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Puram, New Delhi. I belong to a place where quality education is just a dream. TopChalks class XI package made my dream come true. Now I am studying from DPS teachers, sitting in my village. Thank you TopChalks. It is really very good and helpful. Especially chemistry teacher is very good. His way of teaching is very nice. You all are doing a great job,making studies very compact, easy and understanding rather than mugging up and all that Topchalks is enough for all my requirements. But since I got introduced to Topchalks study is fun now.

I am no more burdened by expectations because I know I am getting the best education from best teachers of our country. Forgot Password. Fundamental forces in nature, Gravitational forces, Electromagnetic forces, Strong nuclear forces, Weak nuclear forces and their properties, Relative strength of the 4 types of basic forces. Law of conservation of energy, Law of conservation of linear momentum, Law of conservation of angular momentum, Law of conservation of charge. Measurement, Unit of quantity, Physical quantities, Types of units, Choice of a standard unit.

Parallax Method , Measurement of the distance of a planet from earth by Parallax Method , Measurement of the distance of a star from earth by Parallax Method. Types of errors, Random error, Systematic error, Instrumental error, Imperfection in experimental technique, Personal error, Least count. Combination of Errors, Rules for sum and difference, Rules for product and quotient, rule for power to a physical quantity. Significant Figures and examples, Rules for counting the number of significant figures, Problems. Checking the correctness, Principle of homogeneity, , Questions on checking correctness, Questions on deriving relationship among the physical quantities.

Position, Frame of reference, One, two and three dimensional motion, Distance versus displacement, Stationary object, Uniform motion. Acceleration, Average acceleration, Instantaneous acceleration, Retardation, Graphical representation and problems. Differentiation, Geometrical meaning of derivative of a function, Formulae of differentiation.

Addition of two vectors , Triangle method, Parallelogram method, Properties of vector addition. Velocity Vector and acceleration in two dimensional motion, velocity in component form, acceleration. Relative velocity in two dimensions , Relative velocity of rain with respect to a moving man and a problem. Work done on rough horizontal surface, Acceleration in a body sliding down on a rough inclined plane, Work done in moving a body up on a rough inclined plane, Advantages and disadvantages of friction.

Different forms of energy, equivalence of mass and energy, principle of conservation of energy. Center of mass, Position vector of center of mass of two particle system, C. Motion of center of mass, Linear momentum of a system of particles, Conservation of momentum of center of mass. Vector product of vectors, Right hand screw rule, Right hand thumb rule, Properties of vector products.

Moment of inertia, Physical significance of moment of inertia , Factors on which M. Relation between moment of inertia and angular momentum and between torque and moment of inertia. The gravitational constant, Dimensional formula of G, Cavendish experiments to find value of G. Simple harmonic motion as a projection of a uniform circular motion, Geometrical interpretation. Dopplers effect in sound, case1 : when source is in motion, case2: when observer is in motion. Laws of chemical combinations, laws of conservation of mass, law of definite and mulitiple proportions.

Ddiscovery of electron,cathode rays and its properties, charge on electron and mass of electron. Particle nature of electromagnetic radiation, planck's quantum theorey , photoelectric effect. Types of Overlapping and Nature of Covalent Bond, strength of sigma and pi bond, difference between sigma and pi bond. Some basic terms of Thermodynamics, types of system, state of system, state variables, state functions, types of process. Enthalpy of Reactions, factors on which enthalpy of reaction depends, molar enthalpies of formation. Application of Equilibrium Constant, predicting the extent of a reaction, predicting the direction of reaction.

Preparation of Dihydrogen, laboratory preparation of dihydrogen, preparation of pure hydrogen. Hard and soft water, types of hardness, temporary hardness and permanent hardness, removal of temporary hardness. Introduction, abundance and occurrence, diagonal relationship and cause of diagonal relationship. Alkali metals, characterstics of alkali metals, Electronic configurations, atomic and ionic radii, ionization enthalpy,. Anomalous properties of lithium, points of difference between lithium and other alkali metals, points of similarities between lithium and magnesium.

