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So if you can carry a tune in a bucket, this is a good place to be. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, has a horse. Opryland definitely lives up to its hype. And they are correct. And it is totally worth the 18 dollars you have to pay to park there. Paying 20 dollars to go to the Country Music Hall of Fame is a great investment. People are extremely supportive of the local minor league baseball team, the Nashville Sounds.

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If you go to a game, you better buy your tickets months in advance. Every game is a sell out! There you have it. If you stick to them you will look and feel like a Nashvillian before you know it! I am a big fat liar. And if you follow my advice you will be very sad. Because: 1. The only people who wear boots and cowboy hats, are in fact the tourists. I did see Jordin Tootoo once. There are 9 trillion people here who think they can sing. Do not come here for a record deal unless you have the voice of an actual angel 4. No one has a horse. Plain and simple. I have no idea why people call this place Nashvegas.

There are no showgirls or casinos. No one goes to the Sounds games. I went on Tuesday. Shocking, I know. Everyone is watching hockey right now. Everyone does. These altercations are kind of a big deal. Sticks hit the ice, the gloves come off, and voila, good old-fashioned fisticuffs are had. No longer are they angry about being pushed into a wall. It is no secret that I hate people. They are the worst.

Sometimes I just want to punch them. It seems to work for hockey players. I drop my shampoo right there and we have it out. Fisticuffs will happen. I go on to work, granted I have a bloody nose, but a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I no longer hate the tailgater. Logical right? No one ever got anywhere by not trying right? Hey Hollywood! Let me start off by saying, huge fan of chick flicks.

I love it when the adorable loser meets a girl through a series of happenstance. Then, you know, love. I love it. As a something female, I have seen pretty much every chick flick you have to offer me. And quite frankly, I have a beef to discuss with you. Um, not every young hip, quirky female looking for love does this. Just tossing out ideas here.

And most of them work regular jobs with regular hours. Secondly, not every male rides a motorcycle. Nor do they all have slightly wavy brownish hair, a la Orlando Bloom. Also what do these guys in your movies do for a living? All they do is relax in bars and at the homes of their buddies who have families already. I drop bags of groceries, no one helps me by picking them up. Then one day an old lady, a mutual friend of the two, takes it upon herself to make these young folk meet. A realistic chick flick. Are you guys shocked?

Ok, well I should have seen that coming, especially since the word hockey is in the title just a few inches away up there. But guys! And that is precisely why I have come up with my top 10 greatest hockey names ever. I must not be able to pronounce the name correctly on my first try.

The name has double letters aa, bb, cc, etc. It just sounds like a hockey name I have no concrete explanation for why something sounds like a hockey name, it just happens 5. It makes me giggle a little bit when I hear it. Just kidding guys. Pronounced Craig Smith. This is the most boring hockey name that has ever existed, ever, in the history of ever. I have no idea. I can prounounce Harry though. I have no idea what those mean, so ya I have no chance of getting this one right. Plus there is literally one vowel in his first name.

Roman Josi — Nashville Predators Roman. No way he can be anything in life, except a hockey player. Byron Bitz — Vancouver Canucks This one, well, this one is just a solid hockey name.

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It just does. Cal Clutterbuck — Minnesota Wild Clutterbuck. Enough said. So perfect! A necessity in the hockey world. Ever heard of playoff beards? Those darn diacritical marks strike again. Just that. He will always by By-Fug-Len, to me. And I like it that way. He just looks like a Byfuglien. Plus what is it? Pekka Rinne — Nashville Predators Really, did you guys not see this one coming? Double letters in both first and last name. Um, yep. Plus the guy is a dreamboat. Alexander combined with anything is a great hockey name. And if your name is Alexander, you just look like a hockey player. It looks unbalanced.

You are so very welcome. Search Home About Me…I guess? Let me set the scene for you. He went down into the dugout tunnel and slammed his bat into the wall. But wait!! I have the solution to your card-less mothers day. They freaking love the things! If you can print something that makes people angry, then their passions arise, and they talk about it. The suns account is very one sided, painting Dufay as an insensitive jerk, who throws his symbol in the face of veterans and flips the bird to the people who laid down their lives.

