but he had lightened up and their coats were an identical colour and it was hard to tell them apart head on, but Archie is a bit bigger.

We walked a little way with them still on their leads with them both still not pleased to be in close proximity of each other. However when we got into the woods and decided to let them off their leads and hope that once free with space around each other they would get on. I am pleased to say that they did and just seemed to ignore one another.

They had a good walk through the woods and played in the river with no problem whatsoever. It was such a lovely day that we had decided to take a picnic with us and we sat and enjoyed a very pleasant lunch, apart from Archie and Biscuit having another growling session when they both tried to get between our chairs, which was the smallest possible space that they both wanted to be in at the same time. They had a huge open area to run around in, but both wanted this tiny space at the same time. We did have a nice day, it was just a shame that Archie and Biscuit showed signs of sibling rivalry rather than brotherly love at times.

I just had to add this little post and photos which were taken the morning after the clocks went back. Now Archie is never in a hurry to get out of bed in the mornings and I am sure that he would stay there all day. As said in previous posts he does sleep in our bedroom where he has a rug and one, yes one of his 3 beds.

He will walk around the room and change position from his rug to his bed throughout the night,. After a passionate hug between the two, Veronica received a message from Cheryl, who was attempting to reunite with Jason, so the four of them headed to Sweetwater River , where Cheryl saw him last. They pleaded with Cheryl to stop pounding on the thick layer of ice, and while she did, it still gave away just beneath her feet, and so the current dragged Cheryl under water.

They rushed over to find Cheryl just beneath the ice, however, the only way to get to her was breaking through it, which Archie did, but not without severely damaging his hand. Fortunately, he managed to save Cheryl, and bring her to shore. That night, as Betty prepared for the Jubilee, she couldn't help but worry about Jughead. She explained Jughead's current predicament to her mother, and how she believed that it would change the dynamic of their relationship.

Following Archie's performance with Josie and the Pussycats , Betty took the stage to deliver her speech just as Jughead entered the room. Riverdale was the people of the town, including FP Jones, who they were too quick to blame for Jughead's murder. Jughead was the soul of Riverdale, without him, they may have never learned the truth about Clifford Blossom, and they repaid him by banishing him, which is what they do when the truth gets too ugly.

Their town was at a crossroads, and so Betty explained that if they didn't face the reality of what they were, and if they kept lying and keeping secrets, then what happened to Jason could happen again, or even something worse. She ended her speech with "Riverdale must do better.

We must do better" , resulting in a standing ovation. After the four of them celebrated with milkshakes at Pop's , Betty and Jughead headed to his trailer , where Betty told Jughead that she wasn't giving up on FP until he was free, which is exactly why Jughead loved her. She then told Jughead that she loved him as well. They began kissing and undressing until hearing a knock at the door. Betty assumed it was her mother, but it turned out to be the Serpents, who offered Jughead membership into their gang, which he accepted as he put on their custom leather jacket as Betty watched from the door.

Season 2 Alice and Betty having breakfast at the Cooper house. The following morning, after Archie's father was shot, Betty is seen with her mother in the kitchen. As she makes breakfast for the two of them. Alice asks Betty what did her and her friends do after the 75th Anniversary Jubilee? As Betty responded to her mother that they went to Pop's. While later informing her mother, that she and Jughead went back to FP's trailer. As her mother was surprised to hear this from her, later asking Betty if the "beanie-wearing cad" defiled her?

She could at least tell her that she was safe. As Betty answers her mother as to what she was talking about, later telling her that she didn't "do it" with Jughead. While also adding, that they almost did it, but were then interrupted. As Alice was relieved to hear what Betty had to say to her, as she thanked God that they didn't. As Betty later informed her, that they were interrupted by the Southside Serpents.

Alice then was shocked to hear what Betty later had to say to her, as she asked her that if they were interrupted by "those thugs". Later telling Betty that she knew Jughead was going to follow in his fathers criminal footsteps. As Betty informs her that its Archie , while Alice later adds that Betty blocks him too. Betty later calls Veronica and Jughead immediately after, she got off the phone with Archie, informing them both that Archie had been in an accident with his father.

As she later rushed to the hospital with both of her parents, later meeting up with Jughead, Veronica and her mother. Where they reached up with Archie to comfort him in a time of need. As he later sits together with the gang , to inform them of what happened back at the diner.