Some important compounds of sodium, sodium carbonate, its properties and uses, sodium chloride, its properties and uses. Formation of electron deficient compound, reactivity towards air, reactivity towards acids and alkalies, reactivity towards halogens. The carbon family, electronic configuration, covalent radius, ionization enthalpy, electronegativity. Physical and chemical properties of carbon, oxidation states and trends in chemical reactivity.

Chemical properties of carbon, reactivity towards oxygen, reactivity towards water, reactivity towards halogen. Fundamental concepts in organic reaction mechanism, fission of a covalent bond, heterolytic fission and homolytic fission. Qualitative Analysis of organic compounds, detection of carbon and hydrogen, detection of other elements.

Chemical Properties: addition of dihydrogen, halogens, hydrogen halides, addition reaction of HBr to symmetrical alkenes, addition reaction of HBr to unsymmetrical alkenes, markovnikov rule. Preparation of Alkynes , from calcium carbides, from vacinal dihalides, by action of zinc, by dehalogenation of haloform, by electrolysis of of aqueos solution of potassium salt of fumaric acid, from acetylene. Addition reactions, addition of dihydrogen, addition of halogens, addition of hydrogen halides. Sulphonation, nitration, friedal crafts alkylation ,friedel crafts acylation, addition reactions, oxidation reactions.

Directive influence of functional group in monosubstituted benzene, ortho and para directing groups. Trigonometric functions of sum and difference of two angles continued product to sum and sum to product and some examples on these. Inequalities, algebraic solutions of linear inequalities in one variable and their graphical representation. Permutations, theorem 1, 2, 3 and 4, permutations when all the objects are distinct and when all the objects are not distinct objects.

Inclination of line, slope of a line, conditions for tow non vertical lines are parallel, conditions for two non vertical lines are perpendicular. Complimentary event, the event A or B, the event A and B, mutually exclusive, exhaustive events. Axiomatic approach to probability, probability of equally likely outcomes, Probability of the event A or B. Diversity in the Living World and Nomenclature, Rules of binomial nomenclature, Advantages of scientific names, Codes of nomenclature. Kingdom Monera: archaebacteria, eubacteria, photoautotrophic, chemosynthetic, saprophytic, symbiotic, parasitic bacteria.

Reproduction in bacteria, Endospores, Sexual reproduction, Cell structure, Archaebacteria, Mycoplasma. Blood vascular system of frog, Blood, Blood corpuscles, Blood clotting, Heart structure, Working of heart. Renal portal system of frog, Hepatic portal system, Significance of hepatic portal system, Lymphatic system. Nervous system of frog, Brain, Fucntion of brain, Spinal cord, Cranial nerves and Spinal nerves, Autonomic nervous system.

Table of contents

Sense organs, Structure of eye of frog, Working of eye, Structure of ear of frog, Endocrine glands. Structural organisation in animals, Different tissue function in our body, Epithelial tissue, Simple epithelial tissue. Bone, Microscopic structure of decalcified mammalian bone, Types of bone, Types of bone marrow. Thermbocytes, Human blood corpuscles, Blood coagulation, Clotting factors, Blood clotting prevention.

Bulk transport, Difference between: pinocytosis and phagocytosis, active and passive transport. Chromatin, difference between euchromatin and heterochromatin, chromatin and chromosomes, nucleolus, cytoplasm and nucleoplasm, functions. Amino acids, types of amino acids, protein amino acids, non protein amino acids, esential amino acid.

Primary metabolites and their role, Secondary metabolites and their role, Differences between primary and secondary metabolites. Factors influencing enzyme activity: temperature, pH product concentration, substrate concentration, michalis menton concentration. Mechanism of enzymes action, lock and key hypothesis, induced fir theory, difference between lock and key and induced fit theory.

Facilitated diffusion, Types of tranport protein, Channel, Carrier, Active transport, Comparison of different transport mechanism. Osmosis, Potato Osmometer, Thistle funnel experiment, Osmotic pressure, Osmotic concentrations, Importance of osmosis, Difference between diffusion and osmosis.