Needless to say, their story has worked. Google is full of stories of insensitive hippies, and their disrespect of the sacred. On Facebook and Twitter there are a plethora of thoughts and comments full of rage and indignation that anyone might dare suggest that their time honoured traditions should support war. There have been threats to punch those who might wear a white poppy. How's that for irony. What's more after reading the article I felt personally offended.

The red poppy is not a symbol which celebrates war, it is a symbol which reminds us to reflect upon those that gave their lives so that we may live in a free world. Disrespect of those who made the ultimate sacrifice so people they would never meet could live their lives in peace is such a slap in the face, it hurts. Of course it's that freedom that was fought for that gives them the right to choose to wear a white poppy, so while I disagree with their message, I fully support their right to wear it.

In fact I agree with it so much, that I would defend that right should anyone say that they couldn't. But let's stop for a moment, and take a look at the other side of the issue. What really is a white poppy. It certainly wasn't invented by this U of Ottawa student as a way to attack veterans. The white poppy has been a symbol for those that have wished for peace since While there has always been a lot of us or them sentiment between the red and white poppy, the intent was never to be exclusive.

Where the red poppy was meant to honour the fallen hero's, the white poppy was created to symbolize the hope and wish that war wouldn't happen anymore. They were a sometimes worn separately, but the were also worn together as well.

My brain thinks differently than the rest of the world. These are those thoughts.

Most people understand that war is sometimes a necessary evil, and the desire to be free of war is the goal of citizens and soldiers alike. No soldier wants to be in a war, they do it because they feel it's their civic duty. They do it because they want to protect freedom. They do it because they feel they have to protect society from evil.

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Evil is also not a definite term, but a side of an individual belief. I guess the thing to remember is this Peace as an ideal that we would all love to achieve, unfortunately, as long as there are people in the world who have different ideals than you, and who are willing to fight to enforce those beliefs, than the need to defend ones self and country are necessary.

Peace can sometimes be negotiated, but sometimes, it needs to be fought for. Sometimes it has to be sacrificed for. Sometimes, there is no other choice. When that time comes, you need people that not only are willing to fight, but willing to die. These people don't want to die, and they don't want to kill.

They don't celebrate war. They tolerate it. They hate it. They watch it take their friends, and their families, but yet they still give and give. The ones who survive it will never be the same. They deserve our respect, regardless if you respect war or not. That's what the red poppy is all about, to remember those who sacrificed for you. So if you see someone wearing a white poppy on remembrance day, it's OK.

They may be misguided, or they may not understand why you choose red. Smile at them and offer them a red poppy, and remind them sometimes it takes tens of thousands of red poppies to achieve a white one.

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So when I asked my fans read Facebook friends what my next blog should be about, The wussification of Kids or The Tragedy That is Axl Rose, wussification won hands down. It even seems that poor Axl had a few haters This girl hates him so much, she has chosen to wear the shirt ironically. What a hipster! I quote Parents everywhere are looking for a cure! And while some might argue that he is a spoiled brat that brought a close to rock as we know it. Let us take a step back, and look at the pure tragedy that is Axl Rose, and while he might not deserve our sympathy, nor certainly very few could empathize with the man, his life is a tragedy that Shakespeare himself might have a hard time envisioning.

The faces and perms of rock n' roll Let me set the stage for our story The year is , the 80's now over, and hair bands are on a steady decline from their hard rocking, makeup wearing heyday. That is to say, bands which the average rocker would rather eat a shotgun rather than listen to for more than 3 minutes.

While there are a few young bands getting their starts in Seattle, they hadn't really made waves to the mainstream. Their glory days would be still upcoming.

Stumbling on Happiness

That left very few options for those who enjoyed something a little more powerful on the rock side of the world. While they certainly weren't the only good band at the time, the genre more or less belonged to the Californian rock band named Guns N' Roses and their eccentric lead singer Axl Rose. Their albums in the 80's were HUGE! At the time, their current offerings, the "Use Your Illusion" albums, were at the top of the charts for months, and pretty much everyone had a copy, or at least knew someone who did.

They rocked hard, partied hard, and so did their fans.

