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The Arabs who live in the Judea and Samaria erroneously termed the West Bank are not refugees in the normal sense of the word. They live in modern apartments and houses, not tents! Regardless of politics, the central issue remains that the whole Land in question belongs to YHVH and He chose to allot it to the descendents of Jacob in perpetuity. No one else may covet it. He fulfilled them filled them with meaning and taught people how to obey them. Matthew , Psalm Matthew 5. Ezekiel He does not obey it for salvation, which is a free gift, but as a lifestyle pleasing to YHVH.

Jeremiah ; Romans References: Deuteronomy ; Matthew ; Acts , , ; 1Corinthians ; Ephesians, , 27, 32; Colossians , 24; Hebrews , ; 1 Timothy , The doctrine of Rapture was invented by Roman Catholicism and resurrected by Darby. It is attractive to orthodox Christians because there appears to be no mention of the Church after Revelation 3. From a Hebraic perspective this is so because the redeemed of Messiah belong in the Nation of Israel, not the Church, which will be apostate Babylon. All Israel will live through the time of the Tribulation though there is ample evidence that she will be protected during it in the wilderness as in Egypt.

The apostate Church, however, will suffer through the Tribulation in the identity of the whore of Babylon. Theories abound but much can be gleaned from the Books of the Prophets and Revelation. What is certain is that the Messiah will return seven years after a peace treaty has been signed by Israel that allows the Jews access to Temple Mount. However, this event is the vehicle that God has chosen to reveal the antichrist.

Isaiah ; Zechariah ; Hosea ; Romans YHVH has only one family: the promised seed of Abraham, the trunk of Isaac and Jacob; the natural branches from Judah and the grafted-in branches from Ephraim. Together they comprise Messianic Israel. John , Acts Deuteronomy ; Romans Jeremiah ; Hosea ; Isaiah ; Ephesians Without it there is no light. Psalm ; Pr Rev Revelation , , , Isaiah ; Luke Isaiah , Zechariah Ezekiel ; Revelation , Zechariah ; Ezekiel ; Joel ; Obadiah 17, Genesis; Deuteronomy; Joshua ; Ezekiel , ; Isaiah Isaiah ; Jeremiah ; ; Ezekiel ; ; Zephaniah Colossians ; Zephaniah ; Zechariah Jeremiah ; Luke John ; Ephesians There is one God, one faith, one hope.

Since this oneness does not yet visibly exist across the faith spectrum, YHVH will bring it to pass in His time as the faithful submit to His Truth. At the end of years, Satan will be set free from the Abyss to deceive the nations culminating in the Battle of Gog and Magog against the seat of the Messiah in Jerusalem. These nations will be destroyed by fire from Heaven. Then will come the Second Resurrection and the Great Judgment of all people who were not raised to eternal life in the First Resurrection — all who have ever lived and died. The foundation of the city is the 12 Apostles who will rule over the 12 tribes of Israel with Messiah.

The four walls with three gates in each are named for each of the 12 Tribes of Israel. The believers out of the nations will enter through the gate of their chosen tribe. Ezekiel ; Revelation ; ; ; Boaz Nieuwhof, 5 Jan , Note: references to non-Bible sources generally have not been included in this pamphlet.

The Seven Covenants of the Seamless Bible Covenants are either unconditional irrevocable, permanent OR conditional dependent on obedience. Leviticus ; Numbers 1. Adamic Covenant — symbolised by the Ground of the Earth o Unconditional covenant cut by sacrifice of animal to provide covering for Adam and Eve. Genesis ; o Covenant is still in operation — women labour, men toil, earth governs life. Noahic Covenant — symbolised by the Rainbow o Covenant to preserve Noah and family cut by the death of all corrupted flesh. Genesis o Unconditional promise never again to destroy all earthly life.

Abrahamic Covenant — symbolised by the Stars of Heaven, given BCE o Three-part unconditional covenant of friendship: o Promise to bless Abram with descendants, land and kingship. Genesis ; o Covenant cut by God walking through sacrifice of 5 animals. Genesis o Covenant Seal — circumcision cutting the covenant. Genesis o Covenant made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Genesis , ; Galatians , 9 God required Abraham to sacrifice his only legitimate son. Genesis Jacob's family comprises 12 tribes who together constitute the Nation of Israel. Genesis This Covenant is still in process in terms of the Land and numerous descendents.