Plasmolysis, Deplasmolysis, Importance of plasmolysis, Ihibition, Important in absorbing and retaining water. Long distance transport of water, mass flow, how do plants absorbs water, two distinct pathway of tranport, difference between apoplast and symplast pathway. Water movement up a plant:root pressure, guttation, root pressure theory, objection to root pressure theory. Cohesion tension theory, demonstration of transpiration, types of transpiration, stomatal apparatus. Factors affecting transpiration, external factors, internal or plant factors, significance of transpiration, disadvantages, transpiration and photosynthesis- a compromise.

Uptake and transport of mineral nutrients:uptake of mineral ions, translocation of mineral ions, pholem transport:flow from source to sink, the pressure flow or mass flow hypothesis, pathway of translocation. Introduction, method to study the minerals requirements of plants, hydroponics, essential mineral elements. Criteria for essentiality, macro and micronutrients, function of essential elements, energy related compounds. Soil as reservoir of essential elements, mechanism of nitrogen:nitrogen cycle, nitrogen fixation.

Nitrification, denitrification, nitrate assimilation, synthesis of amino acids, protein synthsis, amides. Introduction, importance of photosynthesis, experiment for starch formation, half leaf experiment , history. Pigments involved in photosynthesis, chlorophylls, carotenoids, xanthophylls, absorption and action spectrum. I don't know that we have any other regular members from India.

She is very proud of her excellent Engish, it is her favourite subject. She said 'we' are lucky because we come from counties where girls can do anything. There are much less opportunities for girls in India. Thank you Rosala and welcome to web2. I hope that you continue to learn lots and enjoy this site! Andre Massow is feeling healthier and is back looking after us again. He has dealt with the hacking problem that occured a few days ago. The hacker only introduced superficial code via the forum. The system's security was never compromised. The whole incident has been 'put to bed'.

And, he has also provided us with a button so that we can delete private messages if we wish to. Monday is Memorial Day in the US. I don't think it will be an excessively busy day on the forum but I could always be wrong. I haven't has time to think about it very hard but this probability question does sound interesting. Reinout-g's pictures just keep coming. I love them. It is because reinout borrowed them from Hogwart's. They pop out every now and again. Check out the rooster in this one! I thought that this comment by TreefAM was interestin.

TreefAM appears to have had a problem posting anonymously. Maybe that is a part of the reason that so many new people are joining. I also want to remind everyone. If you are happy with your answer post a thank you and give a thumbs up. If you are not happy say so and ask for clarification. It was a busy day today. Mjohnson and Zacpac both only joined up yesterday - could have been today since I am ahead of almost everyone else!

Welcome to web2. We all hope that you enjoy yourselves here! There is a "lizard illuminati" theme going through the forum at the moment. This is the latest thread. Scientology has also crept into the forum. Yesterday a few people told me how much they liked my 'End of Day Wraps' and how much they appreciated all the effort that I put into the forum.

I put more hours in here than many people put into a full time job. It is a team of people who make this forum work so well. Themightyalgor joined up yesterday maybe today We welcome you to web2. And I thought a log was just a power. Bertie's answer is interesting. Zegroes is right - I didn't write a wrap last night.

It is just as well that he is here to help! Thank you all! GoldenLeaf has now replaced Scrutinizer on the Top Answerer list. Congratulations GoldenLeaf! NBlueBird has only just joined up. We hope you like it here. This poster has been trying to figure out our answer to this question for quite some time!

That is it for tonight. Most of you have at least some of your weekend left. Mine is all used up. Feitan and TaviSage are both new. We welcome you to web2. Oh, Admin has introduced an avatar feature. A number of members have told me that they love it. Your efforts, and the improvements that they bring, are much appreciated.

I have checked all posts up to but not including the current pages. Bssoulahmad, Miaimi and Cburns have all joined in the last day or so. We hope you learn lots and have fun here. Synthetic Division - I have always used long division , that is what I was taught but this is much simpler.

