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Juba Good. Vicki Delany. The Fitzgerald Ruse. Dead Man's Switch. Tammy Kaehler. A Discount For Death. Twice Buried. Red, Green, or Murder. Double Prey. Before She Dies. Deadly Focus. Bones of Contention.

VIDEO: Arizona connection to cold case

Jeanne Matthews. The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies. Kathleen Hills. Bag Limit. The Dangerous Edge of Things.

Victim's family seeks witnesses in stabbing case

Comes a Time for Burning. Tumbled Graves. Brenda Chapman. A Show of Hands: the first Winston Crisp mystery. David Crossman. The Fourth Time is Murder. Stealing the Dragon. Tim Maleeny. Witch Cradle. Convenient Disposal. Deadly Puzzles. Terry Odell. Statute of Limitations. An Obvious Fact. Craig Johnson. A Crack in Everything. Angela Gerst. Colder than Death.

Cold cases: unsolved murders in Phoenix

Privileged to Kill. Final Payment. Tim Ellis. Hostage Zero. John Gilstrap. The Killing Season. Mason Cross. The Harbour Master. Daniel Pembrey. Ty Hutchinson. Nightmare City. Nick Oldham. A man in the vehicle fired a shot and the bullet struck the little girl, as well as LeGarde. LeGarde died from her injuries. Bayli Knight, 28 — Oct. Suspect is only described as a Hispanic man, 6 feet, 3 inches tall and pounds. Daniel Lopez-Zavala, 25 — Sept. He had been dead for several days. Elena Lasswell, 15 — July 10, — Lasswell was found dead in her bedroom at her home near 21 st Avenue and Thomas Road.

A man described as a Hispanic man in his teens reportedly visited the home at some point during the night. He was driving a small, dark-colored sedan. Kamont Karim, 19 — Dec. He had suffered a gunshot wound. Alan King, 33 — Aug. He was struck from behind at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was only described as a dark-colored sedan.

Would you like to receive local news notifications on your desktop? Yes please Not now. News News Photo Gallery. Cold cases: unsolved murders in Phoenix. Share Facebook Tweet Email. Jessica Vidal, 21 — Sept. She had been shot and killed. Dennis Thompson, 59 — July 26, — Thompson was driving near 29 th Street and Beardsley when he was shot in the head by a motorcyclist during an argument. He died from his injuries two years later.

The suspect, who was with a woman, got in an argument with Stasilli. The victim was chased toward his home and was shot. Raul Romero, 61 — Aug. A minivan is the possible suspect vehicle. Jermaine Johnson, 27 — Oct. A week earlier, the suspects were in an argument with him where shots were fired. Manuel Jimenez, 50 — July 21, — Jimenez was found dead in a courtyard area of an apartment complex near 16 th and Oak streets. Several items had been taken from him and his vehicle was later found abandoned in Phoenix.

Rodolfo Hernandez, 41 — Feb. Another victim was pistol-whipped during the incident. The attack was reportedly part of a robbery attempt. Two men fled the scene on foot. Steven Miles Henrichsen — Jan. Forced entry was made into his home before he was found dead. Alan Hoover Jr, 16 — Jan. Armando Hernandez, 19 — March 21, — Hernandez was found stabbed to death after an argument at Edison Park. Witnesses say an argument may have been recorded before the deadly stabbing. Brittanee Monique Howard, 21 — May 1, — Howard was shot and killed while present during an argument with her boyfriend and unknown suspects.

She was pregnant at the time and her baby also died.

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Joaquin Jaralillo, 18 — Jan. Efren Gonzales-Herrera, 18 — Oct. He crashed his vehicle and was taken to the hospital where he died. Kelly Hillman — Dec. Kelley Jaeger, 39 — Oct. Ricky Ray Hernandez, 28 — March 31, — Hernandez was shot and killed after an argument in a gated community near 83 rd Avenue and Thomas Road.

Four black men were seen leaving the area in a small s silver sedan. A white man wearing a black leather coat was seen leaving the area in a red Honda. Deandra Gaseoma, 28 — Aug. Gaseoma, eight months pregnant at the time, was hit and killed. Her baby survived. Melvin Grayson, 29 — Sept. His vehicle was stolen but later recovered in Phoenix.

