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Check out a meditation retreat. Now that life has finally slowed down, take some time to embrace it. If you want to get really into doing nothing, pick a silent retreat. Buy a journal or open up a blank doc on your computer and begin to write what comes to mind. Make it a daily routine. Start in the morning when your mind is clear and take notes throughout the day as things come to mind. What matters is you start to reflect.

The key is to constantly get your ideas out of your head. Only then will you be able to make real sense of them. Do a cleanse or take on a physical challenge. Push yourself. See how you feel. Write down some thoughts as the experience unfolds. Get inspired. Surround yourself with people you admire or go off all alone with your favorite music or motivating movies.

Dust off Rocky I or Vision Quest if the underdog story is what fires you up. Take note of where your mind takes you. When was the last time you sat down and dreamed huge, without someone telling you were crazy? Go out in nature, maybe lie out on your back and stare at the clouds. Go back to your days as a five-year-old if you must. Write everything down. No filtering. Notice how it feels.

Learn about yourself. All these steps are designed to help you better understand who you are — to help you find the things you may have never realized you were looking for. To understand your values, strengths, natural talents, passions and figuring out how you actually define success instead of the BS scripted societal version most of us are running off of. Something that most people never make the time to do. Learn with no expectation and no agenda. In it, I dissect our proprietary 3-step Passionate Work Framework and how you can start to apply it to your world. So far, the talk has been viewed over 1.

I hope it gives you the start you need…. Most of the above steps, the TEDx framework and a ton more are covered in some deep detail. But more important than anything, start learning, any way you can. More details below. Losing your job is not a disaster. Quitting is not the end of everything certain in life. There is a better path for you. Now you get to find it. Take it seriously, and it just might change your life. Or you could just roll right into whatever comes your way next.

But I think you know better by now. This is normal. It is not as bad as you think. Find a reason for it. Let it serve you and be inspired to do something with it. When I left my soul-crushing job seven years ago, I went straight to the ATM to get some money out for dinner that night. After some painful worst-case thinking, I accepted my situation which I had created.

I embraced it. All I did was read, learned and explored. After our breakfast, the next stop for my buddy was a four-day mountain biking retreat. But doing nothing is the only way to find out. Beats the hell out finance. Often this means acting against human nature and against what the majority tell you. Of course, only consider buying it if you truly plan to do the work involved. For those of you ready for some self-discovery, this may be a good place to start. Being in the job and raising kids, etc etc makes it difficult to dream and stretch.

But the steps you describe can give you the courage to step out into something different. You are right on Henrie! Quitting or getting fired is usually the pattern interrupt people need to start seeing things a different way. But yes, ideally you take a sabbatical of sorts and do the learning before the transition. I have read about Dr Ebako the great herbalist doctor from African who can cure HIV with his powerful herbal medicine. Although, i sent him what he requested and he sent me his medicne which i took for two weeks and today when i went for test i was Tested HIV negative.

Circa quattro anni fa, mi sono sposato con due bambini, ma non tutto andava bene tra me e mio marito. Me e solo i bambini ha lasciato. Another great article. Congrats on seeing your situation in the valuable light that you are. All you have to do is figure out which direction to go next. Try not to hurry and enjoy the exploring. Awesome advice, Scott, as usual. But, having a plan and steps like this can ease that transition and aid you in finding your true path and purpose.

Keep me posted! This is an interesting column, and for some it would be very helpful advice. What should that person do? I fear there are many more people in that position in our country today. You bring up a good point Gail and very worth exploring. The short answer is that no matter how dire or extreme your situation is, you must take steps to understand yourself and know how you could best help the world going forward.

If you have to take something immediate and short term then so be it but commit that it will indeed be short term and in the meantime reserve a set amount of time daily to really investigate what lights you on fire.

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Most importantly, be intentional and realize there is someone who needs exactly what you have to offer—whether they are a future employer or a customer! Scott — You are always right on with your timing! But doing nothing is pretty fulfilling and really involves doing quite a lot, like you say: reading, writing, working on health, dreaming, playing music—the list is endless!