  1. Adolescence, Pregnancy and Abortion: Constructing a Threat of Degeneration (Women and Psychology).
  2. Geiler gehts nicht (German Edition);
  3. Earl Derr Biggers’s Collected Works: Inside the Lines, Seven Keys to Baldpate, The Agony Column ( 4 Works ): Detective Novels;

Yes, I know Zegroes - No one gave me a red carpet either - and I am still crying. Actually the member section is not adequate to see the new members - it doesn't even bring up many of the old members! I think we have more than 10 new members every day, maybe a lot more. If someone answers a questions and I don't recognise their name then I look at their profile. If they are new then I welcome them. It is extremely hit and miss. Maybe an automated welcome or maybe put someone in particular in charge of a welcoming committee. Here is the red carpet for all those wonderful unsung heros who have been tirelessy socializing, oh sorry, I mean working and learning here.

Please scroll up fo a moment. My welcoming procedure is very hit and miss. I hope that we will eventually have a better system but the member section needs to be improved first. NinjaDevo and Kingkaya have just joined in the last day or so. We hope you learn lots and enjoy yourselves here. It appears that the curse of the unicorns is real! We are working towards rectifying this problem.

HEY i do a little of both Narsin and Sportslover have join since my last wrap. Zegroes and Rosala seemed to think they are also entitled to a formal welcome. So this is for all 4 of you. We hope that you learn lots and that you like it here. I didn't notice a lot of particularly interesting threads this time, maybe I wasn't looking hard enough.

Please take note of what Bertie and I have said. It is important that you are interactive with your learning. I am sorry notsomathpro. Our comments were not aimed at you in particular, I am sorry that you were the one in the firing line. I hope i get around to looking at this question from 'behind the scenes'. And why is it that you are giving each other lots of points when my wraps never get any points.

I should go on strike! People have been asking where I was last night. I don't think that i said that very well. It was a rainy day which meant that the crowd numbers were way down, for a while our luck held out and the weather was good. Then it teamed and we were drowned. The tadpoles in my pockets were the only really happy ones.

Not to worry. It was all pretty amazing. Here are some pictures but they are never anywhere near as good as the real thing. Rosala in particular wanted me to explain. The scenes i described are not depicted here. It must be different each night. I appologise if you do mind. Thank you Rosala, Zegroes and Reinout-g.

I really appreciate your and everyones support. It means more to me than you will ever know. I also seemed to have ended up with quite a few 'wrap' points. Rosala wanted to know how the light were projected on the buidings that I was talking about last night. They were laser lights and they were projected from large boxes, maybe 2. The lights changed quite dramatically depending on their movements. Jjzamball became a member today. We hope you learn lots and like it here. I really have to modify the way I care for this forum. I have spent many hours just checking everything is answered and collecting all the names.

I also collect threads for this wrap as I go. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could do it differently or how someone else may be able to help? I refer to it most days. It is full of addresses of threads that can be used over and over again. It is not well organised and some of the older posts have info that will no longer display properly but it would be worthwhile for answerers to familiarise themselves with the newer posts. I write a little description above each reference address. You are encouraged to add your own post on the end. Once you have one post you can usually edit it to include new addresses.

You do not need to make a new post every time. Written by Melody. Chris specifically asked me to include this one in tonight wrap and to include it for future reference. It is a very good one. Thank you NinjaDevo. I thought some people might be interested in how Chris and i answered this simple question.

We could have answered better but I think it is ok. It was a really quiet day today which is great. Core members had time just to have some fun with some of the posts. There were of course some really good answers. If you go to the bottom of any page you will see 5 two letter abbreviations. EN stands for English that is our version.

Click on that and you will be transferred to the German site. That is where Radix hangs out. You will be logged out but you can log into the German site or you can came back here and log on again. Of course you can visit the other language sites as well. I have already voiced my congratulations on the German site and Radix has sent me a message of thanks.

It is a long weekend in Australia. The holiday is in honour of the Queens Birthday. Why does the queen get 2 birthdays? Queen Guinevere hearby proclaims that Monday 9th of June shall be her rightful celebratory day for this year of the Lord, Two Thousand and Fourteen. Oh thankyou people for the thumbs up that my wraps were given today. Is that enough Zegroes? I sent an email to Andre Massow yesterday discussing many items. The main ones were concerning the phantom messages and problems with the members section.