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They literally caused riots all over North America. Axl was an international sex symbol, and infamous for his 'bad boy' temper tantrums. He played by his own rules, and was loved and hated for it. They were steamrolling their way through the music industry, top of their game and they showed no signs of stopping. Now, let's take a break for a second I need to define something here And God said 'Let there be rock', and it was good. Rock god s - The rare musicians whose music, attitude, showmanship define and transcend their generation. They are held in the highest esteem by critics, the public, and fellow musicians alike, and inspire those that follow to greater heights.

They are beyond reproach, and can put out decades of mediocre music after their masterpieces have been released, and still maintain their respect and 'coolness'. Their music will never die. Now, I'm sure you can all think of a few of these folks. Now you might notice that all these people are dead. Most of them died in their prime, were mourned by all and declared geniuses by those who grieved their passing, and wept for the potential music that we would never hear.

When you think about it, it's a pretty exclusive list to be included on, the cream of the crop if you will. Also I know, I didn't name them all, don't get pissy if I missed your favourite. Rarer than current non-ironic Vanilla Ice fans. But there is one more group in music, which is even more exclusive than this.

One that is so rare that only a handful of people have ever attained it. It is the holy grail of every musician. That is to be the living rock god. Off the top of my head, I can think of very few We could also include John Lennon and Elvis in this list, although they are gone now, they lived to see they status of rock gods for a time. Having said that, there are in comparison many rock legends out there, hell we could even say that Axl is amoungst them, but the living rock gods are the rarest of the rare, and practically an unattainable goal.

However, in the summer of the young band from California was staring the possibility of obtaining the highest plateau of rock in the face, and all signs pointed to that they couldn't miss. Leading the charge was Axl himself. This privliged young firecracker, whined and complained, threw temper tantrums, walked off the stage pouting, causing riots, and made his fans love him even more. His stardom was blowing up faster than anyone could ever imagine, and he rode the wave of rock on a surfboard made from drugs, booze, ego, and loose chicks on his way to rock and roll divination.

Then this happened Just like that it was over. The album was unimaginably a disc full of covers, which for a band as big as this was inconceivable. And yes, it does mean what I think it means. What's worse, is that the covers were BAD covers of songs that rock fans loved. This flop of an album may have been able to be weathered by the band in some circumstances, and possibly even a follow up comeback could have been conceivable, but unfortunately for GN'R, the release coincided with the break-out of a new genre of music which aimed directly at Axl's demographic.

Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Sir-Mix-A-Lot's new grunge sound scooped away all of Axl's fans, and more importantly, what should have been the next generation of Axl fans. Artist's representation of GN'R in the mid nineties. The timing of the of this couldn't be worse. Being on top of the world, and flopping badly is bad enough, but to have never experienced failure as a band, to be told you were the best by everyone, and to have such a huge ego, created what the public could only describe as an epic implosion. The band publicly ripped each other. Everyone blamed everyone else.

Temper tantrums were thrown. The band broke up and what was once a paragon or rock and roll rebellion disintegrated into ongoing joke fuel that was a late night talk show host's wet dream. It was really that bad. When all was said and done, Axl took his ball the rights to the name Guns N' Roses , and went home.

That was the end of one of the biggest bands of the late 80's and early 90's. Axl of course has tried to recreate it with new band members, as has the rest of the band without Axl; however the results have comeback with a resounding unremarkable. So back to tragedy The resounding opinion about Axl Rose is that he is an whiny ego-maniac asshole, who got exactly what he deserved. Remember however, I'm not asking you to feel bad for Axl, but to recognize his life as tragic. To me, one of the worst things that can happen to a person is to come with micrometers of your dreams, and to have them pulled away.

To be able to smell, taste, feel them brush your finger tips as you stretch to grab them, and then to watch them fall away That is tragedy. Think about this, if someone offered you to be able to taste the most amazing flavour in the world once and only once, with the knowledge that you could never taste it again, would you take it? Consider, after tasting that, you know nothing you taste would ever come close to as good again. Every flavour you now love would be spoiled by the memory of that one perfect flavour, and it would all pale by comparison.

As the memory of that exquisite taste faded, you would forever be haunted, searching and trying to attain that again and again, knowing that it is impossible. That is a sad thought indeed, but at least you got to try the flavour Now imagine, if you made the agreement and then as you went to taste it, the sensation was pulled away from you as it approached your waiting tongue, and the essence of it's smell touched your taste buds, allowing the knowledge of the flavour without the pleasure of experience.

