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Gesturing to the list, I asked Alejandro if he could recommend any writers to me. Alejandro made a beeline to the breakfast counter and returned with a second helping of toast, placing it before me. I found myself having a standing breakfast appointment with Alejandro each morning before class. Sometimes, Alejandro would also join us for dinner. At every meal, Alejandro would wordlessly get up and return with seconds. Through Dr. He had not had milk since he turned seven years old, the age when the government stops supplying Cuban families with rations of dairy products.

His family is poor, and he admits he was unable to provide his granddaughters with gifts for the recent Feast of the Epiphany. Now in his 70s, Alejandro has seen many changes throughout his lifetime. His face at rest seems distant and weary. However, mere seconds into conversation with him, his eyes light up behind a veil of cigarette smoke and a faint smile returns. Despite our differences, Alejandro chose to sit with me that first morning and stick with me through the awkward beginnings of a tourist in a foreign land.

In some respects, Alejandro represented most of my experiences with the Cuban people — accommodating and ready to forge a relationship with Americans. W e met the writer Leonardo Padura in the city of Havana, blocks away from the touristy areas. The streets were cracked, and a gray, overcast sky masked the sun. The buildings were painted with cheery, tropical colors, faded from years of exposure to the relentless spray of the nearby sea.

Padura joined us at a restaurant, New Georges. The place was a repurposed apartment building, with narrow staircases and a large balcony that surveyed the street. The restaurant would become a favorite in our group. It would always take us a couple of hours to properly savor a meal at New Georges.

He shared his lengthy history as a writer in Cuba in near-perfect English. When he spoke, his eyes would always focus on one fixed spot on the table. I study these realities to find stories that become novels. While his work could be categorized as detective fiction, Padura does not consider his mystery thrillers to be conventional pulp fiction. Rather, his novels explore the darker side of Cuba — the illnesses of Cuban society.

D uring my last days in Havana, I found myself walking aimlessly through the streets with Jeff. The overcast sky returned. Cuba was sending us off with a gloomy goodbye. A pair of Cubans approached us. The first man wore a stylish seersucker suit and thick-rimmed glasses. Black dreads hung from his head, contrasting with his white suit. His friend followed him, comfortably dressed in jeans and T-shirt.

They later provide air support for U. The squad, running low on ammunition, make a last stand against the Russian Army before a sudden flash halts the their attack. Meanwhile, Task Force searches for evidence that implicates Makarov as the mastermind behind the airport massacre, as all proof of Makarov's involvement died with Allen. Intelligence leads them to a Favela in Rio de Janeiro, where the team investigates leads on Makarov's contact, weapons dealer Alejandro Rojas. They find out from Rojas that Makarov's worst enemy, known as Prisoner , is locked up in a Russian gulag in Petropavlosk.

On the orders of Shepherd, the Task Force are sent to infiltrate an oil platform off the coast of Russia in order to rescue several hostages before assaulting the gulag.

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The Task Force assaults the prison and manages to free , who is revealed to be Captain John Price, who was previously captured during Operation Kingfish. Price agrees to aid Soap and Shepherd in tracking down Makarov, with Soap handing the command of the Unit over to Price.

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While Shepherd believes that they must continue their hunt for Makarov, Price decides that ending the war in America is their first priority. To end it, he temporarily goes rogue, and leads the on a raid of a Russian port , where they gain control of a nuclear submarine. Price uses the submarine to launch a ballistic missile towards Washington D.

Alejandro Villanueva: 'I feel embarrassed' by anthem foul-up | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

He sets the warhead to detonate in the upper atmosphere, unintentionally destroying the International Space Station and creating an electromagnetic pulse , crippling vehicles and electronic equipment on both sides and giving the Americans a slight advantage. Back in the United States, Ramirez and his fellow squad mates seek shelter from the disabled aircraft that are now literally falling from the sky, and proceed to the White House after running into Pvt. Vaughn, who tells the squad that Colonel Marshall is assembling whatever forces he can to retake the White House, which is now a stronghold for the Russian Army.

After finally meeting Col. Marshall , he orders the squad that taking the White House is their top priority, but they later receive a transmission informing them that the Air Force is preparing to carpet bomb the entire city to deny the Russians a strong foothold.

Foley's squad fight their way to the White House and set off flares in the nick of time, aborting the air strike. Flares are lit on the rooftops of other landmarks, signifying that the city is still in American hands. Angered over destruction of the Capital, Foley, Dunn and the rest of the Rangers vow vengeance against the Russians, claiming they will burn Moscow to the ground as they did with D.

Narrowing down Makarov's hiding place to two separate locations, Task Force decides to split up. Price and Soap travel to an aircraft bone-yard in Afghanistan, while Roach and Ghost raid Makarov's safe house on the Georgian-Russian border. At the safe house, Roach and his team obtain vital intelligence from Makarov's computer and escape with Makarov's men in pursuit. However, when they reach the extraction point, Shepherd betrays them, retrieving the intelligence and taking it with him, murdering Roach and Ghost and burning their bodies in the process.