I have received an initial reply but I have not had time to examine it properly yet. Thank you Andre for your speedy response. Zegroes has chastized me for using to few smilies. This must be remedied! A nice day on the forum I think. Not too busy.

You are all fantastic! Nicklvlup and MorganTud have just become members. We hope that you enjoy yourselves here. Your Queen doth adore your avatar. It fit thee so well! Kitty is a quiet achiever. Many of you wonder who she is. She was by my side when I was the only adult and certainly the only mathematician on the forum. I could not have coped without her. Her star has been slow to come but it is very much deserved.

Thank you Kitty! He responded almost immediately and many of the requests that I made have already been implemented. We now have an inbox and an outbox. Soon we will have a return button on our received messages. There are many other requests and improvements as well. I will just give you the link to the correspondance page that I have put together. Geele has only just become a member.

We hope that you learn a lot and enjoy yourself here. Not much excitement today. It came to my attention today that some people do not know how to copy and paste web addresses so I prepared this. The address is stored in the sticky thread called "information pages worth keeping or developing. Mine is only good for windows operating systems. Actually I just this instant received a pop up from Zegroes. I think he was asking how to do it on a phone - but I could have got it wrong! Rhino also posted a great puzzle. It is a recurring one but a really good one. I have given it the green puzzle icon and added it to the sticky note 'Puzzles'.

Thank you Rhino. I almost forgot. Reinout-g has put a repetitive and recursive curse on CPhill. He can adjust the pain levels as he sees fit.

It’s easier than ever to get started with MyMathLab!

Of course CPhill does deserve it. Headless and now cursed. Some knights are brave but not so smart! In the last day or so there has been some rudeness aimed at answerers. Sometimes this is verbal other times it is in the guise of subtracting points even though the answer is not incorrect. I do not think this should be tolerated.

An apology should be sought and if it is not forthcoming future questions should be whitened out or not answered. The question asker has three basic choices:. I can not do these things alone. If you think this is a reasonable policy then I need your help to enforce it. Let me know what you think.

So far I am both too tired and too busy to appreciate this properly - maybe some fun for my morning! Will joined a couple of days ago. Welcome to Web2. We hope that you enjoy yourself here. NinjaDevo made his way onto the "Top Answerers" board today. At Alan's suggestion I have posted a note question askers, requesting them to be careful about this and also giving hints to appropriate forum conduct.

This is it. It was a quiet day today. I am definitely not complaining! Bring on more days like this so that I can catch my breath! Thanks guys, you are all much appreciated. Bahamo is new. We hope you learn a lot and enjoy yourself here. They are a little improved but this area definitely need more time spent on it.

Some content needs to be deleted or updated. I did 'unstick' a couple of obsolete posts and I amalgamated a couple more but there is still much to do. Andre was 'threatening' to reduce the number of sticky topics possible. I do not like this idea but he is right, they do need to be tended properly. Yesterday I was asked to put together a note to new question askers requesting that they be very careful about the presentation of their questions. I did that, maybe it was in my wrap yesterday, I don't remember. Anyway, I was then asked if something like this could be permanently 'stuck' to the top of the posted questions.

I do not have the power to do this but I think it should go into my next letter to Andre Massow site owner and developer Does everyone think that this is a good idea? Can anyone offer more input. Would someone other than me like to write it? I have put up a first draft on the forum but I also found an old similar post in the ignored sticky topics. In some ways the old one is better than the new. They need to be amalgamated and tidied up.

I think it would be beneficial if answerers familiarise themselves with its content. I have added this one's address to the sticky topic "Information pages worth keeping or developing". I just looked at the sticky topic "Information pages worth keeping or developing," and I can agree that it could use some cleaning up.

A sugestion I have for this is maybe we should just have one huge post containing all this information, and the author most likely you, Melody could just "edit" the post when more information is wanted to be added. Also, maybe a good way to organize this is by "grade levels" of mathematics, if you will. Looking something like this:. That way, when someone is refering back to the sticky about say, solving inequalities, they can just go under algebra, and go directly to that link, without looking through the whole page of reposts and stuff.

