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Islamic dreams about Sky find dream interpretations. If the structure was made of bricks and plaster of Paris, the dream means that the subject is a vain person. In case he reaches the sky, he will succeed.

Sky Dream Meaning

The reverse is also true. The sky opening to give way to an old man: A reference to the perseverance of the local people who will reap the fruit of their activities. Ascending the Sky or Heavens Dream Explanation — If a person sees himself as ascending and entering the Sky, he will attain martyrdom, become eminent in the sight of Allah, cross the siraat swiftly on the Day of Judgment, attain respectability in this world and be remembered in favorable terms by the people. Butter and honey were dropping from it and I saw the people gathering it in their hands, some gathering much and some a little.

And behold, there was a rope extending from the earth to the sky, and I saw that you the Prophet held it and went up, and then another man held it and went up and after that another third held it and went up, and then after another fourth man held it, but it broke and then got connected again. Let my father be sacrificed for you! Allow me to interpret this dream.

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The rope which is extended from the sky to the earth is the Truth which you the Prophet are following. You follow it and Allah will raise you high with it, and then another man will follow it and will rise up with it and another person will follow it and then another man will follow it but it will break and then it will be connected for him and he will rise up with it.

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O Allah's Apostle! Am I right or wrong? By Allah, you must tell me in what I was wrong.

My dream is to fly over the rainbow so high ♫♫♫

I saw the people scooping it up with their hands, some taking much and some taking little. I saw a rope extending from the sky to the earth. Then I saw you Prophet Muhammad! A thick fog symbolizes confusion, uncertainty, and worry. You may be having trouble figuring something out, may not be thinking clearly, or may not see something for what it really is.

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  7. This could be because you're getting mixed signals. A hailstorm represents feelings of utter despair. It can also signal that you're being pressured or pushed to do something against your will. To dream of being struck by lightning symbolizes irreversible changes occurring in your life; you're undergoing a permanent transformation.

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    To see a rainbow in your dream is a sign of success and good fortune, especially when it comes to money, prestige, or fame. It can also signify joy and happiness in a relationship. Snow , including watching snow fall, represents a fresh start or a second chance. It can also indicate peace and tranquility on a spiritual level. Actual travel distances may vary.

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