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18 Etudes De Perfectionnement

His etudes are hightly developed concertworks that can make for very impressive additions to recital programs. Jeanjean provided wonderfully detailed directions for his etudes. Charles Neidich has, by and large, left what he has written and have on ly brought Jeanjean's notation more into accord with modern conventions;e. This edition's notes at the bottom of each page explain the various modern chords and scales augmented chords, 9th chords, whole tone scales for instance he used in each of his etudes.

These, unfortunately, were eliminated in the previous English version.

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I wanted them to be fresh and new, while still complimenting the older original unaccompanied clarinet parts. Hallman has composed an accompaniment that begins by complimenting the delicate chords implied by the first arching phrases of the etude.

Jeanjean Paul - 18 Etudes De Perfectionnement - Clarinet Studies Sheet Music - Billaudot

But as the clarinet part becomes more agitated, the piano part becomes more ornamental and jagged, building under the increasingly intense clarinet part, culminating and abruptly ending in frantic exasperation, which then leaves the clarinet alone to peak and float back to return to the first ethereal melodic material. The pianist for the performance is Virginia Lum, who unfortunately is not visible in this video.

'18 FMS Region Etudes Clarinet

The performance was part of a memorial service for my recently deceased mother, for whom I had performed these etudes while she was still living, and which she had greatly enjoyed. I know she would have enjoyed the new accompaniment as well. Here is the YouTube video of that performance.