Price and MacTavish quickly learn of Shepherd's betrayal, though Price states that he wasn't betrayed since he never trusted Shepherd. The duo then manage to escape an already ongoing battle between Shepherd and Makarov's men with Nikolai's help. After contacting Makarov and offering to kill Shepherd for him, Makarov grudgingly reveals Shepherd's location at a mountain base in Afghanistan, codenamed Site Hotel Bravo.

Price and MacTavish raid the base in an attempt to take revenge on Shepherd in a suicide mission. During the infiltration, Shepherd tries to escape on a Zodiac motorboat, and a long boat pursuit ensues. At the climax of the pursuit, Shepherd boards a Pave Low , only for Price to disable it by shooting the helicopter's rotor, causing a crash landing.

Price and Soap tumble over a waterfall in the process. After recovering from the fall, a dazed Soap gets up and approaches the crashed Pave Low with only his knife. He sees Shepherd and moves in for the kill. Shepherd counters by slamming Soap onto a destroyed car and stabs him in the chest. Shepherd then proceeds to inform Soap how he "lost 30, men in the blink of an eye" and proceeds to empty his.

However, just before Shepherd shoots Soap, Price tackles Shepherd and the two engage each other in a brutal fist fight. While Price manages to hold his own, Shepherd ultimately gets the upper hand, but the heavily wounded Soap is able to pull the knife from his chest and throw it into Shepherd's left eye, killing him. Price regains consciousness and inspects Soap's wounds as Nikolai arrives in a helicopter to extract them.

Nikolai warns them that they will be pursued, but Price insists that Soap receives medical attention. Nikolai mentions that he knows a safe place to go to "Da, I know a place " , and Soap and Price, now globally wanted criminals, go into hiding. A new Special Ops mode includes one and two player cooperative play.

Special Ops mode includes several fast-paced action missions similar to " Mile High Club " which are more difficult than normal campaign missions and are not related to the main storyline. It picks out certain parts of the single-player campaign that "work well with co-op". Missions are unlocked by earning stars, which are acquired by playing levels at certain difficulties.

Regular difficulty earns one star, hardened earns two, and veteran earns three. Missions are divided into five groups, named Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo - the last being the hardest. Within the groups, there are types of missions such as "Breach and Clear" and "Elimination". There are special enemy types, such as those using Riot Shields , even the Special Ops exclusive Juggernaut , wearing heavy bomb squad armor. There are a total of 23 Special Ops missions, two of which are only playable in two player co-op due to one player assisting the other in carrying out the mission's objective from air support.

Multiplayer is similar to the previous two titles on Xbox and PlayStation 3. However, multiplayer on the PC is quite different from previous games. The PC version no longer includes dedicated server support. While previous Call of Duty titles allowed multiplayer matches with up to 64 people and user-made maps and mods, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on PC is almost identical to console versions.

A few changes have been made;. The ranking system works in the same way as the previous two games. As the player plays matches, they will gain XP. Once the player reaches a certain amount of XP, the player will level up. There are also 10 levels of prestige, just like in the other two games. As in World at War , the player can unlock a total of 5 extra custom class slots by the 9 th prestige.

Weapons attachments return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with a few changes. Firstly, new attachments were introduced, such as the Thermal Scope and Heartbeat Sensor. Secondly, some weapon attachments are now unlocked through the use of other attachments, such as getting 20 kills looking through the ACOG Scope to unlock the Thermal Scope or 60 kills looking down the RDS to unlock the Holographic Sight. Lastly, the Grip and Grenade Launcher no longer count as a tier one perk. Although I know that teaching twenty-one fourth-graders was not an easy task, still you had so much patience for us.

Individuals can also follow the foundation on Facebook or Twitter or through its webpage at www. The safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Many of our schools are without power and transportation has been impacted. Please be safe. Or of professional athletes who never exercised during the off-season?

Each grade level offers three books that students may choose from for summer reading. Students will choose ONE book from their grade-level list. Download text selection list. Page 2. Over the summer, students will read their chosen book and complete ALL of the following:. During the first three weeks of school, students will complete an assessment directly related to their summer reading.

The type of assessment will be determined at the campus level, and the assessment will count as a major grade for the first six weeks. Learn, Grow and Share are three words that drive Lori Roberts every single day, and it is her commitment to these goals that has earned her the title of Apple Distinguished Educator ADE. Roberts, an educational technology specialist for Goose Creek CISD, joins other ADEs throughout the world who received this title after submitting videos showing their extensive work with technology.

In , Apple created the ADE Program to recognize K and higher education pioneers who are using Apple technology to transform teaching and learning in powerful ways. In June, she will attend a week-long training in Bethesda, Md. Other ADEs from The Americas group, including those from Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the United States, will attend, and she has already connected with a teacher from Lubbock — through technology, of course — who will meet up with her at the conference. Roberts works with students and staff at Robert E. Hyland Center. She shares strategies for integrating iPads in the classroom by taking lessons that would have been pen-and-paper assignments and adapting them so that students actually create a product.

