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What does it mean? No doubt Paul would think of these demons in ways entirely different from the former thinking of the Galatians … Thus, this whole issue takes on a cosmic and spiritual significance. From the context, we see it is simply not logical to conclude that Paul was criticizing the observance of the biblical Sabbath and festivals, since they were not even mentioned anywhere in this epistle.

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Galatians 4 verses Are God's Laws Bondage? Perusall provides you with a simple "confusion report" that summarizes areas your students misunderstood, disagreed with each other about, or were most engaged with — along with examples of the best annotations, so you can call out specific questions or individuals in class. Perusall encourages students to continue the conversation about the text even after they log off; when other students answer their questions, Perusall sends them an email summary, with the ability to respond without leaving their email client or smartphone.

There is no cost to use Perusall beyond the cost of purchasing the book. Note: Students must purchase through Perusall to access the book in Perusall. The Christians in Galatia may have wanted to know why God gave his laws. Those laws clearly describe what is right and wrong behaviour. They had no standard to compare their behaviour with. This is a very difficult verse to understand. Nobody is sure what it really means. Then Moses gave the laws to the people. But God made his promise directly to Abraham. People in the world are not free.

When people realise this, they trust Jesus. Then they will receive the good things that God has promised. People could not trust Jesus until he came to this world. The law was like a judge. It showed people that they were guilty. But the law was also like a prison guard. The law could not free people. God showed people how to trust him when he sent Jesus into the world.

In those days, rich families had slaves. Some of the slaves would look after the young children in the rich family. And the slaves guarded the children on the way. The slaves also trained and controlled the children. When the child became an adult, he did not need the slave any more. The slave did not control the adult child. It taught people how to behave. But the law could not give people a right relationship with God.

Only Jesus Christ can do that. The law had a purpose in the past that would not last. When people trust Christ, the purpose of the law ends. The Christians in Galatia thought that they also should obey the law. They thought that this would help them to make more progress. But Paul had clearly explained that this was wrong. You have put on Christ in the same way that you put on new clothes.

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There is no difference between slaves and free people. There is no difference between men and women. Each of you united yourself with Jesus Christ in the same way. It is as if you all have become one person.

And you will receive what God has promised. In those days, only sons could receive such a gift. But Paul was not referring only to men. He was contrasting the adult child with the young child in verse An adult does not start to behave like a child again. The adult son does not need a slave to control him. They were like mature adults. Therefore, they did not need the law to control them.

It shows that the person has a new relationship with Jesus Christ. It expresses what has already happened to the person. The Christian completely unites himself or herself with Christ. A Christian behaves in a new way. Nobody has an advantage over anyone else. Slaves and free people have a different rank in society. Slaves feel less important than free people. In many societies, men consider that they are superior to women. But everyone becomes a Christian in the same way.

Society may consider that some people are more important. But as a Christian, nobody is superior. And nobody is less important. Paul showed in this verse that there were no distinctions among Christians. But now everyone can receive the good things that God promised to Abraham. They just need to trust Jesus Christ. A young son will receive the property that his father has promised to give to him. But before the son becomes a man, he is no different from a slave. People are responsible for his property.

This happens until the particular time that his father has chosen. We were like slaves to the basic things that people in the world believe. He had a human mother. He freed the people who had to obey the law. So God sent the Holy Spirit into your lives. The Holy Spirit tells us that God is our father. So God will give you the good things that he has promised. Each society has a time for a young boy to become a man.

As soon as a boy became a man, he had full legal rights. Young children could not own property, even if their father gave it to them. Young children had no rights. Slaves could not own property either. Slaves had no rights.

So young children and slaves were in the same situation. And they used to obey the rules in their religions. They did not understand what the truth was. So they were like young children. They could not receive what God their Father had promised to them. And he decided when he would send Jesus into this world. Luke describes how this happened.

Jesus was a real man. He had a physical body. Jesus came to free people. God could adopt everyone so that they would become his children. The Holy Spirit lived in Jesus. He made Jesus alive again after Jesus died. And now the Holy Spirit lives in every Christian Romans In Matthew , Jesus taught us how to pray to our Father God. This verse ends a long section that Paul started in He showed clearly why the false teachers were wrong.

The Christians in Galatia were no longer slaves. They did not have to obey the rules and traditions of any religion. They were receiving the good things that God promised to Abraham. They received these good things because they trusted Jesus Christ. You were slaves to gods who really are not gods. And it is even more important that God knows you. So I do not know why you are turning again to those weak and poor principles. I do not know why you want to become their slaves again.

