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At some points, Elena wondered how Elayne could go to school for 6 hours a day. Sometimes, when Elena was feeling especially hopeless, she snuck into her walk-in wardrobe and took out her swimsuit Sam. She just talked to him, she didn't know if he could even hear her, but she thinks he did. He eventually found out how to answer Elena back, she was pretty sure he had some sort of control over his flimsy spandex body, so she found a way to interpret his movements. If her swimsuit flopped left, it was a yes or just Sam trying to comfort her , if her swimsuit flopped right, it was a no.

Elena had a plan, today was going to be her first lesson on magic, she hoped that once she figured out the basics, she would be able to turn Sam back. It turned out that she couldn't turn herself back using magic. The transformer needs to be using the magic for the entirety of the transformation. Which meant that Elena would need help from a siren or other magical creature to turn back, fat chance.

The second is transformation magic, it involves any transformation to any person, place or thing. The third is destruction magic, the darkest type, I expect it to be self-explanatory. We can either have normal sex, or we can have transformation sex; normal impregnating the siren, while transformation, transforming the male. This is the only way our species can grow, you were born during transformation sex With me" Elayne said, a sly grin on her face.

You transformed me, while you had sex with me? Elayne didn't answer, she was obviously feeling a bit embarrassed. Although it is primarily fatal to the person being absorbed, they do live on though, inside of you. Some sirens have thousands of tiny little souls inside their body, imagine being a boob, or worse Forever, you can't help but feel guilty for those poor inanimate souls" Elayne explained darkly.

Okay got it up, sorry for the the delay everyone That cares , the next one will be up at the normal time Apr. Also I'm doing the links in Next and Previous The complete ones are taking to long now. No comments have been added yet. Add a Comment:. Right now those eyes were transfixed on a very pretty looking girl in front of him. One word was etched into his mind: Elayne. Oh, Elayne, he thought, so beautiful with your flowing platinum hair, your glowing pale skin and your dazzling blue eyes.

John only had Elayne for one class: Marine Studies, which was coincidently his favourite class. Last lesson, they were set a heartwarming assignment and John was put in a pair with Elayne. Fortune smiled on John for the first time in his relatively miserable life, to make things even better, Elayne had even asked to meet at the Point; John was a bit sceptical.

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The Point had a notorious reputation for people going missing, there had even been a police investigation, but they could find no reason why so many people 'drowned' over t. But we just let Ethan do his thing. We actually didn't know what Ethan's 'thing' was, but we knew that he was a bit of a nerd, and so probably did something nerdy. Ethan wasn't your typical nerd, he was actually quite muscly, and handsome. At least that's what I'd heard. You seem a bit Stressed" I asked kindly, "I'm Fine, thank you. Please, sit" He replied firmly.

The Girlishness Within TG Series 02 Ethan leaned on the sink for support, breathing deeply he tried to focus through the cloud of fear that had overcome his brain. How, how could this be possible. He was a guy! Breathing deeply, Ethan pulled his pants back up to his crotch. He barely noticed the warm patch where he had mistakenly urinated.

Ethan's boxer clung against his new slimy organ, the bizarre feeling made him wince. He did his fly back up and walked out of the bathroom, maybe he was just dreaming? Micael and Ethan always braved the ten-minute walk to the college campus for their morning lectures. Ellie's Swimsuit Inanimate Swimsuit TF Mr Michaels had a normal life, he was a general manager at an advanced genetics laboratory, he'd been doing great work at the research facility.

Although he wished he could know what they were actually trying to achieve with their recent studies. One day Mr Micheals was called by his boss, a very attractive woman; her name was Ellie. Nervously Mr Micheals walked down the corridor to Ellie's office, knocking once he got close.

Nobody cared. I've been talking to my colleagues about it and they agree that we have a right to kno. When they took their seats, the lecturer started talking. But not about the course. As we have a deadline to have a completely female register by the end of the month, we expect you all to be model pupils in this time of chaos.

Not a single guy in sight" He said.

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What did the lecturer mean? Sam wondered.

As the man signed off the new register, the one filled with girls names. Before Sam could start to panic, he felt an overwhelmingly odd sensation on his body, centred around his chest and groin. He felt his bod. A new woman TG "So you said there was something on your mind? It just Happens" Mike replied, concerned. It should help you feel better" Vanessa said, walking out of the room. Mike wasn't sure how a cup of tea was going to help him, but at this point, he was willing to give anything a try. Especially if Vanessa recommended it. Mike did as he was told, draining the mug's contents. But before he could answer, Mike felt a wave of fatigue hit him, causing him to collapse onto the floor.