Through one-on-one and group training sessions, she encourages teachers to implement Apple Clips to replace written lab reports, Garageband to create podcasts instead of research papers and Book Creator to publish student work. Individuals placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd and 1st place teams advance to Regionals. Sterling won 2nd place Sweepstakes. The A meet was held at Friendswood High School. Robert E. Goose Creek C. Nominations are open to grades students who are enrolled in Goose Creek schools and were not tested during the spring school semester. Current kindergarten students who did not qualify for GT services during the school year may also be nominated.

By: Amy S. Once lunch was over, the real work began. The high school culinary teams had time to set up their stations and scope out the massive table of ingredients before the minute cooking clock started. They were able to incorporate three of the mystery ingredients into their pork wrap. Photos by Carrie Pryor-Newman. The luncheon was attended by , including 77 representatives from 53 workforce locations. Monica Swift, Student Workforce Connection liaison, welcomed guests. Student employees Carolina Carrillo from Robert E. At first, we worked with Sterling in launching an internship program.

Lee High School. Awards were presented to employers for generously investing in Goose Creek CISD students by giving them jobs and helping them to prepare for their careers in the future. When I started here, there were two of us. Finally, we are blessed to have our workforce partners. Thank you for the effort you make every day to help our students and our teachers. Challa cardiologist , Dr. Hyland Childcare Center, Robert E.

Lee High School, Robert E. Sterling High School, Ross S. Other partners are Perfect Draft Inc. Linda Rye is the district vocational adjustment teacher. They also are first alternates in Dragster Design and Technology Debate. Worth April Photo gallery. By Dr. Georgeann Ward. She has a natural talent for writing, but, more importantly, she knows how to work for her success.

Earning the Boe Award is the payoff. In addition to winning a cash award and a plaque, Maria will present her paper in a special session at the Great Plains Honors Council Conference at the University of Texas—Tyler, in April. Ward explained. It is highly recommended that parents complete the online student registration prior to going to register at the school their child is zoned to attend.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Campuses will have help stations for individuals who need support with the online registration. Online registration begins April 1, , and online registration instructions and forms may be found on the Goose Creek CISD website at www. After the competitions for all events were completed, the awards ceremony took place in the Highlands Junior Auditorium. School principals congratulated the winners. The Spelling trophy was awarded to Cedar Bayou. The Ready Writing trophy went to Gentry. The trophy went to Horace Mann. Bryce Cooper from Gentry. Poetry trophy went to Cedar Bayou.


Trophy went to Gentry. The Impromptu trophy went to Highlands Junior School. The trophy went to Gentry Junior. The trophy went to Gentry. Horace Mann and Gentry tied for the trophy. The trophy went to Baytown Junior. Trophy went to Highlands Junior. The trophy went to Highlands Junior.

Students who won three gold medals in UIL events received a Sweepstakes trophy. The Group Improv trophy was a tie between Gentry and Highlands. We would like to thank our families and business partners for your patience and understanding as we have worked diligently to make the very best decisions for the students and staff of GCCISD.

We would also like to make you aware that there have been several erroneous reports that our district has canceled school through next Wednesday. This is not accurate: We will have full operations at all campuses beginning tomorrow, Monday, the 25th. In the event that school is ever canceled for any reason, parents and guardians will receive a call out from the district. Further, it will be announced on our district website, on our district social media platforms, and reported via the local news stations. Only the district may announce school closings. Our top priorities are the safety and security of our students and staff.

At this point, out of an abundance of caution, we are canceling classes for Friday, March All extracurricular activities are also canceled. Please continue to follow the directions of our local emergency agencies. Por favor, siga las instrucciones de las agencias de emergencia locales. Harris County Office of Emergency management has provided Houston-area superintendents with an update regarding the situation in Deer Park. In summary:. We remain in contact with Harris County and will share updates as they are received. You can also receive updates at readyharris.

Goose Creek Memorial High School is presented with the Attendance Award for having the highest high school attendance rate, Pictured are from left teacher Kristen Cannatella; Dr. Congratulating Cobb are Dr. For many, Spring Break is a time to relax and recharge.

But five Ross S. Sterling High School Key Club students will be traveling with a purpose instead of a vacation as they head to Guatemala to do volunteer work. Over Spring Break, the students will be building hand washing stations and teaching elementary school students about the spread of germs in an impoverished area of Guatemala. Squads Abroad provides opportunities for Key Club members around the world to travel to under-resourced parts of the globe to make a meaningful impact. The students will stay in a Squads Abroad home base in Guatemala, traveling about 20 minutes each day to work at the elementary school.

The students will get to visit a local village where they will sample local cuisine, shop for pottery and learn more about the Guatemalan ways of life. They will also visit Mayan Ruins, as well as a strawberry and coffee plantation. The group plans to update the school district on its progress during the week. She plans to work fulltime after graduating from high school. Dj Lombrana, a senior at Goose Creek Memorial High School, has discovered her dream job in a field typically dominated by males.

She changes oil and filters, rotates and balances tires as well as makes minor mechanical repairs. Serious about her job, Dj is learning more every day from her teacher Steve Barron, her co-workers, her supervisors and through online KIA training. I knew that the best thing I could do for her was to get her involved in the industry.