Amos o God reaffirmed the Abrahamic Covenant to Moses. Lev 26; Deut o Sabbath is the mark of identity of Israelites. Exodus , Leviticus , 14, 44 o Mosaic Covenant is unconditional promise to bring Israel to her rest. Leviticus , 42, ; Judges ,2; Jeremiah ; Ezekiel 5. Mark ; Luke ; 1 Corinthians o Renewed Covenant is the perfect fulfilment Gk: pleroma of the former Covenants.

Isaiah ; Ezekiel o Characterised by restoration of life to that which existed in the Garden of Eden. Isaiah ; ; ; Ezekiel , The Bible is one book, not two separate Testaments with the latter replacing the former. Each Covenant is still operational today and will not cease until the end of time. It was always His plan to restore his Covenant people — Israel — to Himself.

Jeremiah , Ezra However, most of Judah remained in Babylon after the 70 year exile, failing to fully repent. They adopted the Babylonian calendar, complete with its pagan names of months. John On Saturday evening — three days and three nights later — he was raised to life. Many Messianic believers had already escaped to Petra in modern Jordan two years previously. Genesis ; Deuteronomy Ephraim lost his identity, his traditions and his faith.

Hosea , ; 1 Peter , 10 C. Daniel 2 o This is also a reference to the Tablets of Stone uncut rocks of Torah. Acts , o The early assembly was entirely Jewish and all its leaders were Jews. John o Saul Paul obeyed the written Torah of Moses. Mark o Physical circumcision according to rabbinical traditions is not mandatory for new believers. Leviticus 23 Doctrinal Pressures The letters to the seven assemblies in the Book of Revelation reveal a complex and growing mix of doctrines, incorporating paganism.

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Revelation ; Though the early assembly was itself a sect of Judaism, it was severely persecuted by rabbinical Judaism and there were many Messianic martyrs beginning with Stephen. Persecution Whilst all Jews were considered by Rome to be expendable, particular attention was paid to the followers of Messiah, either Jewish or Gentile converts. A Flourishing Assembly Despite appalling, widespread torture and abuse, the assembly of the faithful grew exponentially. Heresies o Nicolaitans — liberals masquerading as God-fearers. Free from the Law This is often the catchphrase of Christianity — the mantra that divorces Christians from their obligation to obey YHVH in the manner that he has chosen.

The Church — after AD De-Judaising the Church The sacking of Jerusalem provoked a Roman abhorrence for anything Jewish, whether it be their religion, customs or their very existence. Religious Rome Rome in the 2nd century was an amalgam of culture and religion. The tenets of Mithraism are: o A celestial heaven and an infernal hell. The similarities between Mithraism and Roman Catholicism are striking and disturbing. Sacraments The Bible does not mention sacraments.

The Bible does not teach it. Matthew o Paul too said that the Law was not done away with. Isaiah It was not changed when the Messiah was resurrected. The early assembly kept the Sabbath on Saturday not Sunday. They are permanent, for all generations of believers, wherever they live.

The consumption of blood was forbidden in the early assembly as in Torah.

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Acts ; Therefore, to teach that the body and blood of Christ must be actually consumed is utterly unbiblical. Trinity This doctrine of a three in one trinity of God s was developed by the Roman Church — the Father, Son and Holy Spirit were deemed to be of the same substance and equal stature relating triunally.

The nature of God as One is defined in Deuteronomy Luke Roman Catholicism practises infant baptism — failure to perform this ritual condemns the child to hell. Tithing Tithing is one of the most manipulated teachings of the Bible. Deuteronomy 12 With no Temple or Levitical priesthood, the Church teaches that the tithe now belongs to the Church. Saints There is no Biblical mandate for conferring sainthood.

Circumcision The early assembly continued to practise circumcision because the Abrahamic Covenant is the inheritance of those who bear the mark as a sign of their identity. Genesis Gentile converts were circumcised as and when they were ready and not as an obligation. Disposing of the dead This issue was not a concern until recent times.

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The Pagan Church In uprooting herself from her Jewish origins and in replacing God-given theology, the Church had planted her roots firmly into paganism. CE — Ambrose: synagogue is "home of unbelief, house of impiety, receptacle of folly". God had withdrawn His covenant from the Jews for their sin. The Reformation — not yet a Biblical Restoration The Protestant Reformation began in the early 16th century and marked a beginning of the return to the theology of the early assembly. Exodus o The reformers did not restore the names of the Father and the Son Third Commandment.