The thing is, Doing Nothing is the hardest damn thing most of us could attempt to do in the middle of our over achieving, keeping up with the jonses, multi-tasking obsessed world. At least it is for me…. Perhaps for your general audience…but not for me. I agree with you, Marie. Maybe do nothing for 24 hours, but you then have to evaluate your life situation.

If you have a family and all that entails you need to make sure they are provide for. My 91 year old father has Alzheimers plus going blind and has started to decline rapidly. I have willingly made major changes to my life with the support of my husband. If I lost my job I would need to find something else quickly. Marie and Suzie, you are both right.

No question that this advice cannot apply exactly to every situation, but the message is much more important than the specific prescription — that message is to take time for yourself and understand what matters to you. See my response to Gail above. Do the exploring now so you will know a lot more when things go wrong because as life goes, things will definitely go wrong at some point.

Thanks for bringing up the other side. Great advice. Indeed there are times beyond getting fired that a job could not work out for an individual. Explaining why I left is something difficult to share with prospect employees. If you felt it was time to walk out, I say you were right to do so. Nice work on taking that ever challenging step. You were big inspiration for this one Jacob.

The perfect way to tie in your latest stroke of genius in Living On Purpose too. Another great post. I lived there for 1 year and it was absolutely the best decision I took in my life. It changed my personality completely. It made me have more confidence in myself and in my powers.

Since then I truly believe that if you want something really bad, there is nothing that can stop you from getting that. I plan to move to Dubai in January. Thanks for this amazing article;. The moment I realized the value of world travel, was an epic turning point for me. I have my parents to credit for that in a big way. Excited to hear about your plans for Dubai. I was out there a few years ago — blew my mind!

Thanks for the article, Scott. When you look at job loss or quitting as an opportunity and really savor it, then it really opens up the possibilities. Imagine how powerful you can feel if you turn something as typically terrifying as getting fired, into an opportunity to find purpose and live on passion! I left my job some months back after an year of planning. Since than I am doing nothing and still doing a lot. It keeps me intellectually stimulated. I do have my moments of panic and fear about the future but I force myself to calm down. I tell myself that this is what I wanted and nobody forced this on me.

Wow, awesome to hear you stumbled over here from the Post. Can you please send me that article? Awesome that you were able to think through things so clearly while at your job and know that you had a plan to leave. Makes leaving so much more doable. If you have a plan to do something more meaningful for work then set a date to leave maybe six of 12 months out and then plan, save, act, learn and explore accordingly. Cant wait to hear what you stumble on next! Clearly you are no economist, as a huge number of people across this planet have lost their job AND their home AND are going hungry.

Who is going to bankroll my self-discovery sabatical? I realize some people are in much tougher spots than others. The key is to be intentional. I appreciate you chiming in from the other side. In March, I quit my job with absolutely no prospects on the horizon. I said I had 3 months of funds. And, of course, in the process, a lot of other stuff gets squashed down, too. In taking some time off, many parts of me have started to peek out from the abyss: my creativity, my feelings, my spirit, my good mood!!!! It just feels too right to be the wrong thing for me.

You are dead spot on and I wish for everyone on this planet a chance to take 6 months to a year off to allow themselves to BEcome who they are. I lost my job this week on purpose! I have to agree with Homeless Guy. As far as homeless, well I had to live in my car for 6-months several years ago, so that is possible.

In my case that will be another years, if I can ever get my school loans paid off. Great post, Scott, and great timing! Having had some practice at this, I was already checking out my travel options. Oh, and I even signed up for a meditation retreat. Scott, I am a qualified lawyer, and I teach for a living. When people hear this they look at me as if I have got horns coming out of my head.