As Hermione later comes over and asks Archie if he's informed his mother as to what had happened to his father. While Alice and Hal accompany them. As Archie later leaves to go call his mother in private. Alice looks at Jughead with a look on her face as she sighs at him. As Betty later asks her mother to not start with her business, as she immediately knew what her mother was going to say to Jughead. As Jughead later asked what she was going to start? While Alice later informs Jughead, that she "can't help but wonder if his Southside associates had anything to do with what happened.

As Hal later asks Alice if she doesn't start with her accusations now. While Jughead later comments to Alice that her accusations were unbelievable, informing her, that it was a good thing that she couldn't accuse his father. As he stated to her the fact he was still in jail for the matter. Later, back at the hospital lobby, Veronica and Betty are seen seated next to each other. As Veronica tells Betty a list of things that she's good at, such as "makeovers, party planning, dance-offs, dropping vintage bon bots as if they were bonbons.

Which included "Grief, bedside vigils, and comforting boyfriends. Betty then informs her, that was the old Veronica who she was talking about. While Veronica added, that "old Veronica would've bolted by now, but new Veronica doesn't want to let Archie down. Which Betty assures her that she won't, as she had confidence in Veronica, that she would know what to do to help Archie out in a time of need. As they later see Archie with Jughead entering the lobby again, after their discussion with Sheriff Keller. Steven Masters speaking to Archie informing him on his fathers medical status.

As the girls later go to hear what was going on, after Dr. Steven Masters arrived to informs Archie of his fathers medical status. In which Veronica later recommended to him, that while in the meantime he waits to see his father once they get him in a room. He could go back home to take a shower and change his clothes, as he was still covered in his father's blood. At first, Archie refuses to leave his father unattended. But Betty then informs Archie that Veronica was right. As the nurse later comes out and hand Archie his fathers belonging, which was everything he had on him.

As Betty later gives him another reason to go, as she tells him he could go get his father a fresh change of new clothes. As she then tells him that Veronica would accompany him. Which Alice assures Archie that the rest of them will stay back at the hospital in the meantime while he's gone. As Alice tells Archie, to try not to worry. As she informed Archie, that his father is strong stock, adding that he's a fighter. As she continues to tell him that "Fred Andrews isn't one to leave unfinished business behind. Andrews , who has been shot by an unknown assailant.

Kevin reasons if they weren't so worried about Fred's well-being, he'd be concerned with another topic of interest. Betty astutely tells him that they didn't do it , if that was what he had implied. Kevin is disappointed with this revelation but she tells him that Jughead told her that he loved her. Kevin was happy to hear the news and was shocked; he couldn't believe Jughead, "Mr.

I'm-Weird-I'm-a-weirdo", told her that he loved her. Betty goes on to tell him that she said it back but after that, things got weird. She confides in him that with the arrival of the Southside Serpents ; she believes that Jughead may be joining them. Kevin immediately disapproves, relating to his own relationship with Joaquin , asking her if she'd learn nothing from him.

Betty attempts to relieve the tension, telling him that Joaquin was nice, but Kevin retorts "when he wasn't dumping bodies in Sweetwater River or mopping up buckets of blood. They ask what had happened and Cheryl reveals to them that there was a fire at Thornhill. Cheryl elaborates; when the fire started, she was still asleep and her mother risked her life to save her own, suffering burns and smoke inhalation in the process. Cheryl proceeds to ask why they too were at the hospital too. Meanwhile, back at the hospital , Veronica arrives and speaks to Jughead and Betty, where she informs them both, that Archie was back at the police station, attempting to identify the shooter during a lineup.

Betty then tells them that they all should go and be there with him, as it would be traumatizing for Archie to be there alone. Veronica interrupts Betty, asking her if they could do her a favor instead. As she informs both Jughead and Betty, that Fred's wallet was missing and that she and Archie were thinking that it might still be back at Pop's. She also notes that his wallet was either there, or the guy who shot Fred could possibly also have it. Betty suggests that the gunman probably took his wallet for the cash.

Jughead offers a more distressing theory; what if it wasn't just a robbery and was a hit instead. This coming from the fact that Riverdale is also the place where father's kill their own sons, in reference to Clifford and Jason Blossom. Adding that people have grudges, he believes it was possible that it was a hit. Betty reassures Veronica that the wallet could still be at Pop's and tells her that they'll go check it out.