I have chosen you and not cast you away. Messiah was married to the nation of Israel Household of Jacob at Sinai. God intends to court Israel Ephraim again and restore her virginity There can be no doubt that the God of Israel loves His people and will never abandon them. Though Judah and Ephraim were separated, Judah retained her identity by clinging to Torah.

Plan for Israel's redemption o Israel's rejection was temporary to bring repentance. Jeremiah ; Romans o God would not permanently divorce Himself from His people. Jeremiah 31; Amos o Through the mercy shown to us so too the Jews will obtain mercy. Both Jews and Arabs were termed Palestinians until Palestine became Israel in Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran; Muslims pray towards Mecca not Jerusalem.


Jeremiah ; Romans References: Deuteronomy ; Matthew ; Acts , , ; 1Corinthians ; Ephesians, , 27, 32; Colossians , 24; Hebrews , ; 1 Timothy , The apostate Church, however, will suffer through the Tribulation in the identity of the whore of Babylon Theology of the End-Time Theories abound but much can be gleaned from the Books of the Prophets and Revelation.

Genesis o Great Commission is not complete if all Israel is not saved. Ephesians o Both houses of Israel need to recognise each other as brethren off the same olive tree. Romans , 25 o The House of Israel needs to recognise that it has not replaced the natural branches and that Torah obedience is necessary for righteousness.

Deuteronomy ; Romans o Each house will recognise its offence after 2 days — years. Hosea ; o God is calling for Ephraim's return in repentance. Jeremiah ; Hosea o God determines who is included in Judah and Ephraim. Zechariah o Ephraim will be redeemed, regathered and grafted into Israel.

Zechariah o Ephraim will return bringing Judah. Apostles will rule 12 tribes. Jeremiah ; Hosea ; Isaiah ; Ephesians o When the two houses are reunited, they will return to Israel. Ezekiel o Ephraim will latch on to Judah for instruction. Isaiah ; Jeremiah ; Ezekiel 25; Amos ; Zephaniah ;Zechariah , , Wise or foolish virgins o All those who are waiting for the Bridegroom are virgins. But not all will be ready.

Rev o The oil required in the lamp is Torah. Rev o The foolish virgins will likely endure the time of tribulation out in the nations and either perfect their faith in death or abandon it. Isaiah ; Luke o All nations will gather against Jerusalem. Zechariah o Babylon will be destroyed. Jeremiah , Zechariah ; Revelation 18 o Together, the reunited Nation of Israel will become an invincible army — Judah the bow, Ephraim the arrow.

Jude 5 26 F. Restoration o The triumph of Messiah heralds the year Messianic Reign of restoration. Isaiah , ; Lamentations o Messiah will live on Mount Zion, which will be raised above all other mountains. Zechariah ; Ezekiel ; Joel ; Obadiah 17, 21 o His Land will be restored to its promised boundaries and fruitfulness. Zephaniah o His Sabbath will be restored. John ; Ephesians There is one God, one faith, one hope. YHVH will judge the nations for ill-treating Israel and individuals for their life works. Ezekiel There is no Church Gate! Skip to main content. Simon Altaf.

Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. He came to learn his background from his Persian family was connected with Israel's levite tribe. He has written many books and of all he translated the Hidden-Truths Hebraic Study Scrolls in filling in the gaps to allow people to see what is written in the Bible and what do many texts mean in content which are often unexplained.

Many people love singing the Psalms of King David who had 18 wives, Moses who had 3 wives, King Solomon who had wives but don't realise that all of our Patriarchs lived a patrarchal lifestyle. Abraham G-d's friend, the Patriarch had four wives simultaneously, Isaac had two wives, Jacob had four wives so what you going to do? Deny it and pretend the modern Roman pattern of marriage is correct. There is only one inspired text that our people held and its the Tanak. G-d only chose one priesthood as the everlasting priesthood, teachers that would pass his instructions down to the other tribes.

One one kingly tribe of Judah that will give kings, these patterns will never change. G-d's law stands forever and no one can or has the authority to change this. We'YIkra Lev And that you [The Lewites] may distinguish between set-apart and not set-apart, and between clean and unclean I have made many resources available for our people and all those that want to be part of Israel for an everlasting redemption.

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