I always assure them. I did do my Law degree but that was not right profession for me to be in. Then I did MBA and started teaching in a university Business Writing and started work as a business writer on the side. When I got married and had kids, I stayed back with them for 7 years. Who in this day and age does that? I did and did nothing else except read, write and learn — and also did my school teaching degree. Now I have gone back to teaching, only working as a teacher in a school now and writing at other others.

And I am not 35 yet. Looking at my life, I have changed so many things when it came to career and doing things that I absolutely love. They are not always mutually exclusive. My path has been so twisted that at times I have had struggle getting my head around it. If I could, I would do it today. The only thing that has been a constant in my life has been a passion for books, learning, teaching, writing and my family n friends. Good advice … when someone goes through any life transition they need to allow themselves time to 1 let go of the past, 2 work through the emotions of the change and 3 accept their new reality.

I absolutely applaud this advice. I was burned out and the three-hour commute was a killer, and the free time I DID have was spent lying on the couch and not doing much of anything. Then one day I finally stopped to think- what would be the worst thing that could happen if I quit?

My husband and I would wind up on the street? Between the two of us, we have too much ambition and would find SOME way to make money one way or another, even if it meant working two minimum-wage jobs till we got back on our feet. We each have too many gifts to give the world to be held back by fear and inaction. Oh Kristy, I certainly hear you loud and clear! So December is over, how are you transitioning? I just quit Dec 15th. I pray all is going well for you and your husband! Be blessed.

I was just fired on Monday and I absolutely feel like I was kicked in the stomach. It was not my ideal job and I even got to the point of not liking what I did any longer, however I still did work hard at this job. I have also been put on high blood pressure medication recently thanks to this job. My husband says to start working on me and leave the job hunting until after the holidays. Your advice is truly inspirational but how do I pick myself up and start? Hi my name is Kemp, Im a 58 year old who has been working in electric motor rewinding for the past 33 years.

I have done other things as interests wwood working, I have done a lot truck driving and other heavy equipment. I currently work in a electric motor shop in which I started 7 months thinking it was going to be good but it has turned out be a real challenge its a very controlled evvironment with suveylance camerasHaving a good morale is very important unfortunately the men I work around are always arguing back and forth, belittling back and forth.

The swearing is extreme, its actually one of the most difficult jobs I have had. I know you are ready to pull out the violin, but I would like some advise on these last 4or 5 years of my work ,Im planning on retiring at 62 then just working part time. What is your advise? Thanks Have a great holiday, Sincerily yours Kemp. When you are that close to retirement, and at the same time in such a difficult environment, it really calls for wisdom!

When I went through something somewhat similar, someone gave me a copy of Awaken the Giant within. I read it very slowly, taking one principle at a time and using it to help me cope with my environment and simultaneously work on my future plans every day, until the time was right to make the move. The process of learning to overcome the effect the environment could have on me turned into a great sense of victory , and the abovementioned book gave me those skills.

You have no idea how much I needed to read this! I just quit my job of 4 years since undergrad on Dec 15th. All I knew to do was ration the money saved after quitting to survive. Nothing but learn more about me, why I truly want to become a physician, begin to see the true beauty that I have something to offer the world in that profession and just dream.

My spirit is so full right now. I will be a devoted fan forever, LOL!

Want to Quit Your Day Job and Work from Home Full-Time? — Think Creative Collective

Have a blessed New Year and thank you, from the bottom of my heart! Thanks for this article Scott! I read it at exactly the right time today. I quit my uninspiring sales manager job in early November and decided to take the remainder of the year off to relax and regain my sanity. This morning I decided I would start sending my resume to job hunters and for some reason ended up checking my e-mail instead. Your update about reflecting on was there with a link to this article. I almost cried at the end of it.

I am not ready yet and I have to honor the process of really finding my passion instead of just getting any job I can get my hands on. And of course, despite the bad economy and my dwindling bank account balance, I will continue to dream! As you were in similar state, I would like to know what you did in last 10 months, how did you do it.. So I could take inspiration and do it. Pls help me. I gave 2 weeks notice and Andrew Burkly of Brown Brothers Harriman decided to be cheap and petty, not letting me work the last 2 weeks.

