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I tried to increase the steps in the size to 6 sun, by using current techniques. This Secret Box won a prize. At first Yottyan the nickname of Yoshiyuki Ninomiya told me about one customer who wanted me to make an enormous number step move Secret Box. So I decided to make it. But when I thought about the shape and the size, I believed that I couldn't make the box bigger.

I decided to make it within some restrictions. So the size became 8 sun.

I intended making it for sale from the start. Before starting, I calculated everything. If this size is used, it will become more expensive.

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So I adopted 7 rin which means that 4 rin and 3 rin make a crevice of 1 rin. As a result, even a small warp made many troubles. At first I drew a plan, then I started making it. Finally, it was completed. Additionally, most of the wood material was from the Hokkaido region, but now it's from Tohoku region. The quality is completely different. In the progress of wood material there are three progresses of " using material", "compressing material" and "drying material".

So I'm always nervous about making the Secret Box. Secondly, in the tools, especially the plane, when I planed a rough board in old times I used three kinds of planes, "Arashiko rough ","Tyuushiko middle " and "Shiage finish ". If the planing board and the fitting size are not good, even if such boxes look four-sided, you can't stack the boxes high. You can open the box by 8 moves though it's usually 10 moves. The basic technique is very important. After all, it's important that any craftsman can fix the plane or can sharpen the edge.

How do they learn the technique? In this trade there was an apprentice system from about the year Meiji 27 A master had a few younger members who came after graduation of primary school or junior high school.

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They were training themselves as a live-in worker until they were 20 years old or as an enlistment. There was no opportunity for them to learn from a senior pupil. For example, if they wanted to fix their plane, they secretly checked a senior pupil's plane when the senior pupil wasn't there. In short, they stole the senior pupil's technique.

I was in the last generation of the apprentice system. American puzzle boxes are characterized by their various locking mechanisms, which can be made using pins, magnets, gravity and inertia.

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Unfortunately, there aren't many traditional puzzle box artisans anymore. On a positive note, people are beginning to collect puzzle boxes, and a new generation of talented craftsmen is emerging [source: Japanese Puzzle Boxes ]. Not surprisingly, the price you pay for a puzzle box depends on whether it's new or antique, its complexity and the labor involved to create it. While there's no guarantee your box will increase in value over time, well-made, unique pieces often do. How Tangrams Work. What's the world's hardest puzzle? How Sudoku Works. I got this Buxa reordered and then got good quality piece.

However I haven't used it yet still m sure it will be a good investment for the purpose I have bought it for.

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  • You never know which customer brings you more sell. I like the product.

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    Not tooooo good and not bad too. No issue. But the packing is poor. I receive with broken edge. It was ok ok asani se pta chal jata hai its only box.