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Read preview. In a lecture of September 21, , to the Germans in Rio de Janeiro, shortly before the end of his year-and-a-half long journey through Latin America, he asserted correctly that freedom was not the primary motive of the emigration: To be sure, when you ask most people why they have left their homeland, they say that political oppression had become too onerous, [they speak of ] the longing for freedom-the hatred of tyranny. Donahue; Doris Kirchner Berghahn Books, Read preview Overview. Read Overview. Czech literature The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. German literature The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed.

Dutch and Flemish literature The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. We use cookies to deliver a better user experience and to show you ads based on your interests.

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This cameo picture of a departing emigrant ship in The Little Whaler is just one of many episodes that demonstrate how the adventure story is firmly rooted in the reality of the day. Heligoland, which had previously been a dependency of Holstein and thus subject to Danish rule, had been gained by Britain in and ceded to her in The inhabitants, however, were German and spoke Low German, their main links being with Hamburg. Heligoland: or, Reminiscences of Childhood , by M. London: John W. However, she does provide nearly twenty pages of description of the history, appearance, inhabitants and culture of Heligoland, and there are two attractive lithographs showing a view of the island from the sea and typical adult male and female costumes.

The editor of M. There are sections devoted to explaining the trade winds, the formation of coral islands, the nature of icebergs, the habits of penguins on the Falkland Isles and, of course, the arduous job of whaling. It is not a story for the squeamish, but any boy reading the book would come away armed with a mountain of facts, not only to do with the rigours of whaling, but also covering a wide range of interesting incidental information.

With his tales of travel and daring deeds in America he was following in the footsteps of the Austrian Karl Anton Postl , who used the pseudonym Charles Sealsfield. Hardman Edinburgh and London, Though popular and admired in the German-speaking countries, Sealsfield never acquired a comparable reputation in Britain, though his American subject-matter proved more attractive to readers in the United States. Towards the end of the nineteenth century another writer of adventure stories gained a devoted readership in Germany. This was Karl May , whose books, especially those dealing with American Indians, are still widely read today.

However, none of his books appear to have been translated into English during the period with which we are concerned, probably because there was an ample supply of the same kind of material from the pens of native British authors such as W. Kingston, R. Ballantyne, G. Henty and many more. You can suggest to your library or institution to subscribe to the program OpenEdition Freemium for books.

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For this family, Mississippi River flooding keeps happening. And happening

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Die Flusspiraten Des Mississippi

Picture Books. Search inside the book. Table of contents. Cite Share. Cited by. Historical Tales and Adventure Stories p. Full text. He has no sympathy for the Archbishop, but tries not to utterly blacken his character: The archbishop, who had not naturally a cruel heart, although imbued with the deepest fanaticism of the times, felt a truly paternal affection for his subjects, and was shocked when he reflected on what he called the error of their ways.

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Buy Print version Open Book Publishers amazon. Cambridge: Open Book Publishers, generated 03 juillet ISBN: Two years after his death the city of Dresden erected a monument in his memory. Paton and Ritchie were particularly interested in Christian literature, but William and Robert Chambers had a rather broader range of publications to their credit. This name presumably derives from a misreading of the name Gustav Nieritz in unfamiliar Gothic type.

Unfortunately this ghost author now steps the pages of a number of respected reference works and bibliographies. A later edition by W. Chambers c. Another translation of the text, this time correctly attributed to Nieritz, was made by H. Instead, Augustus is forced to be a drummer.

He is not concerned with over-all military strategy or political aims or with celebrating military heroism in general. The sack and devastation of the Protestant city of Magdeburg by the Catholic Imperial forces under the direction of General Tilly had, for both contemporaries and later historians, a tremendous impact on their reactions to the war and the wanton destruction of ordinary human life that it entailed.

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Not only did they deal with themes from the history of the Holy Roman Empire, but they also reached further afield to Tsarist Russia and early missionary activity in Greenland. Nieritz ranged widely in his search for suitable story material and provided German children with wholesome information and a strong moral and religious focus. Kerr London: Religious Tract Society, c. It is concerned with the persecution of Protestants by the Archbishop of Salzburg and the Jesuits and their expulsion from his territory in , followed by their welcome to Prussia and Berlin by King Frederick William I.

Nieritz describes the solemn oath that a hundred delegates of the Protestant communities swore at Schwarzach to stick to their faith, symbolizing their union by each swallowing a portion of salt, as a result of which their action became known as the Salt Alliance Salzbund.

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  8. He has no sympathy for the Archbishop, but tries not to utterly blacken his character:. The archbishop, who had not naturally a cruel heart, although imbued with the deepest fanaticism of the times, felt a truly paternal affection for his subjects, and was shocked when he reflected on what he called the error of their ways. The most exaggerated reports were repeated to him respecting the public defection of the heretics; and they operated on the weak mind of the prince so powerfully that he became much alarmed, not only for his own safety, but also for that of the Catholic part of the population pp.

    The book thus becomes a story of Protestant martyrdom, with echoes of an exodus to the promised land, in this instance Prussia. One day in September while on guard in Berlin Librecht catches sight of his nephew, but cannot follow him.

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    He asks a handsome young man who comes out of the castle to help him contact Bertram. A little later Librecht sees a newspaper announcement that Blitterman has married his wife. He absconds, but is captured two days later and condemned to run the gauntlet ten times. Before this can take place, a family whose son Librecht has saved from drowning in the River Spree intercede with the King and obtain mercy for him. Librecht and his wife are thus reunited, and Blitterman drowns himself in despair.

    Nieritz requires a large number of coincidences and implausible events to construct his plot and bring the story to a satisfactory conclusion, but he certainly creates a gripping narrative. The regiment was disbanded after his death. He was tireless in using history to provide examples of the suffering that such misdeeds and wickedness brought about. His ideal was a state of order, mutual respect and an acceptance of mutual responsibilities, but he recognized that the world was imperfect and did not shun describing its harsher side.

    The dangers and temptations inherent in the wielding of political power form the subject of one of his most popular stories — Alexander Menzikoff oder: Die Gefahren des Reichtums Alexander Menzikoff or the Dangers of Wealth This cautionary tale tells how a man of humble birth becomes the favourite of Tsar Peter I and then prime minister, field marshal and prince. Having already divorced his wife, Menzikoff marries a second time.

    Die Flußpiraten des Mississippi

    In the enterprise of founding St. Petersburg he is publicly berated and beaten by the Tsar for failures in bridge-building. Later, further corruption comes to light. Depressed and contrite, Menzikoff builds a new church, in which he and his first wife remarry. There were at least three different editions of the book in English.

    Nimmo, Neither edition identifies the translator. The modern English transliteration is now usually Menshikov. Nieritz was not content to be a purely fictional writer.