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The uncontested pot is the easiest and you will win more uncontested pots against weak players than against strong players.

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Simple so far? Now here's what you do against weak players and we will focus on weak players, after all you are fishing for fish - not sharks. This is perhaps the least effective steal to the weak player limping that you can do. Remember this even weak players take umbrage to a bully and are quickly aware of being bullied preflop.

It is embarrassing to constantly limp and fold. Moreover, every player soon learns that his hand really takes shape on the flop and to see a flop is to see all or nearly. Rule 7: My main reason to attack a weak player preflop, that is to raise his out of position limp is to increase the amount of money I will take off him by attacking in the subsequent rounds.

Rule 7. You see the chance of him hitting a real staying hand on the flop is so small. I plan to move him of his hand in one of the next three rounds and believe me I'll make it hard for him to stay the distance. Lets say Mr Weak not loose has limped and you have raised him in position and you are now heads up with him when the flop is flopped. If he checks the flop, roughly Even with a set they should do this.

Everyone learns this very very early.

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If in such a case he calls your bet then you actually have him exactly where you want him. Yes you do. In this case he is probably drawing to the flush and even if you have none of the suit the chance of the third suit falling on the turn is Not good for Mr W! If you have 1 of the suit he has only a If the flush card comes - mostly check it out. But as said previously, this doesn't happen very often. Lets suppose the flop comes completely ragged.

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In this case, he may be checking to trap you. That is to check raise you. But consider his hand now as being a 5 card hand.

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In 5 card hands the chance of hitting two pair or trips is Really not much at all. Rule 8: The weak player who checks the ragged flop will lay down After all he knows he should bet top pair! Lets come back to our 5 card analogy.

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Given any 5 cards the chance of there being 2 pair or better or a 4 flush or 4 straight therein is In other words, when the weak player checks the flop Of course the 5 card analogy assumes 5 random cards and in reality, 3 of then are not; however it gives a good feel to the principal. Rule 8. Lets consider the following table where the probabilities of seeing an over card by the river are shown As an illustration, with a Jack high flop the probability of seeing an over card and no Jack by the river is Lets say Mr W leads to a ten high flop.

Call his bet then attack his check when the over card or indeed a 3 flush appear by the river. Rule 9: Weak players almost always assume you have it if they don't. With a rainbow flop that is paired high, say for example re-raise the weak players flop bet. Most weak players assume it is the height of aggression to bet into a scary flop like this. They assume that like them you observe Rule 9. They think if they bet you assume they have the '9'. Re-raise them and they will be certain you have it. Rule Weak players assume you are as scared as them. They assume you observe Rule 9. You see pretty quickly a strong player will begin to pick up on your moves and the only security you have with a strong player is not to try the same trick too often and to ensure that as a rule you have the hand.

They almost always assume you play the game literally! Use this knowledge to your benefit and outplay them. Oh and one other thing. Do not beat up on a weak player too consistently. Every so often let him have his little victory.

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Roulette players and weak poker players have one thing in common. They prop themselves up with memories of their infrequent victories. These few victories seem to give them the energy to ignore the pain of their losses. When I was first coming up the ranks, I was fortunate enough to be part of a thriving community back In fact, the safety and design of our product renders this type of event nearly impossible. So everyone ready to throw out their slow cooker or those who have already done it can chill out. A fictional character on one of the best shows on television died…and they took the brunt of the blame.

If anything, this provides you a great reason to speak with your leadership team or your clients about having a crisis planning meeting. In the Crock-Pot crisis, they did a great job of combining the new and old to reach people everywhere. They used Twitter to reach those people very quickly, and the results were late show mentions, including the facts, and a Super Bowl Sunday Crock-Pot promo.

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  • If you have a crisis communications plan, you know what you need to do, and you can show empathy, you will always win in a crisis. Though you may not have the most popular TV program and late-night show hosts on your side, there is a lot to be said for how they used advocates to communicate the facts. She also has run, built, and grown an agency for the past 14 years.