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I was completely enthralled with not only the stories he told but the reaction he got from the audience. As I got older, I purposely tried to develop those storytelling skills and get better at it -- not realizing that eventually would lead me into writing. I consider my life since to be accidentally adventurous and because of those experiences, I have a wealth of perspectives and a global viewpoint that I think helps me as a writer. As a result, I always try to make myself at home wherever I am regardless of how long I will be there.

I think all that shows up on the written page. In January, after a long career with the Department of Defense, I was able to transition from that and immerse myself in writing full time. Could you tell us a bit about your book and why it is a must-read? Sure, by way of an overview the book is the story about an international team of spies and civilians that must stop a disgraced former KGB official from reviving a deadly bioweapon and exacting revenge on the United States. Several different storylines are taking place at the same time with characters having motivations that crossover and accidentally run into one another.

Betty Cooper

There are a lot of exciting side trips into things like crypto codes, numbers stations, weapons technology, and sleeper agents. All of this factors into this ultra-high-stakes story of international intrigue. I would like to think my book is simply must enjoy. What inspired you to write your book?

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As with any book that I write, this one is about wanting to tell a good story and having people enjoy it. As I thought about the story, I added more layers to it -- taking time for those various storylines to overlap and become entangled and eventually all wind up as part of the same piece. I think this book, in particular, has enough complexity to it that it can be enjoyed on many different levels and it has enough major characters that everyone can find at least one character that they can identify with or be interested in. What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?

I wanted to make sure that everything in the book worked, that includes all the secret codes and all the mechanics that were involved with it. When I read a book that has descriptions of things like that, I mentally work them out to make sure they are plausible. To me, that made the book much more enjoyable, so when I wrote a book that had those kinds of elements in it, I made sure that all of them would work.

Due to the serious nature of some of the threats in the book, I used to joke with my family that when the black helicopter landed, they needed to be ready to help me explain that I was writing a book not planning something nefarious. Do you have any unique or quirky writing habits? When I was in college, I used to study with the TV on in the stereo playing at the same time.

I actually did reasonably well that way. Now, however, I write in complete silence. No radio, no TV playing in the background, no nothing. I found that in this quiet I can hear the voices of my characters as the story pours out. We each have to find our own way of handling creative muse, and this is mine.

I like the fact that I see each of my characters as a real person — — to the point that I often write short biographies of significant characters for myself just so I can get a better feel for them. When I can get into that perfect state of us satori is when I write best. I read the entire text out loud.

I found it helps me hear problems that I might otherwise mentally correct and overlook if I was reading silently. How did you come up with the title for your book? Just like our Western legend of the Phoenix, the Firebird is reborn from the ashes of his own destruction.

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The title has its basis in the myth -- this story is the rebirth of something that supposedly had been destroyed. Many of her short screenplays have been produced and premiered at international film festivals.

Betty Cooper

Marjory indie-published her first novel, Dreadmarrow Thief YA fantasy , in Camden Mays is the author of the Cameron Cole thriller series. He finds the most fascinating stories to be those where an everyday person is placed in extraordinary circumstances and rises to the challenge. Along the way he falls for the FBI liaison agent.

However, as the team pursues their enemy, they come […]. Sheldon Charles is a decorated Air Force veteran, whose career has taken him around the globe, and given his writing a unique international flair. Sheldon currently resides in Michigan, where he is a member of Michigan […]. Ottavio has had a passion for writing from a young age which he developed from his love of reading books. Ottavio published his first novel The Fractured Mind in I began writing as a child, I fell in love with the construction of stories and different worlds which could be anything I wanted.

Once I had my plot in mind i wrote and passed it to some friends who gave […]. Eyad H. Yehyawi has been bowhunting for nearly thirty years, traveling across the United States, Canada, and Africa. While majoring in biology at Quincy University, he worked in conservation and wildlife management before deciding to pursue interests in health care. Eyad currently lives in Iowa with his wife and children, where he practices optometry. Maxx Powr is a husband and father.

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He loves dogs. His dream situation would be a huge rescue farm taking in strays. The Promise is a fun sci-fi space opera romp.