That, my friend, is tragedy. Axl Rose then I'm not saying that Axl didn't have a fun ride up. I'm not saying that his life wasn't way more fun and reckless than most of us dare imagine. I'm also not saying that most musicians wouldn't give everything they had just to taste a fraction of Axl's experience. What I'm saying is that Axl had the possibility of being a living rock god in his reach and he dropped it. It brushed his fingertips, he smelt it's perfume, it may even of grabbed his ass, but then it disappeared.

It left only it's trace memory that Axl knows he can never attain, and he has to live the rest of his life in that knowledge. It's unquestionable. He didn't, and that ship has sailed. Now the only thing Axl is, and can ever be is a tragic figure, destroyed by a life of excess, only ever wondering what could have been. So the other day, my youngest daughter, who was 4 years old at the time, asked me "Daddy? Can we watch Star Wars? My chest swelled with pride, and I lovingly pulled the blu-ray from it's sheathe and slid it into the player.

My daughter giggled with excitement as the icon 20th Century Fox played it's fanfare, and then went deathly quiet for those 2 seconds letting your heart flutter in anticipation. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, and then The trumpets sounded, John Williams masterpiece over whelmed the room from my speakers, and the Star Wars logo flared upon my screen! We both cheered at the sheer awesomeness of the moment. A warm tingly shiver ran down my spine as the yellow words scrolled across the screen, and I explained to my daughter, that the film was actually called Star Wars, not a "A New Hope", but we should enjoy it for what it is.

There would be time for arguments of the validity of Han shooting first at another time. This was one of those moments in life which should be treasured for all time. As the Imperial Star Destroyer roared across the screen, I held my daughter tight in an embrace Storm Troopers shot rebels, droids ran through lasers, Darth entered, ominously yet grandly and then choked the captain of Leia's cruiser.

The droids jumped into the escape pod, and those stupid imperial officers decided not to shoot it. If they had, the whole series would have been solved. Emperor wins. As I pointed this out to my daughter, I noticed she wasn't nearly as excited as she was 5 minutes ago In fact she looked downright bored. She looked at me and said Let's watch 'Finding Nemo' instead. I thought unhappily to myself, that marketing wins again as I switched off the 70's epic tale, for Disney's cute fish for the millionth time. If nothing else, it makes a good story. I decided to tell my folks the tale of disappointment and shame, but as I launched into my diatribe of how today's children don't appreciate anything that can't be launched as a dollar app, I stopped and looked at their faces.

They were looking at me in complete disbelief and disappointment. I stopped to consider There's a lot of killing, violence, and pure evilness in Star Wars. Not to mention incest and worst of all Jar Jar Binks I was a bad dad. How could I expose my poor sweet innocent child to this. Hold on a second though When Star Wars came out in , I was 3 maybe 4 at best. My parents took me to see it 8 times! Mind you, I think I slept through it most of the time. When I pointed this out to my parents, they were taken aback. Indeed they had corrupted me with the evil film, and I turned out Well, I can't say normal, but my shrink thinks I'm getting better.

It got me to thinking though, why do we shelter our children so much? Society in general tells us that our kids are precious snowflakes which must be protected at all costs. We put them in helmets when they ride their bikes, we diligently monitor everything they watch, their friends, their teachers, their very lives!

We as parents know that if you let your child experience life in any non sheltered way, you are subject to arrest. In fact, this mom was arrested and incarcerated for 18 hours for the crime of letting her kids play outside, while she was supervising them! Keep your kids inside parents, exposure to fresh air and sun is punishable.

They might get a sunburn. But why on earth do we think our kids our so damn fragile? Why do we believe they will be mentally scarred for life if they are scared by anything worse than their own shadow. We let our children believe that the universe is rainbows and lollipops, and that bad things only happen to bad people. Any semblance of freedom will surely lead to their abduction, or worse, to them hurting their feelings and becoming an antisocial member of society! Yeah Matt, we heard this before. I'm lazy already. Now what most of you are thinking right now is that I'm going to launch on one of my diatribes on how the latest generation are also bunch of wussies like I have on more than a few blogs before.