I do hope that my work among you was not in vain. I appeal to you to behave like me. In the past, you did nothing bad to me. My body was weak. But you did not refuse me. And you did not think that I was not important. You received me in the same way that you would receive Jesus Christ himself.

But I do not know what has happened to change this. I know that you would have done anything for me. If possible, you even would have taken out your eyes and you would have given them to me. I hope that I am not your enemy now because of this. They were like slaves because they could not trust the real God. Instead, they obeyed their false religions. Some of the false gods were wooden or metal models of people or animals.

God knew us before we were born Psalm We love God because he loved us first 1 John It is very important that we understand this. God chooses us because he loves us. He does not choose us because of our efforts. The Christians in Galatia thought that their efforts would make them into better Christians. That is what the false teachers taught them. They had left the old laws of their religions.

Jesus Christ had freed them. So Paul could not understand why they wanted to leave this freedom. But they were turning away from God because they wanted to obey rules and traditions again. Now that we are Christians, we have a special relationship with God. We know God as our father. And God knows us as his sons and daughters. These events are not wrong. But the Christians in Galatia were wrong to turn away from God. They were obeying these traditions instead of trusting God. He helped them to become free. They were no longer like slaves of their religion.

He expected them to become mature Christians. So he was very worried about what had happened to them. Paul did not write in a very warm way in this letter. He wrote to teach the Christians correctly rather than to praise them. But in the next few verses, Paul wrote about things that were more personal. He did not live like someone whom the law controls. He was free. So he strongly urged the Christians to copy his freedom. The last sentence links with the next verses.

We do not know what weakness or illness Paul had. And we do not know why it caused difficulty for the people in Galatia. But this is not important. However, his illness was the reason why he went there. If he had been healthy, he may not have gone to that area. His illness could have offended the people. They could have thought that he was a nuisance. They could have sent him away. Instead, the people welcomed Paul. They respected Paul and they gave him honour. They were happy that Paul was with them. They wanted to help him in any way that they could.

They wanted to help him to become well in his body. An idiom is a special phrase. It does not mean what the words say. But it could emphasise what someone means. It just emphasised how much the Christians in Galatia cared about Paul. And it showed how generous they were. And Paul was writing the truth in this letter. He was telling the Christians that they were wrong.

So he probably offended some of them. False teachers often cause Christians to become enemies of the true teachers. But this is not for your benefit. They want to separate you from us. They want you to give more attention to them. But it must always be for a good purpose. And this is always true, even when I am not with you.

I feel like a mother who will soon have a child. I feel a similar kind of pain as I wait for you to become like Christ. Then I could talk to you in a different way. I am so worried about you. Their intentions were not good because they were jealous. They did not want the Christians to be loyal to Paul. The false teachers did not really care about the Christians. They did not want the Christians to enjoy their freedom.

The false teachers had an interest in the Christians in Galatia. And they wanted the Christians to have an interest in them. But their reasons were evil. They wanted to control people. The Christians in Galatia used to have a real interest in Christ. That was good. But they should have continued, even when Paul was not with them.

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Paul really cared about the Christians. His intentions were always good. When a mother has a baby, she feels a lot of pain. She suffers a lot because it is a difficult time for her. But she must wait until her child is born. Paul used this fact as a description of his own emotions. He cared so much about the Christians in Galatia that he felt pain in his emotions. He was suffering because it had not yet happened.

Paul could not understand why the Christians wanted to leave their freedom. It is often very difficult to write what we feel. It is much easier to speak. We can use a loud or soft voice. People understand more when they can hear the tone of our voice. Paul had to write this letter in a rather strict way. He had to explain the truth again.

But he wanted to be kind to the Christians too. He could not do this easily in this letter. This is one reason why he was suffering. So he really wanted to go and speak to them. But you do not really understand what the law says. The mother of one son was a slave. The mother of the other son was not a slave.

She was a free woman. These two women are similar to the two agreements that God made. Hagar is like the agreement that God made on Mount Sinai. Her children were born as slaves. And you can compare Mount Sinai to Jerusalem. Jerusalem and all the people there are like slaves. This Jerusalem is like our mother. You never had a child.

But you should shout and cry because you are happy. In the same way, Abraham had a son, Isaac, because of what God promised. The same thing is happening today. The son of the slave woman must not receive anything that belongs to his father. The son of the free woman will receive it all. Instead, we are like the children of the wife who is free.

