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We were the right people, in the right place, at the right moment… And we nailed our third house sitting! Iris and Kenneth live in Bangkok, and before planning their trip to Japan, they searched for a good pet sitter for their three lovely cats.

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After some interviews they picked a couple that were travelling around Southeast Asia and were interest in do pet sitting and house sitting in Bangkok. However, one week before head to Japan they got the bad news: the house sitters changed plans and would not come to Bangkok anymore. On the last minute Iris had to find new sitters to look after the cats, so she wrote to many people, and one of them was our friend Sabrina the great blogger behind Just One Way Ticket.

Sabrina put us in contact to them and the end of the story is: We were the happiest house sitter back up ever! We were in a comfy house, with cute and lovely cats, getting to know a different place and making new friends. Lesson: Be committed, someone is counting on you. House sitting and pet sitting are a serious job. Before applying for a house sitting you can check the picture of the place, the videos of the pets and also ask one million questions to the house owner. But you never know exactly how it will be until the moment you arrive at the house.

House sitting in Bangkok was a really nice surprise to us. The house owners are two expats living in Thailand. Music, art, literature, delicious arabic dinner and lovely cats. We got in touch with a bunch of new stuff while staying there! Lesson: People are different. Maybe they will be vegan, gays, religious, sport enthusiasts, messy, clean freak or just normal. If you want to be a house sitter you need to be open mind and know how to adapt yourself. So here it goes, our final five lessons.

There are many websites offering house sitting opportunities and spreading the idea of free accommodation around the world. All them will charge you a fee to have access to all the house owners and gigs. We are big fans of two companies that offer a worldwide range of house and pet sitting jobs. Sign up today and start planning your next trip with a free accommodation and unique experience!

You can search by country, cities or dates. On Trusted Housesitters you will find international house sitting jobs across the globe, even in Asia and Africa. Mindy My House is more focused in Europe, and most of the time they are offering long-term house sitting positions. Before applying for any house sitting opportunity check first how are the Visa policies on the country you are planning to go, and the paperwork you will have to do. Also is always good, and smart, to think about transportation before send an email to house owner. A nice house sitting in Thailand can become a money nightmare if you have to travel from Portugal to there for only 5 days gig.

Said that, your profile needs to show what you are and what they can expect from you, but never write it in a robotic way. Open your heart to write your house sitter profile.

Tell them why do you want to house sitting and why they should trust on you. Explain how awesome you are with animals and plants, and that you can be organised and tidy. And never forget to mention how honoured you will be if they choose you for the house and pet sitting job. Also we speak English, Portuguese, some Spanish and a little Italian. Easygoing people, and open-minded. Before our first house sitting in Spain, we had applied for a couple of opportunities but never received a positive feedback. Until one day that I decided to be myself, so I re-wrote our profile in a more personally and soulful way.

Since that we got all the house sitting jobs we applied for. Ok, you already wrote a perfect house sitter profile. A big mistake that occur among the house sitter is to think that the gig is only about free accommodation. Sometimes you will be lucky as us and just need to take care of a cute and quiet cat as Bubulina. Others you will have to walk the dogs twice a day for at least 1 hours, as we had to do with the energetic Gizmo. Or you will have to wake up everyday at 7am to feed the cats, like we did in Bangkok with Chomsky, Freya and Oshima.

Our duties were priority and many times we change our schedule and routine do follow all the rules and recommendations of the house. To avoid any type of misunderstanding and also to help you and the owner, here goes a list of what you should ask and know before the house owner leave. Congrats again, you are like us, a naive house sitter. The most difficult part of the house sitting job, especially the ones you really connect with the house owners, pets and places, is to say goodbye.

However, before we get our next pet sitting job I want to say thanks to Giorgia, Daniela, Marco, Iris and Kenneth for choosing us as house sitters. We feel honoured for being accepted in your houses, loved by your pets and shared amazing time together! Ps: If you need any more info about house sitting check out Nora Dunn from The Professional Hobo, she wrote amazing articles about her experiences. Bubulina is a bit far from us, but our latest news was that she is still a fat and gorgeous baby living in a new apartment in South of Spain.

Super glad that you liked the post. We are so in love with pet and house sitting too. For me one of the best ways to travel! There are plenty of options for one week or few days job. A short term house sitting is the best way to start.

