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There are many articles, blogs, and books about negotiation skills, strategies, tactics, tips, etc. It can be a little overwhelming!

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We all know that body language, professional communication, and people skills are important. But many negotiators—even the really good ones—forget or underestimate the importance of these three essential negotiation skills. Many managers shy away from negotiations because they feel uncomfortable with it. Developing these negotiation skills will not only make you love negotiating, they will ensure you conclude negotiations successfully in a way that delivers value for your organization and builds the relationship with the other party.

The ability and discipline to properly plan and prepare for a negotiation are perhaps the most important, yet most underrated negotiation skill. All of the negotiation tactics and tricks that you have in your toolkit are practically useless if you have not done your homework. To properly plan for any negotiation, follow these three steps of our 5-step negotiation model :. Determine the outcome that you would like to achieve through this negotiation. In other words, answer the question: What is your best-case scenario outcome?

After you determine that, start to plan on how you will begin your dialogue with the other party.

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What will you say to initiate the conversation? What are the objectives? And, how do you want the negotiation to end?

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This is the step where you are determining your goals, but keep in mind that you will likely have to be flexible in achieving these goals as you learn more about and negotiate with the other party. Step 2: Know To be an effective negotiator, you must know the other party. Spend time researching them to understand their needs and opportunities. Get to know their industry and market if you are negotiating with a business and uncover their strengths and weaknesses.

Think about what their objectives may be for coming to the table with you. Where are areas that they bring value to you, and where you bring value to them?

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Also, prepare a list of questions that you can bring to the negotiation table with you. The objective of these questions will help you either validate your research or improve your understanding of the other party. Step 3: Create Now that you have set your goals, done your research and have a better understanding of the other party, think about your alternatives. You know that negotiation is an interactive process which can take many turns. Think about as many different alternatives to your best-case scenario as you can. What are some possible counter offers the other party might make?

In what areas might they have concerns?

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Also, think about the concessions you are willing and able to make. You negotiate every day, with your kids, spouse, parents and friends. To close the gap you should use a simple proven blueprint.

So, if you would like to join the new generation of elite level global business negotiators, master all the strategies, tools and techniques that you need for unusual negotiation results, and improve the quality of your relationships then you should subscribe to the Ilovenegotiating weekly podcast. Go to www. Listen on Apple Podcasts. I enjoyed listening to these pod casts, but it hasn't been updated in a while.

Jan are you going to continue? I hope you do. All three podcasts are worth listening to more than once. Please add new episodes! I listened to the first three of this series and found them well done with some great tips. I am looking forward to future episodes where hopefully Jan will take a deeper dive. Apple Podcasts Preview. Show 2 More Episodes.

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