The only problem with this is that there might be a limit to how much text can go in a single forum post. Also, tell the creator of the site Andrew, I believe? I'm still getting "phantom messages," as well Who knows??? I like ND's idea about classifying the posts according to grade level or topic I don't know if the site mods would be responsible for "moving" the topics to appropriate areas yuck, another "task" , or whether the site could include a "menu" for the questioners in which they could choose to post where they thought most appropriate.

Maybe we could include a "miscellaneous" category if a questioner were uncertain!! Thank you Ninja and Chris. I have just copied your posts over into the main body of the forum. Another beautifully quiet day. Strider joined today. Thank you Strider. Hank also joined today. I included it in yesterday's wrap but here it is again. To Hank and Strider. We hope that you both learn a lot and enjoy yourselves here. There was some discussion of forum issues after my wrap last night. It occured to me today that one of the things I always wanted for this forum was a 'club like' atmosphere.

I was thinking that with the ability to post without becoming a member first that this may never happen. We have a number of core users of all different ages and abilities. You are all lovely people. I have a great deal of time for each and every one of you. You are starting to communicate with each other on the forum in a very constructive and friendly way.

I am really pleased that the forum is starting in this direction! This forum is very young. I compare it to a young river gouging its way through mountains and valleys. It is intriguing to watch it grow and mature. Now i think it may be about pm! It was faily quiet today - especially this morning Australia time.

Again it covered a lot of issues. I'll let you know when I get feed back. NinjaDevo has put a lot of effort into cleaning up our "Infomration Pages worth Keeping and Developing" thread. I am sorry Ninja, I have not had a chance to look at it properly yet, Ninja is looking for feedback - not just from me. Thank you very much for doing this Ninja. That is it for today I do believe. The new week has now begun for everyone. According to Mr. Google, this says hello everyone in Hindi.

Hindi is Rosala's primary language. I am sure that she will correct me if I am wrong. Rosala, thank you for wishing me a good week. But I am wondering why you didn't like my wrap. I am sure if you liked it you would have given me a thumbs up. Now I am going to wind this up because I want to get back and try and work out reinout-g's perpetuity problem.

Oh melody! Yeah the calculus problem looks like it would fit well in the "Information worth keeping or delveloping" page, I added it to the rought draft. What if we dont want to enjoy our week melody I mean you cant tell people what to do! I dont care if you are queen guinevere! Pokemonfan58, Orstein and Dragon are all new. We hope that you have fun and learn a lot here. Orstein and Dragon have made their presence felt with lots of pictures and kiddy posts. None of us mind a bit of this but some serious input would also be appreciated.

Oh and Dragon, your avatar is brilliant! Pokemonfan58 also solved our number puzzle and if my pop-up didn't lie I think that Alan may have already solved the one that Pokemonfan58 left in its stead! Reinout has decided we need a Lunch box unwrap. He appears to have his lunch VERY late in the day! I don't know if you really want me to include this many threads but I try to cater a little bit for everyone. Zegroes , i think u shouldnt have taken that seriously , melody was just joking! Rosala I was referring to zegroe's earlier post.

It was the continuation of a joke. Zegroes knew that. Do you know where I mean? This 'wrap' thread should just be for the wrap and for posts that are directly related. For instance Ninja wrote a post saying that he had done what I had requested. Or, when I missed one night I didn't mind Zegroes commenting that there was something missing. Please don't take this as discouragement. Thank you Heureka and Chris. Ok ill post something serious on here Give me a minuite Ok i got nothing i just wanted to get on melodys nerves and post something nonsensical thats a word!

CPhill and I are both really impressed with the answers that you have already given. Keep up the good work. We hope you continue to write great answers. We also hope that you have fun and learn lots. Ninja says he has included almost all the information that was in the old one. I used the old version of this thread quite heavily. I don't know if other people did or not. I really encourage you to see what is there and to make full use of it. Thank you very much Ninja for doing this for us! Oh I have a picture especially for Chris CPhill.

He was commenting on how hot it is in Louisiana at this time of year. How misinformed they be. Still, there are always good questions and excellent answers follow in their wake. You are all wonderful. However if you prefer, you may add a post of your own and add resources there. You can then edit it or add to it as you please. Rosala has learned how to use memes and her squirrels are cute. Whenever possible answers AND questions should be checked to make sure that they pass reasonableness checks.

