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When the first anteater specimens were brought from the New World to Spain, the Europeans took this absence of visible junk as a sign that all anteaters were female. Continuing this line of rigorous inquiry, they decided that the anteaters must mate through their noses. These little creampuffs are arboreal, spending their entire lives high up in the trees.

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They especially like the ceiba tree, whose fluffy golden seed pods provide the perfect camouflage. Before you ask: no.

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Second, silky anteaters need to live in the wild. Conservationist and TV host Jeff Corwin has described his time with the silky anteater in terms usually reserved for divine visitation or first girlfriends. It even smells nice, like clean linen. Subscribe to our Newsletter!

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Anteaters are very careful to avoid the dangerous and aggressive Soldier Ants. Giant Anteaters are solitary animals. Only mothers and their young are generally seen together. Anteaters are wandering animals and tend not to stay in one spot although some males can have territories of one square mile larger for females. Territories are marked with anal secretions.

Occupying both rural and densely populated areas, the anteater is more nocturnal if residing in populated regions hunting for prey at night. In rural areas, anteaters will find a shelter for the night perhaps in a hollow tree or small ground depression after a days feeding. The gestation period for the female anteater is 6 months after which one infant will be born. Females give birth in a bipedal position on hind legs using her tail to support herself.

Infants are born with their full fur and markings. The infant is fed from the females mammary glands for around 6 months and it will ride on its mothers back for up to a year even though it is capable of a small, slow gallop. The infant will remain with its mother for up to 2 years or until she becomes pregnant again.

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At this stage, the infant will depart from its mother to begin its own life and will reach sexual maturity being able to breed at between 2 — 4 years. The life span of an Anteater in the wild is around 14 years and in captivity, around 26 years. As anteaters are placid creatures they are preyed upon by large cats such as Pumas and Jaguars.

However, a cornered anteater will ride up on its hind legs, using its tail for support and use its long claws which are 4 inches long, to fight off the attacker.