Later outside of the hospital, Betty discovers that Jughead now rides a motorcycle, as she leaves with him for Pop's. In the search for Mr. They have a brief conversation with him as to what happened back at the diner, while the shooter was still there after he shot Archie's father.

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Pop tells them his version of what happened and about the mysterious man under the mask. With the story complete, he asks them if they were hungry and would like something to eat; he could use the company while he was still shaken up from the incident. Later, Jughead and Betty, seated together at the counter, are given plates of food.

Jughead was hungry and was eating a burger and fries while Betty didn't touch her food. He tries to make a joke to brighten up the mood, but it falls flat; he reveals that he hasn't eaten since last night. She brings up a conversation with Jughead to break the silence.

She tells him that she didn't want to think about it while Archie was going through a tough time with his father, but she admits that it couldn't wait. She talks about the moment they had last night together bothered her, explaining that after they were interrupted by the Serpents and he tried on the leather jacket, it meant something.

Jughead tells her it meant that there were ten biker dudes in front of him, where he thought he couldn't say no to their offer. Betty disagrees; she tells him that the Jacket fits like a glove, "like a second skin. As she pointed out after that day, she started to see him riding a motorcycle, pointing out that he's never done before. Jughead then informs her, as he assures her, that he's not a serpent.

He told her that it may have been his father's life, but it wasn't his. Changing the conversation, Betty brings up his foster family, pointing out that they were also from the southside, while questioning if they also had ties to the Serpents. Jughead added to her conversation, if she thought that they were going to indoctrinate him. He reassures Betty that she doesn't have to worry, that he worked out a plan with his foster family where he could still live in his father's trailer home, while they covered for him with his social worker.

He admits that it was more comfortable staying at his own place. He explains to Betty that ever since he saw Archie almost lose his father, while pointing out that he's faced the fact that his father was going to be going away for a long time, that wearing the Serpent jacket, riding his dad's old motorcycle, and living in his trailer, it meant something to him. He continues to confide in her, that he was kind of hoping that it meant that he would always be closer to his father, no matter what.

Betty understands but tells him that she didn't want to see him get hurt, or end up hurting someone else as it was the Serpents' nature in doing so and carried themselves on how they lived. Back at the hospital, Betty and Jughead arrived along with Pop Tate , bringing food from the Diner for everyone. The gang was later seen sitting next to each other in private. As Betty smiled at Archie, telling him that his father would be so proud of him. As Jughead later adds, as he agrees with Betty, telling him that he has been a "rock-star god" through all of what was going on with his father.

As he was referring to Archie, as he was being strong for his father. Veronica then asks Archie what was wrong, as he was sitting there quietly. As she asked him to talk to them. Stating that maybe they can help. He then sighs, as he tells them that there's something he hasn't told them. As he admitted that he was so ashamed to tell anyone. Telling that, after the guy fired at his father, he should've rushed over to him straight away.

Adding that he should've tackled the guy, but instead stood there paralyzed. As he explained he just stood there looking at his father after he was shot, as if he was frozen, long enough for the shooter to get closer to him with his gun. Explaining that during that time he could've tackled the shooter, but didn't. As he told them he didn't move, not even after the guy walked up closer toward him.

While he held his gun to his head, as he explained that he just closed his guys. Adding that he didn't know how long he did, but it was long enough for the guy to escape and possibly take his father's wallet. As he was unsure if his father wallet was taken by the killer. As he was telling his story with his eyes closed, unable to look at them.

Betty is seen to be looking at him, while he is telling his story, as tears fall from her eyes to hear his pain. As Archie tells them he didn't open his eyes until he heard the bell of Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe ring. Which meant that he was gone. As Betty later tells him that there was nothing he could've done.

Which Archie tells he it isn't that he could've done anything, to comfort his father, to get the gun away from the guy. As he admitted in shame that he was a coward. As he told them that now him and his father, are now witnesses, as well as Pop Tate, too. As he continued that the killer may have his fathers wallet. All of his information. Telling them fearfully, what if he comes back? As the gang at there in silence after. Afterwards, Betty and Jughead are at the back of the hospital building, where it was raining outside.

