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Voices Of Gaia - soundtrack & world vocalists for Kontakt Player – Soundiron

What do you think the dolphins might have to share during these chaotic times on our Sacred Planet? Or the whales, or trees or owls? Or the bees. Or Elves and Sasquatch even! Ghosts Melodic Version Original Mix. The Strangerz , Deetox. Anguish Original Version. Evolution Theory Nosferatu Remix. Burning Heaven Original Mix.

Gaia's Voice

Explicit feat. Diesel Extended Mix. Diesel , Re-Style , Kasparov. Evil Activities. Chosen Few. Luna , E-Force. Original Mix.

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Tha Playah , Neophyte. The Meaning of Life Original Mix.

Oneindig Original Mix. It can be used in Kontakt Player or the full retail version of Kontakt version 5. It requires online serial number registration through the Native Instruments Service Center app.

Video Game Voice Comparison- Gaia (God of War)

Purchasing this library qualifies you for a great cross-grade discount toward the full unlocked version of Kontakt through Native Instruments! System Requirements.

Voices Of Gaia

Windows 7 or higher required for PC. OSX This software is delivered as a digital download, so a broadband connection is required. All sales are final. Please see our Help Page for download and installation instructions, tutorials and the End User Licensing Agreement before ordering. Sign up to our mailing list! Voices Of Gaia.

Gaia's Voice

Click Here for MP3 Demos. Made For Kontakt Player.

Francesca Lilac Genco Francesca Lilac Genco is a renowned singer and sound healer, yoga instructor, bodyworker and interdisciplinary arts teacher.