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From our parents, we learned the importance of protecting our local habitats and fighting for the environment. We must remain committed to social justice, to help create stronger communities for all future generations. These are profound themes that came to life in our house, growing up. It also happens that our dad is a Republican. While my dad was heavily outnumbered under his own roof when it came to politics as well as easy access to a bathroom , we always respected his opinion.

He taught us that we can agree to disagree, and that it is important to hear all sides to an issue.

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Mike Lee. Boehner last year, is split on the mogul.

Key & Peele - Black Republicans

Other conservative opponents of big government are backing Trump on the grounds that he, at least, has unambiguously opposed government regulation and pledged to cut corporate taxes. Goodman, a senior fellow at the Independent Institute, a conservative think tank. She would expand Obamacare, and increase taxes overall. She would impose more regulations. Liberals have vehemently opposed the idea of reducing cost-of-living adjustments for Social Security, which could make the program solvent again in one fell swoop.

Biden: This Is Not Your Father's Republican Party

The pay-go concept, or pay-as-you-go, was part of the budget agreement between President George Bush and Congress. It required Congress to pay for any new spending with cuts to other programs or tax increases. Since then, Congress has ignored it on occasion, most recently in when it enacted a new payment formula for doctors serving Medicare patients. She has lots of ambitious programs and lots of ambitious ways to pay for them.

Neither party is pushing to end the era of Big Government anymore

Even if you do that, you remain on an unsustainable course. Still, no one expects Democrats to take the lead on the deficit.

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  • Today's Republicans are even less black.

And, in Trump, the country has never seen a GOP presidential candidate less attuned to it. But Romney alluded to his willingness to go after the problem. He pledged to control spending on Medicaid, the health care program for the poor, by turning it into a block grant and capping annual increases at 1 percent. In , the Republican candidate, Arizona Sen. The specifics were lacking, but he at least paid lip service to the issue.

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Even George W. He broached the third rail of politics during the campaign, a courageous move, and tried in to convince Congress to allow workers to invest a portion of their payroll taxes in private accounts. Trump, by contrast, has pledged to preserve Social Security as it is, and to replace the current health care system with a new one that covers everyone.

The problem is with where the Democrats are.

A Left-Wing Son Celebrates His Republican Dad

However, one of the ways Democrats did attempt to change some of the spending can be seen in the health care law, specifically, their cutting Medicare Advantage funding Medicare Advantage Plans are offered by private companies and seniors opting to use them receive a fixed amount from traditional Medicare to pay for those plans. Republicans have criticized them about that ever since.

And his success has driven a new wedge in a party that was already riven last fall between a far right faction unwilling to compromise with Democrats and another still interested in dealmaking. Swift said a desire to move to a national scope was clear at that meeting. The group has built out city chapters in Washington, D. Their goals are as big as their ambition. Organizers plan to roll out a page on their website for young Republicans interested in running for office.