Jughead offers if she was sure that she didn't want him to give her a ride back home. Betty jokes that if her mom ever saw her getting off the back of his motorcycle, she'd probably come out with a shotgun. Mused, Jughead agrees with her and they both laugh at the thought. Before Jughead leaves for his bike, Betty stops him. She tells him what he told her back at Pop's. She was listening to him and told him that she understood his situation and how he was feeling. She also told him that whatever it was that he needed to do or explore, she would support him.

Jughead leans and they embrace in a kiss before he leaves. Betty met up with Archie and Veronica At school that morning, where the three of them learned from Jughead that Pop Tate 's entire staff quit on him. To make matters worse, he wasn't sure how much longer he'd be able to keep the diner doors open. Archie then pointed out that the diner's closing was a result of his father 's shooting.

People were scared, not that he blamed them as he too was actively avoiding the diner. Betty couldn't believe what she was hearing; her friends accepting the fact that Pop's was closing. She wasn't going to allow one psychopath with a gun dictate what happens to their favorite hangout place. She reminded Jughead of his crusade to save the Twilight Drive-In when it was closing, though with his father 's hearing approaching, he didn't have it in him to take on any further social issue, which is why Betty, with Veronica's help, volunteered to take point on helping Pop Tate.

After a night of tossing and turning, Betty called Jughead with a plan that could potentially save the diner as well as help FP with his legal troubles. However, after looking over to Archie's room, and noticing that it has gone unslept in for another night, Betty told Jughead to meet her at the Mayor's office before calling Veronica to inform her that that Archie hasn't slept in his room since he and his father returned from the hospital. Betty and Jughead headed down to the Mayor's office, where they asked Mayor McCoy for her assistance in saving Pop's shoppe.

With the diner on the verge of closing, Betty wanted Pop Tate to know that the entire town was rallying behind him. They were hoping that the Mayor could make the diner a landmark or declare a day for Pop Tate in support. However, Mayor McCoy couldn't risk endorsing Pop's, only for another shooting to occur.

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Her priority was keeping the town safe. If they had to close Pop's in order for that to happen, then she was all for it. Jughead then asked if she was also all for sending his father off to state prison for a murder he didn't commit while Betty, who was right there at his side, tried to stop him from voicing his thoughts. At the Blue and Gold offices, Betty refused to give up on Pop's without a fight. So, she suggested that they host an event at the diner that'll remind the town of simpler times, such as a throwback to when it first opened its doors.

While Veronica wholeheartedly supported Betty's cause, she couldn't help but wonder why Betty chose this hill to die on. Betty explained that the diner had a very special place in her heart; orange freezes with her mom and Polly after ballet. Chicken noodle soup with her dad after ice-skating. Grilled cheeses with Archie on the last day of summer vacation.

Pop's is where she met many of her closest friends, including Jughead, who may lose his dad. With that in mind, Betty was hoping that she could save the diner for all of them.

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Betty and Veronica entered the gymnasium for River Vixens practice, where they were greeted by Cheryl and the newest recruit, Josie. Betty then asked Cheryl if it was possible that she would allow the Vixens to help at an event in support of Pop Tate. Unfortunately, Cheryl declined her request before rudely dismissing both Betty and Veronica. Under the suspicion that Mr. Andrews' shooter and Ms. Grundy 's killer was one and the same, Betty and Archie went to her mother in search of assistance in uncovering the truth.

Since her mother was the first to gain exclusive details to Jason Blossom 's autopsy, they were wondering if she could get details in regards to Ms. Grundy's death to see if they line up with the attack on Mr. Betty's mother agreed to reach out to her friend in the autopsy lab in order to put Archie's mind at ease, though not without commenting on how thin Betty was spreading herself out as the patron saint of lost causes. She was then told by her mother that she can cross saving the diner off her list of crusades because it was being purchased by an anonymous buyer, which was the precise term given when Veronica's father was secretly purchasing the Drive-In.

After Jughead consulted with a lawyer for the Southside Serpents , he and Betty headed to Thistlehouse , the current residence of Cheryl and her mother. First thanking them for sitting down with her and Jughead, Betty then explained the reason for them being there is due to being advised by FP's lawyer to seek mercy from the victim's family; an appeal for leniency to reduce FP's sentence.