This advice only works for people who have their shit together financially, meaning those with little to no debt, and lacking dependents. I think you severely underestimate the misery of a large percentage of the population out there that have either recently lost their primary income source or have lost their income source for an extended period of time. THIS is the most amazing page I have bumped into and it was by mistake… I also lost my Job but was 3 weeks before Christmas, when it happened all I could say was shit over n over again in the office and thanked them for the really nice christmas gift and I did exactly what the article said.

As days went by so did the stress of my Job took few weeks to officaily recover from the high level of madness I felt in my Job. I am still everyday looking cause I dont have the money to do nothing but some how it is just happening out of my control. I have even had my CV looked at by career advisor as am even confused with my experience how is my phone not ringing and my emails aint beeping… I finaly received 1 interview the other day, not my dream Job. It is as if my Jobless life is happening for a reason and people keep saying it. I feel guilty for feeling joy to not be working, I think my 2 years got me to a stage were now I feel a relieve for being off all this time.

I sleep like I havent in years, alot of other plus points for having the break, I had the most relaxing christmas ever. Not for everyone, of course, but it can happen. The world of internet or online dating has exploded in recent years. If our lives busier than we have to make bet…. The life we live and the world we live in makes a joke of the the big dreams.. I want to be a poet and write though I just finished doing an MBA! But anyways cheers to us dreamers and those who have the courage to put their foot down to peer pressure.

Having experienced both sides of the divide, I am inclined to agree with those who have pointed out that being able to leave your job by choice is a privilege that not everyone has access to. I can assure you that for many people there is a very real possibility of homelessness and poverty and sadly, these are often the very people who need this advice most of all. What I got most of all from this post and the responses is the relief of knowing that I am not allne or crazy in wanting to leave my well paid, FT job.

What price our souls? I hope that everybody who is truly stuck due to family or financial circumstances keeps chipping to find a way through to some happiness AND security. The two should not be mutually exclusive. Guy who wrote this article — who are you and what fantasy land do you live in? I recently quit something that I had put hundreds of hours into and was well attached. I read your advice and I really helped to calm myself down and take a better approach to life. Thank You. I do have a problem with one thing: That is, for the past three years I have been hired as a contractor, for 3 month stints.

I do well, collect references, spend my down time looking for a new gig and interviewing like mad! There is no unemployment insurance for contractors. I am tired of a project ending and having to worry about being stigmatized for taking any longer than six week to get my next gig. I would like to go on vacation but cannot afford one, I am too busy trying to find my next job. Anyway I would like to have benefits again and be able to build a lasting relationship where loyalty is an asset!

I have a by weekly car payment, so if i miss that, they will repo the car that doesnt run. My credit will be even more shot, the more i think about it the more I think, well how much worse can my credit get anyway. I am always nervous that I will be fired and today, after only working a couple of days at my new fast food job Nobody laugh , I was asked to come in on my off day. So I agreed and I was told before I learned fast and that I was doing an exceptional job by the manager. Today was different, though as I was placed on an area I had no idea how to even begin and was just left there during crazy busy hours…well after awhile I was being told to do this by one person and then asked by another why I was doing that and to do something else.

I like putting codes and stuff in it with it still rhyming or at least having similar sounding vowels. Not really sure why. I have worked for a major ins. I have amazing relationships throughout the company with high ranking officers and associates alike. My role is in an office manager function.

Three years ago a new Director came to this location. I am a walking bruise. I am a single mother with a mortgage, a child in braces and another child who is an honor student who is slated to go to summer camp for gifted writers. I am sick with fear. Add to this for the last year I have been helping to care for my sister who has terminal Brain Cancer. Change and more stress are so NOT what my spirit needs right now. My job has been the glue keeping me together. I am so afraid of changing the landscape of my childrens lives behind something I could not overcome.

