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In addition, the protest movement crowns him as its representative causing the secret services to spy on him for a few years. In , he begins a productive collaboration with Francesco De Gregori , and he dedicates himself to translating the lyrics of world-famous artists, such as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. In the meantime, his marriage with Puny Enrica is not going well, and in Fabrizio meets the singer Dori Ghezzi whom he will marry in The shows are often introduced by the Genoese comedian Beppe Grillo.

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In the meantime, Fabrizio has achieved his dream of having his own agricultural business. He purchased an estate in Sardinia and dedicates himself to restoring the house and the farm. They spend the majority of the time tied to a tree and wear the same clothes of the day they were taken hostage. After the ransom is paid, the two are freed.

They decline to be a civil party against their kidnappers in court.

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Their love for Sardinia is not undermined. Fabrizio sees similarities between the Native Americans and the Sardinians, considering both of them exploited and enslaved peoples who were expelled from their homelands by careless colonizers. The album contains the songs Hotel Supramonte, dedicated to the kidnapping, and Fiume Sand Creek , inspired by the massacres of the Cheyenne and the Arapho by the army of the United States in In , the novel Un destino ridicolo , written with Alessandro Gennari, is also published.

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