He was last seen alive at 3 a. Jonathan Garcia-Valladares, 13 — Nov. Witnesses observed a to year-old black man walking away from the area. Guillermo Guzman, 20 — Sept. Guzman was seen talking with two men before shots were fired at the back of the apartments. A four-door maroon Honda was seen leaving the area at a high rate of speed.

Francisco Elias Gonzalez, 15 — Nov. He was struck at least two times and died from his injuries. Kipp Gray, 33 — Dec. The occupants fled in a dark-colored pickup truck. Lawrence Harrell, 43 — Sept. The other victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Maurice Dupree Green, 22 — March 21, — Green was killed while walking northbound on 35 th Avenue near Glenrosa Avenue by a Hispanic man seen on foot. A second Hispanic man was seen leaving the area eastbound. Police say both suspects are believed to have had prior contact with Green.

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Jermel Hannon, 22 — April 8, — Hannon was shot and killed while visiting an apartment complex near 17 th and Glendale avenues. A blue Chevy was seen in the area and may have been involved. Gang activity is also suspected. Noe Garcia, 24 — May 19, — Garcia and two friends got in an altercation with two suspects. The suspects drove off in a blue extended cab pickup, returned in a white car and fired two shots.

One shot hit Garcia, later killing him. Dedrick Gaines aka Kandis Kapri -- Aug. Gaines Kapri was wearing a multicolored dress at the time of the shooting and suffered multiple gunshot wounds. A man was seen walking away from the area. Jaime Fuentes, 27 — July 22, - -Fuentes was reportedly shot and killed while walking in the area of 33 rd Avenue and McDowell Road.

Joseph Galindo - -May 15, — Galindo was shot when an unknown person knocked on his door near 38 th Street and Baseline Road. Two suspects and three leads have been identified. They fled in a s dark blue or green small, four-door vehicle. Sean Lamar Fleming aka Munch, 43 — Dec. He was last seen around a.

Aaron Ford, 21 — March 6, — Ford was found shot, killed near I and Campbell, along the northbound frontage road. Witnesses heard arguing, a shot fired and heard a vehicle leave the scene. Ruben Angel Espindola — March 15, — Espindola was shot and killed during a confrontation following a minor incident while driving near 41 st Avenue and Rose Lane. The suspect is only described as a man in a white compact car. Gamboa died at the scene and Felix died from his injuries at the hospital. Dinya Farmer, 49 — Sept.

A white work truck, possibly with a ladder rack, may have been following her from the area of 7 th Avenue and Broadway. Officials believe the incident may have started as a road rage case, rather than an act of random violence. Two men are believed to be suspects. Two men contacted Felix outside of his home, spoke Spanish and it did not appear that Felix knew them. One of the suspects pulled a gun and shot Felix before running northbound.

Sean Drenth — Oct. Suspects fled in a black, newer model car. Scot Ernest Deskins, 37 — Aug. Jeanyne Curley, 31 — Aug. She was last seen on March 2. Nathan Dewitt, 24 — Dec. Calvin Coffelt, 37 — Oct. He was taken to the hospital where he died of a gunshot wound. Jason Clitso — July 20, — Clitso was shot and killed by unknown suspects in a parking lot near 19 th Avenue and Camelback Road. A friend tried to help him, but was assaulted and stabbed. Persons of interest, two men and a woman, were seen at a light rail platform beforehand.

Danny Cooper, 34 — May 29, — After a minor crash near 7 th and Southern avenues, Cooper and the other vehicle occupants got in an argument. Suspects may have been in an early model Chevrolet Malibu with a rear spoiler. Jamel Cotton — Feb. The suspect shot and killed Cotton. He had trauma to his head after being assaulted by two people. He was last seen alive on May 13 and was reported missing on May Michael Collins, 33 — Sept.

He was stabbed in the left armpit and died days later after suffering serious internal injuries. Tony Costas, 36 — July 7, — Costas was found dead in his home in the middle of the day. His garage door was open and his white Dodge truck was missing, but later found. Fabian Cano, 19 — Jan. The shot went through the home, into the backyard and struck Cano in the head. He died a few days later. Jeffrey D. Two men were seen running from the area after an argument was heard. Lynsey Chainhalt, 20 — June 14, — Chainhalt and two others were in a car on I and Greenway when they were cut off by another car.