Trying to just breathe through it…. I am in a different situation. I am 54, almost 55 and have been at my current employer for almost 26 years. I have been in my current positon for 7 years. I am having a very difficult time at work. They management are trying to force me out. I have gotten written up and put on probation for the first time in my working career.

I am a nurse. I really want to leave and could take early retirment but, I want to work. What to do?? Just to let you know, you are NOT alone. My manager Linda is someone I have worked with for 27 years and suddenly because I do not conform to her new direction I am in the same position as you. I am now at the penultimate stage of disciplinary with absolutely no shred of truth in it. Because it has made me unwell, they now use this as evidence that after 30 years I am no longer fit as an RN.

I do not know what the future holds for either you or me but perhaps we may have found some insight with Scotts message here. God Bless! This is a site I have just stumbled upon and I certainly find it interesting. I am a guy in his early 40s with extensive experienceof his field, gained over the last 20 years. Part of me wants to just resign and go and study for a few months or a year, in a field that interests me. The aim being to expand my thinking and gain new life perspective, something I desperately need. Trouble is I am stuck in this dated notion of never leaving a paying job and I am becoming more tired and more jaded by the day.

Who else feels this to be the case and does anyone think it is ever advisable to just quit mid life, and go re-invent yourself a little? Every company will have a few negative comments. Katie, Lucky girl. You have a retirement! Quit your job; find out your life passion, and go for it. Once you are fired in nursing, no one will hire you.

I know because it happened to me, and I have only social security retirement. I personally have been wondering if I should give up hunting for a job and do art I have a BS in that too. But I am terrable at selling. I hate anything to do with it. Oh well. We are on the same boat. My employer have gotten me into a position where I am in limbo. Looks to me that I am not going to be practicing nursing again.

I have invested too many years in my life just to be able to do nursing but seems like the odds are on my side. There has been a lot on my plate lately and I am on the verge of finding a more meaningful thing to do. It is really disheartening but I know that things are going to get better.

Hey Scott! Great post again! I like your work a lot. LYL played a huge role and I just put in my papers. In next 25 odd days ill be totally free with just a months maximum money to support myself. I would really like to know what your take is when one doesnot have a bank balance. Including traveling, meditation retreats, cleansing, eating raw… they all require money to do them. The traveling part is my reward for taking the time to strategize my next step. Thanks for the post. Thank goodness for this post, pretty much exactly what I was looking for!

I handed my notice in last week after being in my well paid job for over 2 years, more importantly being miserable for the last one year. You have just confirmed my every thought Scott, I plan to do nothing until I figure myself out. Scott, awesome post. You site is one if the factors in quitting my job at the end of I started jobless and ideas. I did nothing for one month — literally. I did some reading and cleared my head. One month helped Interrupt that pattern.

This is the last piece of advice I expected to read. I guess that is why I enjoy this blog so much. You speak the truth. I think this is fantastic advice. When I was a teacher a few years ago we went through some pretty extensive layoffs. I was shocked that some of the teachers that clearly hated their jobs were the most worried about getting laid off.

Just taking the time to step back, and really think about my life is what forced me to leave my job about a year and a half ago. I used to teach in America but I now live in Japan and work in Japan. I am thrilled and excited about everyday. How do you have the income to travel or go to retreats if you have no income?

You have seen gas prices right? My husband lost his job in October of last year, and he pretty much did everything you listed… guess what happened? We almost lost our house. My income is not enough to cover all our bills even with cutting our groceries down to eating beans and rice every night, and cutting all entertainment expenses.

After four months I put my foot down, and he found a part time job. Scott — terrific advice, and very timely for me. I feel as thought I have lost my soul over the last 4 years; the job itself is fne, but the environment, the micro-managing, demoralizing, undermining, unclear and confusing instructions, directions, lack of learning opportunities has put me in a state of constant unhappiness, angry and complaining.

