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The signs are that HR departments are preparing to maximize their resources and staff as organizations look to grow.

The not-quite-stated, awful truth

Employee advocate. Business strategist. As the business world changes, so does the role of HR professionals. Since human resources is a business-driven function, effectiveness depends on a thorough understanding of the strategic corporate direction, as well as the ability to influence key policies and decisions.


Due to the fluctuating economy as well as local and global advancements, there are many changes occurring rapidly that affect HR in a wide range of issues. An intensified focus on training may be needed to develop added competencies to deal with change management. As the second of the biggest challenges for human resource management, leadership development needs to be a critical strategic initiative. HR professionals are faced with being expected to provide the essential structures, processes, tools, and points of view to make the best selection and develop the future leaders of the organization.

The not-quite-stated, awful truth | Science | AAAS

How can improvement happen without the right tools to measure HR effectiveness? The postdoctoral experience itself should be refocused, with training and mentoring at its center. This evidence certainly implies—although the report does not explicitly state it—that the number of postdocs needs to shrink.

For Stephan, on the other hand, that conclusion is obvious and necessary. She believes that fewer postdocs need not imply less research, because science can be effectively conducted under a number of organizational models, as demonstrated by institutions in the United States and abroad that do not use university-based models. There is no reason, she says, that research must be tied to training or take place at universities.

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Stephan believes an effective way of reshaping the research enterprise is altering the incentives that drive the current system. Among the recommendations in the report, one she sees as especially crucial is assuring that graduate students, starting early in their graduate work or even before, get information about the career outcomes of Ph. Not everyone concurs, however. It may be too late to help them, but if the academic science community can reach the conclusions implicit in the report and make the appropriate changes, future generations of young scientists may have much smoother and less painful transitions to satisfying and productive careers.

Some Key Issues

By Sally G. A press officer is the last line of defence for a brand and a club, staving off bad news and producing good. If a media outlet wants access to an athlete, they must go through the press officer. A good press officer in the football and sports industry will have a thorough understanding of their sport, the people that operate within it and how to spin a headline. Much like a TV presenter, a radio host will be expected to know how to package a story, source the best quotes and challenge interviewees live on air under immense pressure.

Regional press may be going through a testing time right now, but sports desks in newsroom across the country have never been busier. Every town in the UK has a number of sports clubs to keep on top of, professional and amateur, and a regional reporter will be expected to know everything about anything. Match reports, live blogs, interviews and social media work is just your average day in the job. Regional sports reporters matter and are full of exclusives. The chief sports reporter will help dictate the news agenda online, in-print and on-screen. They lead the team and land big scoops.

As the go-to sports reporter at the organisation, they set the standard and no everybody at every club and organisation in the local area. A chief sports reporter at regional level will go on to national level should they have the desire and ambition to cover all sports to an advanced and consistent standard.

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The internet is the first port of call for breaking news and an organisations biggest tool to promote itself with. A clean, easy to use website full of engaging content is key to a sports club or organisation sending out a clear and consistent message.

Career prospects in sports journalism

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Prospects and challenges for Korea's economy in 2018

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