The car followed them to the area of 20 th Street and Grovers when others in the suspect vehicle fired shots, killing Chainhalt. Jesus Carrasco, 27 — Aug. He got in an argument with another vehicle and was followed onto the I Several shots were fired, killing Carrasco. The suspect was in a black Chevrolet Cavalier sports model car with tinted windows and custom rims. Joseph Camacho, 33 — July 23, — Camacho was found dead in a backyard near.

Witnesses described the suspect as a Hispanic man in his late teens. A person of interest was also said to be around the same age and race, but was about 5 feet tall, chubby and had a shaved head with a tail in the back. Armando Cardona, 45, and Naomi Innis, 35 — July 4, — Two men arrived at the Southern Meadows trailer park and fired multiple times. Innis and Cardona died from gunshot wounds.

Six others, including a toddler, were injured. The suspects are believed to have fled in a white passenger car. Amado Camacho, 65 — April 8, — Camacho was found dead in an alley near 16 th and Oak streets. He was a well-known, wheelchair-bound homeless person who was in the area. Demetric Carter, 17 — Feb. Shots were fired, injuring all three, including Carter who died from his injuries. Two men are still wanted.

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Friends and neighbors saw her on March 11, but family found her dead the next day. May 23, Ed rated it really liked it.

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Second book in the David Mapstone series, the 3rd in the series that I've read. Mapstone is a professor of history who has been denied tenure at his university. He returns to his previous job in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office as a specialist in solving cold cases in the Phoenix area using his academic skills.

This book, and the series in general, is engaging and intelligent. I just wish his partner as in girlfriend, who also works in the Sheriff's Office, would stop calling him " 3. I just wish his partner as in girlfriend, who also works in the Sheriff's Office, would stop calling him "History Shamus".

It is cringe worthy. Oct 13, Elizabeth rated it really liked it. I'm really enjoying this series set in Phoenix with a historian working for the Maricopa County Sheriff's. The author takes opportunities to talk about the history of buildings or specific areas while solving a cold case with impact to the present. In this one, David's friend takes on the job of Sheriff and then is shot. Common opinion in the sheriff's department is that a recent prison escapee is responsible but all is not as it seems.

Jun 04, Cathy rated it liked it. Jon has a long-term relationship with Phoenix and his growing list of mysteries is as much a series of essays on life, crime, and urban development in Arizona as it is a set of who-done-its. Camelback Falls a good page turner. Keeps you reading and guessing up until the end. Good book for your summer sit-by-the-pool-with-a-cool-one reading list. Apr 05, Barbara B. What fun to read a novel that takes place right here in Phoenix!

The author is a former reporter for the local newspaper. The story is very good and when there are descriptions of areas or street names, I can visualize right where it is. Plusand that's a big plus for mehe follows a character! Jul 17, Judy rated it really liked it. Sometimes there is nothing better than a well-done police procedural mystery. Talton writes well, convincingly and intelligently. Despite female characters that feel a bit flat, I enjoyed every aspect of this mystery. Zipped on through and had a great read.

Been going through some sort of Southwest crime phase, but I've enjoyed the first two Bill Gastner and David Mapstone books, looking forward to the rest. I think I'm just jealous that I'm not down there Jul 07, David L. Haven, Jr. So well written, I wish it were longer. Talton does it again, mixing intellect with complicated bad guys. Nothing is ever simple, and this author understands that.

I can't wait to read the next one.

Cold cases: unsolved murders in Phoenix

Jun 06, Jersey Joe rated it really liked it. This is a step up from the first book in the series. David Mapstone finds himself as acting sheriff investigating the attempted murder of the new sheriff, his old partner. He has to recall and revisit a disturbing event they both shared some twenty years before.

Jun 01, Terri rated it liked it Shelves: mystery. Great series. It helps that I really like Phoenix, AZ, but the plots of the two books I've read so far are a bit different that the usual, I like the characters, and the author develops the characters and the story convincingly.

Hope there are more to come Sep 27, Jim Bremser rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: mystery readers. Good, fast read. Jan 03, Karen rated it liked it. It's always fun to read a book that takes place somewhere you are familiar with. A good light read. May 17, Charles rated it really liked it. Another David Mapstone. Jan pless rated it really liked it Jun 09, Jillian rated it really liked it Feb 13, Melissa rated it it was amazing Apr 03, Sherry Meador rated it liked it Apr 18, Bob Alcott rated it it was ok Jun 30,