Lack of money is achuge issue. I am so glad i stumbled across this article. I just quit my job today due to health issues and honestly, I was freaking out! This article made me realise i will survive, i will be alright, and to just take things a step at a time. I applied for a college and already completed fafsa! Im extremely motivated to actually make something of myself! Thank you! To do nothing! OH What is these papers in the mail? I quite three of my jobs in the past three months. We have barely any money to survive, but some how have made it through. I am a recent graduate, and feel so down on myself.

Want to Quit Your Day Job and Work from Home Full-Time?

But I am not happy doing anything I was doing. At least, I was not happy with the job environment. The first two jobs where great. This most recent one I only worked a week. This gives me a lift to find what I like. To get going on doing what I love, and to infuse more passion into my daily life. So I am going to start slowly and do this. I may have to read this article over and over again for help through this time. But I thank you for this. Great article. Doing something you love can be equally as hard-work and at times stressful from my own personal experience but what is different is your being feels different in that what you do is good.

Even though it still requires you to take stock and not create your own overloads within it. Thank you so much for sharing…. Probably the greatest gift you can give yourself. But by no means without a lot of work. Great that you included it as I think internal travels are just as important as flying all over the world. I recently just quit my job, I was at the point of a break down and so miserable.

I thought all I needed was a break, so I took a three week vacation in Europe to clear my head to see the bigger picture. So eventually I had to come home and come back to work…nothing changed. I felt even worse. So here I am jobless, and free. But I am free, my head is starting to be clear. I want to be happy, I want to be able to enjoy my life, and my career. So I am still looking for a job but I am looking for something that could be enlightening or something that will have meaning, not only to myself but others.

Thank you for that article, it made me feel a lot better about my decisions and how I am choosing to use my time. I resigned recently after working more than a decade at the same place for a decent salary. I am in no great hurry to plan the next phase of my life either. I am just going to enjoy living a simple life and learning more first. The cost of being employed is greater than many of us realize — and I am not just talking about money. It took 8 months for me to let go of my past and remember what it was I wanted to do.

I was so wrapped up in what I had been working so hard for and paddling the wrong way I might add that I spent too much time trying to get back there. My advice? If you are in your current situation and you want change, try to detach yourself from it, imagine you are already without it, what would you do instead?

Then takes steps to make it happen. Iwas so burned by the last situation that I even said to myself I will NEVER work for SOMEBODY else again because it is simply too open to abuse whether understaffing, micromanagement, demoralising or other psychological tortures where there is a power imbalance AND now I have no idea what to do, I am 28 years old and had just gotten a promotion before my health broke down for the second time and now I am left with nothing!

People leave jobs more often these days NOT because they want to leave, but because employers work them as close as they can to absolute breakdown.. I am feeling completely lost and have no idea what to do now. I totally agree with this article.. If I quit my job, I quit making money. How am I supposed to hang around without any money?

I know I will find another job on day that I will love. Quitting my job to do something on my own online was never an issue. Not to mention the earnings I made is just not enough to sustain me. I went back to work eventually and gave up on the site. But one day I realized my site is still generating income on its own despite being dumped for 2 yrs and its even increasing. I still struggle with my own demons at times, but I can never bring myself to give up on completely, because its something I can call my own and have control over its destiny, unlike a job.

Nothing happens if you do nothing. I recently resigned and have no other choice but to win as the bridge has been burnt. Yes, you will go homeless. The office runs the ability management and processes of the a few Arlington Nowhere Hawaii Fibreglass Swimming pool assortment supplying above Sixty highest rated Results for pool area contrs sellers creative designers savannah.

Carlton Pools delivers inexpensive swimming pools and also. I am currently working less hours at work in order to write my book. Once I finish my book I plan to go viral with it on the internet and sell them to my other music colleagues as a new dedicated income. Thanks for the advise Scott! I early retired from my nursing job of 35 years.