Thank you Alan for reminding us of this. I like Alan's method best. That is it for this weekend. My weekend is just about over. Enjoy what is left of yours. I am actually enjoying brake. But is the entire forum made up of US school children? I know the core group is not, but maybe the rest are. They certainly all seem to be on holidays. I hope that they are having lots of healthy fun! On the 16 th June I sent an email that listed a number of items that I asked Andre to consider, improve, or implement.

Today I received a response:. There was an error in the message centre. The inbox items were displaying properly but the outbox was displaying the incoming messages not the outgoing ones. Anyway, Andre has now fixed this problem. Andre has introduced a reply button on incoming messages. I have already used this, it works well. Andre has introduced an Export Button. It exports in Microsoft Excel file format. I have used this, it definitely works. It appears to export so that the newest message is on the top no matter which way around the messages are displayed. The layout appears to be a little confusing if the messages are long.

Before, there was just a drop down box but now you have to input something. I entered R and no username that actually began with R was bought up — Maybe only the first 25 possibilities appear. It is a bit of a mystery at the moment. It is in alphabetical order and it gives joining date as well as number of questions asked and answered. I asked Andre for something like this but he did say that he had done it in his letter.

So finding this was a nice surprise. Once again, on behalf of all forum members, I would like to extend a very big thank you to Andre for all that he is doing to improve our forum. I liked what Chris did on this one. I'll have to try and remember this technique. Thanks Chris. Thanks you all. This is her first one. It is special. Thank you Rosala. Remainder Theorum. I think I did a good job on this one but I'd like another mathematician to go over it carefully please and find any mistakes, poor wording etc. A bit of witty repartee.

I don't know what other kind of repartee that there is. Great answers today were forthcoming from NinjaDevo, Takahiro Maeda. There is not much to report today. One nice little thing is that each day I notice the little improvements that Andre is still doing to the forum. For instance;. Line breaks are being included properly. For a while they were not. That is all I can remember at the moment. Thank you for all the improvements Andre.

I must try and find time to examine this one! Apopewalksintoabar fell off his bike and broke his arm badly. We all wish him a quick recovery. We also passed the hat around and bought him a new bike. This wrap is earlier than usual but I missed out yesterday altogether sorry. So I am probably just averaging the days.

As always there were some great questions and answers. There is nothing to report. It is a very quiet weekend in the middle of the US school holidays. So I will skip straight to the interesting posts. This one shows how you can solve a problem algebraically and graphically.

Now that was one quiet day. Actually there were a couple of interesting questions.

  • Die Auswirkungen der demographischen Entwicklung auf die Kapitalmärkte und die Finanzierung von Altersrenten (German Edition);
  • CRAN Packages By Date.
  • Ebooks and Manuals.
  • Fools Glass.
  • Contributors!
  • An Intensive Course.
  • I have included it in the "Puzzles" sticky thread as well. It was an extremely quiet day today. NinjaDevo snuck in very quietly yesterday and earned himself a star. Sorry Ninja, I didn't notice until today, you are very stealthy. Andre Massow has done some more work on the site, the look is just a little different. There are lots of people on the forum tonight which is really nice to see. But for me it is really late! Gregnedal is new and I would like to take this opportunity of welcoming you to web2.

    We hope that you learn a lot and have plenty of fun here. There were plenty of interesting posts today. I have collected these ones for your entertainment. Reinout is back - Lunch box unwrap. Rosala's first day back at school. You want some WOW factor? Thanks Morgan Tud. Boolean Logic. Words can be difficult to interprete. Alan and I had problems here. This looks interesting. Thanks Alan. That is it for today. Well not for me I suppose, today is already yesterday and "tomorrow" is already 2 hours gone lol. Thanks everyone. Yesterday Zegroes earned his star. Rose98 and DragonSlayer are both new.