This however goes beyond that. It's not just the latest generation which has been wussified, it is our entire society. The kids, the parents, the grandparents, everyone. Please note that I am Canadian, and write ethnocentrically. WHO ME? It wasn't all fighting though You know like lions and tigers eating slaves for snacks. Good old fashioned family entertainment. I'm pretty sure that all of Rome didn't turn out to be serial killers. I'm also pretty sure that they didn't all become nonfunctional members of society unable to maintain meaningful daily routine. As a matter of fact, they became a dominant player in the world, and were able to create, conquer, and make a name for themselves as one of the most important civilizations of all time.

A game of skill and finesse But that's not fair, you might argue. You can't compare our society to theirs. They were barbaric butchers, bludgeoning their way through life. Where we live, we wouldn't stand for that. We are civilized people who abhor violence, where they celebrated conquering their neighbours.

Canadians exist peacefully with the world, and have a human rights record which is unmatched. Democracy exists to give everyone the right to their say, where they lived under a system of tyranny, in which killing was the only means of survival. Our entertainment is a of a more civilized ilk. It is very true that while our societies differ considerably, the fact remains that through out history there are numerous examples of kids being exposed to things that would make toughest of the adults in our society horrified.

In Athens, the birth place of democracy, relationships between grown men and young boys were common. Their neighbours in Sparta taught their kids to be able to fight or die at ages where we won't let our kids hold a butter knife. All over the world, killing people was like pay-per-view entertainment. France and their guillotine, Witch burnings in Salem. Even right here in Hamilton less than two hundred years ago, taking the kids to see a drawing and quartering was considered a nice picnic atmosphere.

The truth is all societies have to adapt their attitudes around their needs. If your civilization in constantly under the threat of being attacked ruthlessly by their enemies, then it behooves it to introduce their youth to violence at an early age. This allows them to more effectively defend themselves and survive, and even dominate other societies. Our schools teach us how to learn things which are fun, but ultimately useless.

Except math of course, I still use that, mostly to help my kids with their homework. We learned about dinosaurs, They learned how to kill a man three ways with a paperclip. We find this barbaric because we haven't grown up having to deal with self-defense. Morals are dictated but societal needs, and not by anything else. That's why kids in history have been treated like the adults we are today.

That's also why adults today act like the youth of history. Kids, like all humans can adapt to their societies needs, and what's more can do so more pliably than most adults can. So the answer is this We treat our kids like precious snowflakes because we don't need to make them grow up. It's not their fault if they turn into wussies who can't fail at anything because they haven't been taught how. It's ours. We raised our kids this way, because in turn it was the way we were raised. We live in a safe society where we don't fear being attacked daily because the government protects us.

As such we don't feel the need to have to defend ourselves. I'm gonna learn how to virtually kill people and yell racial and homophobic slurs when I virtually die. Having said that, we have to remember however, that as sensitive as we think our kids are, comparatively speaking, they are Kids are also lot stronger than we give them credit for. What's more, they will find ways to express themselves that we don't understand. Pokeman comes to mind. Best we take control and give the a little bit of non-child Friendly entertainment before they are old enough to control us, and turn our old age homes into a life like simulation of Grand Theft Auto, wheelchair wars.

Of course, if you can't handle it, you can always use these. These ARE the droids you're looking for. Now if you'll pardon me, I have to go console my daughter She's crying because the barracuda killed Nemo's mom and then ate all his baby brother's and sisters. Labels: Angry birds , bad dad , Bloody Assize , Boobs , Call of Duty , Civilization , condoms , Darth Vader , dinosaurs , gladiator , good dad , helicopter parents , hockey , kids , proud dad , Rome , society , Star Wars , wussification.

Recently I heard a commercial from one of the major telecom companies telling me all about how the evil government is allowing another major foreign telecom company into the country which, according to the commercial, threatens our Canadian way of life. I won't name names, because since apparently I have people that buy advertisement space, alienating corporations could affect my bottom line.

Since I can't say anything demeaning about any major corporations, and since I have much venting to do, I will instead vent against things that can't defend themselves, and won't hurt my bottom line You stupid fucking kittens, I'm glad your mom got run over. That's some big talk for a butler, Belvedere! What's more, they'll mooch off of Belvedere's existing network, give nothing back, and offer very little to Canadians! What bothers me the most though, is not that Belvedere is telling us misleading stories to try and get our patriotic sympathies, but that they are blaming it on the government!