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Riding the rails adds to the despair we are immersed in. Rembrandt is just a boy in the beginning, a boy who just wants to help his Aunt Annie, who cannot conceive. It eats at her from inside.

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Ultimately, she turns to the only place left to her, because she wants a child… more than her soul itself. So it was on that well-lit morning, after a night when the moon was not at her post to see the things Aunt Annie and Aunt Emma had done, that Uncle Billy discovered strange lines and signs drawn on places where they should not have been.

Uncle Billy left three farms when he discovered what his wife and her sister had done. Five weeks later, the man who sent the black bottle filled with special elixir showed up to collect.

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But he makes a deal. The Pact: both women will have their children, untainted. So Rembrandt must also fight against the Devil. He has ninety years plus thirty days to find a champion, and each must agree to put their soul up for the Devil to keep if they fail.

The boy sets off with Uncle Thompson to seek out a champion. Soon, they discover by accident, that hobo symbols can do magic. Are the symbols an evil spell or a gift from above?

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They seem the obvious weapon in their fight, but no champion can make the symbols fast enough. We meet Gail, a woman obsessed with numbers, always counting. Her rule, say it one hundred times and nothing bad will happen.

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  6. Decades before OCD was diagnosed, it had become her way of coping with trauma. Years pass.

    Black Bottle Man by Craig Russell

    On his journey, Rembrandt finds love in Leona Evans; finds the warmth of a loving home, a welcoming family. Everything he has always wanted, for twelve days. When things look darkest, he travels all the way North to Montreal to find his family, his mother and grandfather, and of course his two aunts are all there.

    Pa and Uncle Thompson only make it for a few years on the road. He tried again a few months later, sending along an outstanding review from a blogger I usually agree with, so I cautiously agreed to give it a read. He has a knack for finding just the right image to quickly wrap a reader into a scene.

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    4. His characters are a blend of ordinary and outlandish, and the balance between the two is just right. Best of all, Russell has given us a story that works at every level. Black Bottle Man is a romp, and if you want to leave it at that, it will let you. But scratch the surface just a little, and layers of new meaning begin to emerge.

      Hand holding a black bottle of men`s toilet water. Close up. Isolated on white background.

      Each word, or sign, brings its meaning into being; for example, the sign for fish makes actual fish appear. These signs are a kind of sacrament, a visible sign of grace. The story drips with symbolism, some explicit and some more subtle, and I suspect there is even more that I will uncover in subsequent readings.