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They behave just like chickens, mother ostrich lays on them until they are hatched. But, if they are raised on a farm, they will require incubation. They have a lot thicker shell than any other egg when you hold it in hand you get the feeling that you will need a hammer to break it. Ostrich eggs do taste a lot like chicken eggs.

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But you will notice the difference. They have more buttery taste and are a bit more intense when compared to other eggs. Some even describe it as kind of sweet, but gross at the same time. I tried cooking it in all traditional ways I would do a chicken egg. Scrambled ostrich egg resembles gelatine a bit, when boiled it seems a bit more solid than the chicken egg. Boiled ostrich egg has the most similar taste to chicken one, and if you want to boil an entire egg, you will have to cook it for half an hour!

It can be boiled, scrambled and fried. But take into consideration that any form of cooking will take a lot longer due to its volume. For the purpose of getting the idea just how much time will it take, imagine cooking around 24 chicken eggs at the same time. And because of the ostrich eggs thick shell, they need a bit more time to be cooked and some extra steps in preparation.

To crack the shell you will need some tool to do it. I use a kitchen hammer, but some people like to saw the top off, so they can serve it inside of the shell, and make an entire presentation with it. If you get used to their different taste, you will benefit much more from them then your regular chicken eggs. They are a much healthier option. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Ostrich eggs are the biggest eggs of all, and they weigh from 3. Is the Taste a lot Different? Ostrich Eggs Nutritional Facts. Ostriches are known for their health benefits and good nutritional facts , their eggs especially. Just like the chicken eggs, ostrich eggs have a lot of B12 vitamin, riboflavin and folic acid. When completely compared to chicken eggs, ostrich eggs have more iron and magnesium, but they have less vitamin E and vitamin A. They are also low in sodium, which makes them a great choice for people on diets and athletes. Athletes often choose ostrich eggs because they are rich in Omega-3, fiber and they are the best choices for body growth due to the high amounts of calcium, zinc, and manganese.

Ostrich egg can be cooked like any other egg you cooked before. I have not only been in love with computers, I also have a crush on my stove. I have been cooking from I was 10 years old. Thanks to my mom. The egg is a main nutritional item on the breakfast plate in most countries of the world. They are boiled, fried, eaten raw and many times made into an omelet. Chicken eggs are the favorite among egg eaters, they are easy to access, cheap and quite tasty.

Dad Whips Up an Ostrich Egg Omelette

But today we are going to make a special type of omelet. I will show you how to create a mega omelet with an ostrich egg. Ostrich eggs are mega rich in proteins and many have said they are even more delicious than than the egg of a chicken. In my view, the Ostrich egg and chicken egg have similar taste.

Ostrich Egg Omelets

But the Ostrich egg as a slight richer taste than that of the chicken. It also has some special benefits:. Ostrich eggs are a health benefit because when you compare tit to a chicken egg, it contains much lower cholesterol. They are also low in saturated fat. Well, now that we know this type of egg is good and safe to eat, let's get started creating this exotic breakfast dish by using an Ostrich egg to make a mega omelet.

Put back your safari suit, there will be no African Journey to get an egg. You can get an Ostrich egg at your local supermarket.

How to make an Ostrich Egg Omlette

Just look for the biggest darn egg on the isle, and grab it. Or get in contact with an Ostrich farm and solicit a few. Don't go picking up an Ostrich egg and thinking you can just crack it open by tapping it on the side of the dish. Ostrich eggs are tough and you just may need the nuclear codes from The United States President to open up open up one of those bad boys.

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  • You will need a metal utensil such as a cleaver or meat chopper to tap and chip away at the tough ostrich shell until you have an opening large enough to pour out the contents within the shell. Some people have used hammer and nail to bore the egg but I hate the fact that cooking and construction is going on in one room so I would recommend using something like a meat chopper.

    Simply use the back of the chopper to knock off the hard shell and then create a big enough hole to get to the nice juicy ostrich egg. So Now that you cracked the code, lets get this mega omelette on the road. Once your mega ostrich egg omelette is finished you can simply slide it from the pan into your large plate. You can add lettuce and mushrooms to create a beautiful presentation.

    You now just have to find enough people who are willing to dance tango while enjoying a nice tasting and healthy Ostrich egg meal. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Hi Clive I am not sure if I will ever get to try one of these but it is interesting to read about. So a silly question? What does it taste like I mean does it taste like a chicken's egg or does it have a whole unique flavor?

    Don't worry Blossom, i know that wherever he is now he has millions of omelettes there to enjoy. Now that would have just suited my late husband! He loved omelettes and the bigger, the better. It is a bit expensive to import where i am from.


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    Instructions - Ostrich Egg Omelette Turn on your radio and play some good music you can tango to.

    How to Make an Omelet with an Ostrich Egg

    Crack open your ostrich egg and pour the contents into a bowl Dice Bell pepper. Add Parmesan cheese over all the egg. Use a skillet to create a fold by lifting one side of your mega omelette and flapping it onto the other.