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You and Ben should do a house and pet sitting. You both love dogs and are such an organised and committed couple. If you need any references let me know, it will a pleasure to recommend you to some house sitting gigs! Hi guys, Love this article and checklists! It just sounds like such an amazing thing to do and we love pets anyway especially dogs. Cheers Marc. Totally recommend to you guys! If you decide to do a house and pet sitting let me know how it went. We have only just started our housesitting experience! We are currently doing our first house sit in the UK while we look for somewhere to live, but we are hoping to find some amazing housesits abroad for our next travelling adventure.

We are loving our time with our amazing dog and cat! We leave on Sunday but hopefully we will be coming back soon. So happy that you are having a great time pet sitting! Enjoy every minute of it! I and have to say that it is a addicting job, every time that you have a great experience it makes you want to find another house and pet to look after. The world is so small that we never know where we will be on next month or year… Friends can last forever!

What a delightful post! Perhaps one day I will do it myself — or hire someone to do it for me! Hey Chris!

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Nice experience with Workaway! The price for signing up to these websites vary a lot. Mind My House is 20 usd per year, Trusted HouseSitting is a little bit more expensive… Before you sign up do a research about the jobs they offer so you can check out which site suits you better. We have profile in both of them! Hey Rachel! But I think is more comom the other way around, as there are more people looking for gigs than place and pet to be looked after. Never heard about a site that works as you mentioned, I know some people advertise their skills as pet sitter on Craigslist too.

Great tips! Good to know. Thanks for sharing! Also during the gigs you can meet so many nice people! What a great post. My husband, our 10 year old daughter and I are about to head off to our full — time, round the world adventures this July. We have a cat named Mina with her own instagram account and before leaving, she will be adopted by one of our best friends.

We think the best way for her to still have pets while traveling is for us to housesit. Ohhh Brenda, leaving a pet it is not a easy decision! Definitely the pet sitting job is a way to fulfill the need and love for a pet. Have a great trip! And if you need any more info about house and pet sitting just let me know! Very useful!!! Many people have no idea how amazing can be house and pet sitting. If should give it a try! I would love an experience like this! It sounds so fulfilling, especially if animals are involved as well!

House sitting looks awesome. Such a great article. You can see from all your photos how much you both truly love animals. Thanks Dana! To be a good house and pet sitter you definitely need to love animals. I would add one thing to this great post. A vaccination record is also easy evidence that the owners themselves are responsible pet owners.

I was so worried about put together essential information and tips that I forget the most important one: the vaccination records. Just add it to the post now! Most of the job listing comes already with all the vaccination records and vet contact. Hi guys! Great post! Traveling with a monkey friend is not for everyone, you must love to be with cute pets!

This is something I would love to do one day. You life is very adventurous. This blog is a manual how to do house sitting. And there re many lessons to be learnt by you people. Thank You for sharing. So happy that you liked it! We definetly need to spread the animal love around the world! Amar, desapegar, curtir e muita, muita coragem.

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This is great, I have heard of housesitting but never petsitting? Thats awesome, we have two cats but we have always been worrying about how to do with them when we use Airbnb and similar! This will solve our questions, yaay.. Thanks guys! Hey Jessica!! Sorry for such a late reply… Life has being crazy and busy here in SEAsia… So happy that we helped you, and also so jealous that you have two cats!

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Oi Sandonei!! Ficamos agradecidos demais com seu carinho e hospitalidade!! Now I just need to decide on a platform.. Oh awesome pictures by the way!! Safe travels! It is too difficult to get the first experience? Hi Gloria, Give it a try, you will love it. The first one involved a lot of emails and Skype interviews until we got the gig.

Hi Natalie! Thanks for sharing this!!!!! I sooooo love the idea!

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I wonder if do you have any recommended site where can we look for these people who provide pet sitting experience? Having your website listed on other websites is one of the most important ways you can raise your search engine ranking. Tagged as: dog walking website , free places to list dog walking , free places to list pet sitting , Pet Sitting Website.

Thanks so much for sharing. Thanks, again! I am not very comfortable when it comes to computers. I am a return student studying animal science to pursue my love and passion for animals. I am on a very low income and have several rescue old cats and an old old dog with 5 tumors,. Their prescription food and medication has put a tremendous pressure on me financially. I need to expand my dog and cat sitting. I appreciate any tips you may share with me. Thank you, Lilly Sardari. Hi Lilly, congrats on expanding your business. Hi there!