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Did Charles Krauthammer Write an Op-Ed Called ‘The Enemy Among Us?’

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Skip to main content. Authors Valerie J. Abstract Given its role in regulating civil and military aviation, the Federal Aviation Administration FAA is one of the most visible federal agencies to the general public. Recommended Citation Valerie J.

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Included in Air and Space Law Commons. What the four lacked in brains, they more than made up for in malign intent. And the fact that their plot went as far as it did — the men actually had planted what they thought were deadly bombs before the feds moved in — dramatically underscores, as Police Commissioner Ray Kelly noted, the very real threat of homegrown terror cells. The imitators, in other words, are potentially as dangerous as those sent from abroad by the likes of al Qaeda.

CBS Schoolbreak Special: An Enemy Among Us (1987)

New York is lucky that these four were nabbed as part of an elaborate sting in which an informant supplied them with inert explosives and an inoperable Stinger surface-to-air missile. All four of those arrested were Muslim, three of whom converted while doing time. Maybe it is impossible to keep Islamist propaganda out of the prisons, but the fact that it is directly subsidized by tax dollars is simply insane.

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Once over that hurdle, the bugs are able to multiply rapidly in the cerebrospinal fluid, and inflame the meninges, causing meningitis. The presence of , bacteria per ml in cerebrospinal fluid triggers the release of host defence chemicals, which themselves disrupt the blood-brain barrier, allowing immune system cells to enter and fight the bacteria, but exacerbating inflammation as well. It is the rapid rise in fluid pressure exerted on the brain which proves fatal.

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  • A rash which resembles tiny red-purple spots or bruises caused by bleeding under the skin is a distinctive and ominous feature. Treatment usually takes the form of large doses of injected penicillin, only a small amount of which will leak across the blood-brain barrier. Speed of treatment is the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, the unspecific nature of many of the symptoms helps not at all.

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    • Without treatment the disease is usually fatal, often within not much more than 24 hours from the onset of symptoms. There are also a few other quirks to meningococcal disease.

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