While he was asleep his body rapidly changed and when Mike woke up, he was a different person. I mean we've all got lives we need to live" Hugo asked. All the luggage you need is already at the lodge, so you don't need to bring anything" Mathew answered. With a few sniffs of distaste, we all agreed to be at Matt's house by pm on Saturday morning. As I left the park I let out a groan of displeasure, this was going to be the worst week of my life. I woke up the next m. The message was from Sophia, the current President of Aurora 4.

Dan ran until he could see the rest of A4, breathing deeply, he walked across the beach to the small corner that the highest ranking members were waiting. Sophia had made sure that the 20 odd cabana beds, lying out in the sun for all of the combined representatives from every clique in the area. Today the Senior Members would cast their votes for the next A4 President, unfortunately, Dan's polls weren't looking good.

Sometimes this didn't happen though, causing the person with the highest amount of votes If there was no majority to become the Aurora 4 President. Last year the Female representatives all voted for Sophia while the guys voted on about 4 different candidates. Banana Oil on the beach - Banana TF "ahh" yawned Alex sitting upright in his bed, 'ten o'clock' thought Alex noting the time as he got out of bed. After getting dressed Alex had some toast and sat down on the couch in front of the tv, stretching Alex dismissively flicked through the channels. Alex was a twenty-three-year-old man who lived alone in a beachside house he inherited from his parents.

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Since Alex was unemployed his day usually consisted of sleeping, eating and watching tv but today Alex was feeling adventurous, he decided to go to the beach. After a few hours, Alex finally willed himself to get up. Alex couldn't remember the last time he had gone to the beach, so he had no clue what to wear when he approached his wardrobe.

Not knowing what to wear Alex decided just to wear some boardshorts down and see how it goes. By the time Alex was ready to go down to the beach, it was already 3 o'clock. Alex left the house slamming the door behind him and started. View Gallery. Being a first year medicine student the hours required of Carl caused him to spend less and less time with Amanda, his girlfriend of three years.

But there was something else that caused the break up - something that Amanda was too scared to tell him. Over the past few months there had been many arguments similar to this all ending the same way, all leading the eventual decline of a breakup. But this argument was going to be the last. Do you really want to know my secret.

Why are you keeping it away from me! I'm a witch. Sea Salt- Mermaid tf tg "Hello? He stepped into his house, flicking on the front hall lights. She must be staying late at the clinic, he thought. Eric's mother worked at the local clinic, but ever since school had started, she had been staying late to finish up at work. Not that Eric minded, he enjoyed having the house to himself.

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Eric groaned as he felt his tired shoulders ache, his football coach had been pushing him harder and harder, and he didn't think he could take it anymore. He was about to head to the basement to play video games until his mother came home, but he stopped and began walking up the stairs. If mom isn't home, the bath's all mine, he thought to himself. Arriving seconds later at the top of the stairs, he opened the door to his mother's bedroom, and continued into the large bathroom that was connected to it.

The tiled room looked normal enoug.

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So where is this fictional place supposed to be exactly? But, that's not where the show's plot takes place. A look at the trailer reveals more information about Bristol Cove. On the Mermaid Days banner, it says the festival includes live music, rides, a photo booth, beach events, and perhaps most tellingly, a clambake. According to a blog post from chef Marcus Samuelsson , Native American tribes have been eating clams and lobster, cooked in pits, well before there was ever a United States. As a result, this geographical location is more closely associated with clambakes than anywhere else in the United States.

After all, British Columbia shares a similar climate and is also a coastal area. Florida's Weeki Wachee even has a "mermaid show" featuring human performances of the mythical creature. And, cities filled with mythic folklore are abundant worldwide. Siren actor Alex Roe told Bustle during the Freeform Upfronts in that Bristol Cove is "a made up town, [but he's] sure there's a town like it.

For instance, Roe said that Bristol Cove "reminds [him] of Cornwall in England," which is heavily centered around witchcraft, sort of similarly to the Siren town's penchant for the mythic mermaids. With a story that is basically a twisted version of a classic Disney tale, and a town with a dark past — Siren is turning out to be just as alluring as the creature from which it draws its name.