Paul became stricter again in the rest of this chapter. He understood it very well. The law did not make people better Christians. Instead, it made them slaves. Not all the Christians believed the false teachers. But Paul wanted to make sure that all the Christians understood the truth. You can read about Abraham and his two sons in Genesis chapters He had a wife called Sarai. But later God changed her name to Sarah. Sarah had a slave called Hagar. Hagar had a son called Ishmael.

Sarah had a son called Isaac.

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In those days, it was important for a man to have a son. Sarah considered that Hagar was her property. Sometimes a man would marry a second wife. Their society allowed these actions. Now we know that God wants a man to have only one wife Exodus ; Matthew A man should stay with his wife even if she cannot have children. Abraham could make Hagar have a baby. He had sex with Hagar, the slave. Ishmael was born 9 months later. This all happened in the normal way. But Hagar and her son were slaves.

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Abraham and Sarah had sex in the usual way for married couples. Sarah was not a slave but her body did not work properly. They were married for a long time but Sarah never had a baby. One day, God promised Abraham that Sarah would have a son Genesis Sarah was 90 years old. It was impossible for her to have a baby at that age. Abraham could not make Sarah have a baby. But God made it happen because of his promise. Sarah and her son were not slaves. They were free people.

Paul wanted to explain again the difference between the law and freedom. He compared it to Hagar and Sarah. He used the principle rather than all the details. Mount Sinai is in Arabia. But the people who obeyed the law were slaves to the law. Hagar was a slave. When a slave has children, they are slaves too. A slave can never have children that are free. In a similar way, the people who received the law could never be free. They wanted God to approve of them. They always tried to please God by their own effort. So they remained as slaves.

But Ishmael was not the child that God promised to Abraham. And so, nobody who tries to please God by his own effort is a real child of God. Revelation refers to Jerusalem that is in heaven. This Jerusalem refers to all Christians who have trusted Jesus Christ. This Jerusalem is free.

Isaac was a free person because his mother was free. But Sarah is like the woman who had no children. God kept his promise. More and more people are trusting Jesus Christ. And so, this family keeps increasing. The Christians in Galatia were like Isaac. It did not happen by their own effort. God promised a son to Abraham. You can read about this event in Genesis Ishmael did not deal with Isaac in the right way. Ishmael caused trouble for Isaac. Ishmael, the slave, is like the people who were still trying to please God by their own efforts.

Isaac, the free son, is like the Christians. The false teachers caused Paul a lot of trouble. Such people will not receive anything that God has promised to Christians. The false teachers would have been very angry with Paul when they heard this. They supposed that God would reward them for their effort. And they did not want to trust Jesus. Paul finished the explanation that he started in verse Ishmael could not receive anything from his father. Real Christians, who trust Jesus, are not like that.

They are like Isaac. They will receive all that God has promised. Be certain that you remain free. You must not allow yourselves to become slaves again to the law. In this way, you are trying to make God accept you. But you have separated yourself from Christ. You have turned away from his wonderful kindness.

We trust Christ so that we will have a right relationship with God. We look forward to what will happen in the future. And we are sure about what will happen. However, we should trust Christ and love other people. This is what really matters. This verse is a brief statement about what Paul had already taught. Christ has already freed people from the law. The false teachers were trying to make the Christians in Galatia slaves to the law. But the Christians had the responsibility to remain free. Paul wanted to emphasise what he was writing in this section. They did not trust him.

They had started to believe what the false teachers were teaching them about the laws. So Paul still had time to warn them. And he could remind them about the truth. The Christians thought that the laws would make them better Christians. But Paul said that they would not still be Christians. Paul has already explained that the laws themselves are not bad. But God accepts only the people who trust Jesus Christ.

They think that they need to work hard to please God. The Holy Spirit lives inside all Christians. And he helps them to look forward to what God will do in the future. These good things come because Christians trust Jesus Christ. Christians already have a right relationship with God. Christians have learned how much God loves them. So they should love other people in the way that God loves them. But someone made you stop. They persuaded you not to obey the true words about God. God invited you to come to him. So I am confident that you will not have a different opinion. God will certainly punish the person who is upsetting you.

It does not matter who that person is. Perhaps some people say that I teach this. But if I were really teaching this, then nobody would oppose me. And nobody would think that the message about the cross was a hard message. In fact, the cross would not matter to anyone. I wish that they would cut off their male parts completely!