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There was much ephemeral, a certain amount purely local, and something occasionally trivial in them. But their dramatic force, their incessant flashes of happy thought and happy expression, their almost incomparable fulness of life, and their magnificent humour give them all but the highest place among genial and recreative literature. Before this, Wilson had contributed to Blackwood's prose tales and sketches, and novels, some of which were afterwards published separately in Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life , The Trials of Margaret Lyndsay and The Foresters ; later appeared essays on Edmund Spenser , Homer and all sorts of modern subjects and authors.

Wilson left his mother's house and established himself in Ann Street, Edinburgh, with his wife and five children. His election to the chair of Moral Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh was unexpected, and the best qualified man in the United Kingdom , Sir William Hamilton , was also a candidate. But the matter was made a political one; the Tories still had a majority in the burgh council; Wilson was powerfully backed by friends, Sir Walter Scott at their head; and his adversaries played into his hands by attacking his moral character, which was not open to any fair reproach.

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Wilson made a very excellent professor, never perhaps attaining to any great scientific knowledge in his subject or power of expounding it, but acting on generation after generation of students with a stimulating force that is far more valuable than the most exhaustive knowledge of a particular topic.

His duties left him plenty of time for magazine work, and for many years his contributions to Blackwood were voluminous, in one year amounting to over fifty separate articles. Most of the best and best known of them appeared between and In his last thirty years, he oscillated between Edinburgh and Elleray, with excursions and summer residences elsewhere, a sea trip on board the Experimental Squadron in the English Channel during the summer of , and a few other unimportant diversions.

The death of his wife in was an exceedingly severe blow to him, especially as it followed within three years that of his friend Blackwood. John Wilson died at home at 6 Gloucester Place in Edinburgh. He was buried on the southern side of Dean Cemetery on 7 April. A large red granite obelisk was erected at his grave. The bronze figure stands on a substantial stone pedestal and is located between the Royal Scottish Academy and the Scott Monument.

Recreations of Christopher North- Volume 2

On 11 May Wilson married Jane Penny, the daughter of a Liverpool merchant and "the leading belle of the lake country". Daniel John Cunningham.

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Recreations Christopher North

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Recreations of Christopher North, Volume 2 by John Wilson - Free Ebook

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