Burnout and change in working environment. Taking a few months off to regroup before I start travel nursing. I would like to go on another trip to Hawaii, but when friends find out second trip this year everyone will have a fit, be jealous, and I will never hear the end of it. If you are unhappy, learn some coping mechanisms. Then begin to cut your expenses to the bone read about personal fin management , while you still have an income, and begin to read about finding your purpose.

Save up like a squirrel. Begin to look for people and organisations that seem to inspire you because they align with your passions and purpose. Read about them. Make some connections. I will love to share my testimony to all the people in the forum cos i never thought i will have my girlfriend back and she means so much to me.. The girl i want to get marry to left me 4 weeks to our weeding for another man.. Zack Balo when i Travel to Africa to execute some business have been developing some years back..

My life is back into shape,i have my girlfriend back and we are happily married now with kids and i have my job back too. This man is really powerful.. Am posting this to the forum for anybody that is interested in meeting the man for help. Properly, Ive been studying your blog posts daily and the reason I come on your weblog regularly is its compelling content material Regards. Manche Informationen sind Gold wert.

Man muss sie nur finden Werde die Seite auf jeden Fall in meinen Favoriten aufnehmen. I got fired from my job three months ago and to be hones I was happy to be stay at home mom and take care of my kids. However, even when money is not the issue at this time being lonely and not knowing what to do until kids get home from school is just killing me. Finding a job is very hard as well, I have applied for at least 30 part time jobs and no one is calling me back regardless of experience and the fact that I have earn MBA degree from great upstate University.

About 2 year ago I my partner had misunderstanding, we had both made BIG mistakes in our relationship. He ended up moving away from me to pursue a new life. I knew in my heart that he would be the only one to make me happy. I requested 1 to 2 day casting of the reunite us love spell and within 3days frank company had relocated him back to our hometown where I still lived.

Yes, unemployment may be collected, but a lot of times there is a grace period that takes up to 6 weeks collect. If you were let go from a job that paid low compensation, left one to be struggling to make ends meet, then there is not a lot saved. Six weeks of not being able to collect unemployment could be devastating depending on the situation. Other times, the hardest part of being fired, is the co-workers that one has developed friendships with. The thought of not having them as a friend on a social network, not having the personal phone number and or e-mail, this leaves for no opportunity to keep in touch.

Yes, one may be able to call the employer, but technically, if an employee was let go, it is not wise for the ex-employee to reach out to their former co-workers as this could upset the co-workers and just drags along. In reality, the co-workers are also at a disadvantage, because they themselves never had the opportunity to say goodbye and this could be depressing on them well as you; however, the co-worker will be able to better mange, as the work will keep them occupied, while you yourself will have a harder time, because the thoughts tend to reflect back on the recent employer one worked for.

Thanks for following your dream and showing others how to follow theirs…just a heads-up: the links for your Passion course are not working properly. I can speak from experience, when talking about the mind numbing fear that once came with leaving a job I did not love, or the uncertainty of what would happen after I took the step.

But what did happen every time I left a job I found where i found no satisfaction, an opportunity to meet new people and learn new things. Which in turn moved me forward, ever closer to my goal. The only value in having free, is in the use of it. I will share a secret that I have learned and shared with any and all who may need, life is about choices, astronomical amount of hard, gut wrenching, faith testing choices, that ultimately defines the length and time it ultimately requires to reach the point of contentment everyone should be racing towards.

Most of the people I have met over the years are quick to list what their long term goals are, all the while not having a clue what is required to get their, I find myself guilty of this more often than not. But the fact that I know I am lacking in the knowledge of what steps are needed, is the first step to taking back your decision making ability. The second step, is knowing that the more actions. And with a little faith and a lot of heart, you can do what you believe is impossible, due to the lack of an imaginary dollar amount, starts sounding less crazy than the act of requiring an imaginary dollar amount to Live your Legend.