    We hope that you learn lots and enjoy yourselves here. I worked out how we can duck between the different language forums without having to sign in each time. It is really cool! This is the German post that i used. I assume that it will work from there as well but I am not sure. If it works then a sticky topic should be written with posts from each forum so we can use it as an easy gate way! Anyone want to volunteer? I think that it is now time for the interesting post of the days. I think there are lots of them. Rose98 only just joined and look at the introduction that she gets.

    No one even attempted to help her. Advanced statistics if anyone is interested. This one looks interesting - Given time I will take a much better look! This is a bit of fun - maybe we could have some more solutions. Thanks anonymous. This is a good question for our younger members. I haven't finished with this one yet. I am quite sure all our answers are wrong. I have an idea but I haven't had time to work through it yet.

    Snip35 is new. We hope you have fun and learn lots here. I don't know how many of you use Android phones but it has been difficult going from messages back into the forum. I have found the way! Click on your username, then go into the control panel. From there you can click on view your own posts and that takes you into the forum. Weekend at last from Rosala. I learned something here.

    Thank you Chris and Alan. An interesting motion question done by physics formulae and by calculus. Another question answered via 2 different approaches. And, last but not least the saga continues - I'd really like some input on my last entry. Quazars is new. Andre Massow owner and developer of web2. Now only the top 10 show. For me this is great. Before I felt like i had to scroll through every member of the whole forum before I could get to where I needed to be.

    This should be much better. Rosala said in her poem that you are the most important one because without you we would have not forum at all. Thank you for everything you do for us. I really must take a look. Maybe you could put it into your 'development' thread somewhere Ninja?

    Available CRAN Packages By Date of Publication

    Now for some general posts. Let's end the day with a laugh. I am sorry it has been a couple of days since it wrote the last wrap. I am really not up to where I would like to be for this one but that does mean that there are more questions available for those people who are here.

    There is always a bright side! I would like to request that when serious questions are asked and people are trying to provide serious answers that the distracting non-related posts be put elsewhere. It can be very difficult to think a difficult problem through if the thread is full of distractions.

    I am not saying you can't have a related joke but please keep it to a minimum. Here is one such thread. It most certainly is not the only one. Grizzly Bear land mines. SevenUp's post is saying exactly what I am saying.

    the wills harmonic motion Manual

    I always like these questions. I have no idea but it looks like more of an answer is desired. I liked the humour in these ones:. I am still not completely caught up but I nearly am. There are still questions on pages and that have not been answered. Thanks to all of you. It was just mentioned to me that it is now Saturday, or Sunday for all of you and the forum is filled with young people who are having fun and learning at the same time. What a great bunch of 'kids' you are. What we now have is what I always wanted for this forum.

    It is a club environement. All the core members both young and old are participating and learning together. This makes me very happy. Thank you everyone! I would really like some feedback about the interest posts. Ninja has given positive feedback. He may put some of them together into a new Sticky Topic thread. So if you just want some good quality posts on a semi-specific topic you will be able to find them there. Ninja has already organised our "sticky Topic" thread "Information Pages Worth Keeping and Developing" and he says he will do this one as well.

    These are time comsuming exercises and then they have to be constanly updated as time progresses. Now I would like other people to comment. You can do so on the Lantern post please. Not on this 'wrap thread'. Many of you attempted it but I don't think any of you got it correct. Then again it could be me that got it wrong. That would be rather embarasing. Don't look at the answer straight away! I really liked Chris's explanation. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I caught up on everything today - well almost. I am going to start the wrap with a grump I am sorry.

    I really was not impressed with this thread this morning. A new member, Mari, asked a serious question. Yes it was funny, that is why I didn't just white it out but by the time sevenUP answered the actual question. The serious answer was lost amongst the sea of humour. A couple of hours later, Mari reposted and CPhill anwered.

    She should have been able to see her answer in the first place. You should all be a just a little bit ashamed of yourselves. Especially when the question is not fully answered yet. Now there were plenty of good posts and here are some of them. Ninja, could you put this aside as a log sample question please. Ninja changed the name of our reference thread to "Reference Material". Thanks Ninja, that was smart thinking. Wheres the fun!? Wheres the excitment!? Wheres the "juicy threads" this end of day wrap was all business! Thats boring I notice that Zegroes has whinged that the last wrap was too boring.