However, the Blossoms were unwilling to forgive. Where was FP's mercy was when she was walking the halls of Thornhill in agony, obsessing over what was happening to Jason, Cheryl asked. Although, Betty did make a point to remind Cheryl that it wasn't FP who killed Jason; that was her very own father. With neither Cheryl nor her mother willing to forgive FP, Betty wondered what their next move should be as she and Jughead left the home.

If they weren't an orphan and a widow, Jughead would've suggested blackmail and extortion. The following day, Betty and Jughead stopped by the diner to ask Pop Tate why he was selling the shoppe and who he was selling it to. As much as it shamed him to admit, he was selling it to ChugMo, the liquor store chain. With the diner nearing closing, Jughead made a last supper request for his father, who was facing twenty years of having to eat the weird meat loaf that they serve prisoners. Barring an eleventh-hour miracle, Jughead was hoping that Pop could make FP's favorites, as his last meal in Riverdale; fried chicken, cornbread, onion rings and an orange freeze.

Pop's had great memory of his customers' orders, a skill he acquired over time while running the diner, which he thought he would be doing until the day he died.

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This is unacceptable, Betty stated. Despite their willingness to accept what they perceive to be the inevitable, Betty refused to give up, telling them both to stay strong and that she can fix everything. After leaving Pop's, Betty returned to the school, where she blackmailed and extorted Cheryl into testifying at FP's upcoming hearing. She threatened to wide release the video of Jason's death should Cheryl fail to comply. Just like that, the darkest chapter of Cheryl's family 's twisted psychodrama becomes a viral sensation. Cheryl was being presented with the opportunity to save a man's life.

A nice ending to an otherwise sad story. If she testified, Cheryl wanted the footage of Jason's death and a guarantee that any and all other copies in Betty possession be erased. Betty agreed to the terms, then telling Cheryl that she'll also need the Vixens for Retro Night. Betty and Jughead attended court the day after she blackmailed Cheryl in the ladies locker room into testifying at FP's hearing.

With Betty in possession of the video surveillance footage of Jason's murder, Cheryl took the stand and forgave FP in front of the judge for his role in covering up her brother's death, and then humbly asked the court for leniency. As much as the judge sympathized, he couldn't ignore the quality of FP's crimes.

There were no extenuating circumstances. After exchanging looks with Betty, Cheryl lie under oath, claiming to have overheard her father threaten to hurt Jughead if FP didn't comply with his demands. In light of these revelations, the judge decided to delay sentencing. Betty smiled as Jughead and FP happily embraced one another after earning their first win in a series of loses. That night at the diner, Retro Night was off to an incredibly slow start, so much so that Betty feared that no one was coming at all.

It was then that she received an unwelcomed, surprise visit from her mother, who came to write her next story over one last root beer float; an article entitled "Requiem for Pop's". Her mother then asked for a quote, to which Betty replied with by calling her a fiend and telling her that the diner is one obituary that she's not going to write. Later that night, as things finally began to pick up, Betty was approached by Josie , who was upset at her for posting all over social media that the Pussycats would be performing a free concert at the diner.

Betty explained that she knew if she had asked Josie to perform, she would have said no. However, like so many others, Josie cared about the diner, and Betty was sure of it. Unfortunately, even if Josie wanted to help, they were one Pussycat down due to Valerie 's norovirus. Thankfully, Cheryl was willing to step in. Afterward, Betty and Jughead stood behind the counter as three members of the Southside Serpents unexpectedly entered the diner.

Jughead instructed her to relax, he was sure that they were simply there to enjoy Pop's world-class burgers and service. Betty and Jughead then began to kiss before being interrupted by Cheryl, who compared the couple to chimps in captivity, grooming and picking lice off each other. Mark this day in your diary, Cheryl said. She lied under oath for them. Luckily, she was quick on her feet. Jughead thanked Cheryl for her help before handing over the USB flash drive containing video surveillance of her brother's murder, though Betty honoring her end of their deal was all the thanks Cheryl required.

As the night came to a close, Pop Tate formally thanked Betty for her hand in saving the diner. After sharing a hug with Pop, Betty joined Jughead, Archie, and Veronica in a booth, where they relished in their victory; a rare win for the good guys. With her friends having already gone home, Betty stayed behind to clean up the diner, during which time she was informed by her mother that several drug deals had gone down right under her nose.