Thanks Scott, you are a life changer. Thanks Scott. This post is great. I quit yesterday after having a breakdown in front of my colleagues and just walking out. All I ever wanted to be growing up was an author. As soon as I walked out yesterday I headed straight for my computer and wrote more pages in a few hours than I have written in six months and woke up this morning to do the same. I have never felt so happy. The only person who can stop me is me. Keep going people there is light at the end of the jobless tunnel and life is far too short to be doing a job you hate.

Great article, and even better timing. I recently put in my resignation and my last day of work is May 10th.

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I needed to slow down and embrace the life changing journey that I am about to embark on. A good book never ends well without all those other pages. This article just reinforced everything I have been telling myself. I just lost my job today and am glad to be leaving a very toxic environment. On the other I am a little bit scared because I am the provider for my family. Hello Scott, i am reading you writings for 8 months. I am graduated in june and working for 8 months. Then reading your blog make me wake up. I am 25 years old but i know life is too short. Also sorry for my english, i am turkish and read your blog with the help of dictionary, if i made mistakes i apoligise.

You touched my life thank you. Dear friend you all know that is not easy to leave a relationship of about 5years and forget it and all the feelings that you both have for each other. Then the harrasment, etc. Then they rewarded me just a few years from getting some retirement even though I intended to work another 15 years or so because I have to.

This is my reward. Then they canned me. They have hurt a lot of people, a lot of families, some folks for a fact even ended their life over it. But I put up with everything even though I would have been much further ahead in every way including economically had I quite at least a year ago when everything really started compouding, but really several years ago when it all started. But her I am now, with just another experience under my belt.

Thank God we were alays very conservative so we are surviving on our own. I feel for the other folks they did this to, they may not be as fortunate as we. But, never the less to say it is extremely depressing would be the understatement of the year. But, try doing that with one in college that you had to bring home because of this. I will look forward to learning more from you. My name is miss Lilian am giving a testimony on how a spell caster has bring back my ex boy friend.

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The last one i was with 25 yearsd when we were brought out by a major firm which relocated us 40 miles south of where the company use to be. An online store and drop shipping website can be created with Shopify. You can target local customers with Facebook ads; you can take credit card payments on your cell phone with Square, you can outsource payroll and other HR stuff to Paychex Flex.

Don't follow your passion, follow your effort. It will lead you to your passions and success, however, you define it. It takes a ton of planning, and there are many considerations. Test, test, and test again. Legal Zoom makes this process easy. Becoming legit also lets you take advantage of the many tax deductions that are available for small business owners. Presumably, your spouse knows that you have been working on your own business for some time. Before you tell them you are ready to quit your job to work on your business full time, make sure all of your ducks are in a row and show them.

You have a runway; your business is already making enough to support you without your , you have health care lined up, quitting means you will have more time to spend together. Whatever qualms your spouse has, you need to have an answer for. If they are not on board, you may not be able to quit yet. If that is the case, ask them what they need to feel comfortable with your decision to quit.

And then start working toward that. You need to be free of credit card debt; you need to make enough money each month to pay your rent or mortgage for six months in a row, you need to secure health insurance for yourself and your family, etc. I met a series of benchmarks before deciding to quit my job, and the final one was when I was making the same amount each month writing as I was working. A runway is similar to an emergency fund. The gold standard for an emergency fund is six months of personal expenses. Your runway should be at least that, one year of expenses would be the ideal.

Then make the jump. When you do finally quit your job, you will have more time than you were anticipating. When we think of the time spent at work, we tend to think of just that, the time spent at work. But quitting frees up so much more than just the eight hours you spend in the office.

It frees up the time spent getting ready in the mornings, commuting time, and the time you spend doing errands like food shopping when everyone else is food shopping too, after work and weekends. Believe me; food shopping trips are a lot faster at am on a Wednesday then they are at pm on a Thursday. Most of your time will be spent on your business but use some of it to cultivate another income stream.

All businesses have expenses of course, but too many of us throw money at something we could do ourselves. Even if your business has been doing well for some time, things can and do go wrong. You need to do a complete overhaul of life without a steady paycheck. Use a site like Ebates for necessary purchases.