And if she thought that Hiram Lodge, Riverdale's answer to Scarface, helped Pop Tate for altruistic reasons, her mother remarked that she had a bridge to sell her. Furthermore, the Serpents have now officially crossed the tracks and have a toehold on the north side. With that being said, Alice sarcastically congratulated Betty for almost single-handedly being responsible for giving crime a haven in Riverdale. After learning that Moose and Midge were attacked at Lover's Lane by an black hood wearing assailant , Betty arrived at school , where she met with her friends to discuss the recent shooting.

With Kevin being the person responsible for finding Moose and Midge, some wondered what he was doing in the woods, to begin with. Kevin claimed that he was night jogging, but Betty appeared unconvinced. Now that another shooting has taken place, Archie hoped that they all could finally agree that there was a killer in Riverdale.

Betty Cooper

However, with so much uncertainty surrounding recent events, Betty wasn't convinced that the latest shooting was in any way tied to Ms. Grundy ' murder. Veronica then interrupted to invite them all over to her place to officially meet her father. As Jughead headed out the door to meet his peer mentor at Southside High , Betty while already knowing the answer to her question, asked Jughead if there was any chance he could remain at Riverdale.

He told Betty that he would be fine, then giving her a goodbye kiss. Betty confronted Kevin in the hall about his unconvincing night jogging story. He claimed that he was trying to get in shape for wrestling, though with Betty knowing him better than most, she could see straight through his lie, forcing Kevin to confess that he went cruising in Fox Forest. However, his claim to join the wrestling team still held true. In order to get out the house , Kevin told his father that he was jogging, which left Betty questioning how the Sheriff could fall for such a thinly veiled lie.

Betty understood that he was lonely ever since Joaquin left town , but she hated cruising. Why couldn't he just use Grind'em, Betty asked, to which Kevin replied that no one is ever who they say they are online. Betty reminded him that Moose and Midge were shot three hundred yards from Fox Forest, and the person who did it was still out there.

She insisted that he refrain from going out there again, at least until the shooter is caught. Betty, Jughead, and Archie gathered at the Pembrooke that evening to watch the Matchlerette and officially meet Veronica's father. However, Archie was distracted by the recent shooting. He expressed his frustration with Sheriff Keller and his inability to apprehend the shooter. He started to feel as if they were being specifically targeted by the killer. It was then that Mr and Mrs. Lodge entered the room to greet everyone before leaving for dinner. Veronica introduced each of them to her father, starting with Betty and ending with Archie.

He will be back! Before Archie's first visit Claire invited us into her home so that we could see where Archie would be looked after and where he would be sleeping.

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He met and had a play day with Claire's lovely dog Lexi. It was evident from the start that Claire is a natural doggie lover and all doggies that stay are treated like a member of the family. Claire sent us regular whatsapp updates and we were delighted to see Archie running alongside Lexi and having a fantastic time.

When we returned from our break Archie greeted us with a wagging tail and smelling gorgeous. It seemed like he had a ball! We would have no hesitation in recommending Claire's services to any dog owner who is worried about leaving their family pet for any length of time. We appreciated the care and attention Snowy rceived from Claire and her son Mark.

So greatly appreciated". Chris and Maureen Gray. Your dog is welcomed into Claire's home as one of her own and is treated as such. Fun, varied walks daily Dougal has stayed with Claire many times and loves it which means we can go away without any worries knowing he is well cared for. Thank you Claire. These have varied from daycare sessions to overnight stays and extended holidays. During all his visits Archie has had a wonderful time. Each time he gets dropped off he can't wait to get in! Archie has more visits to The Dog House planned and it's safe to say there will be many more.

He absolutely loves going to stay at her house and Claire and Mark treat him very much as part of their family. We travel regularly, often for long periods of time, and never have to worry about how he's getting on as he's totally spoiled during his stay in their home. During a recent vacation our dog became critically ill late in the evening and Claire spent most of the night at the vet with him and thn took him to see various specialists, nursing him through an incredibly difficult time. I can't think of anyone else who would have done that when it wasn't their dog.

I'd never put our dog to stay with anyone else and can't begin to thank Claire and Mark for everything they've done. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking to have their dog looked after like it was part of Claire's family. The Ewan family. She looked after our dog Lennie over the Christmas period exceptionally well. With his 'paw secco' and Christmas stocking supplied by her as we forgot!! She caters to every dog's individual needs to an exceptionally high standard.