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His jailer carved it into his cheek with a fire-heated knife, cutting and cauterizing at the same time. The journey of more than 2, miles would take him across the trackless desert plains of Niger and through the lawless tribal lands of southern Libya before depositing him at the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. He never made it. Ebooks and Manuals

Instead, he was captured the moment he arrived in Libya, then sold to armed men who kept a stable of African migrants they exploited for labor and ransom. The brand on his face, he says, was both punishment and a mark of identification. Fourteen other men who attempted to escape the fetid warehouse where they had been held as captive labor in Bani Walid, Libya, for several months in were similarly scarred, though the symbols differed.

Iabarot is among an estimated , men and women who have crossed the Sahara over the past five years dreaming of a better life in Europe.

the alestrion chronicles slaves redeemed Manual

Some are fleeing war and persecution. Others, like Iabarot, are leaving villages where economic dysfunction and erratic rainfall make it impossible to find work or even enough to eat. To make the harrowing journey, they enlist the services of trans-Saharan smugglers who profit by augmenting their truckloads of weapons, drugs and other contraband goods with human cargo.

Transvaluation of All Values: You Are Not A Slave

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NOOK Book. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview All's not peaceful on the planet Tanul. While the pirates that were responsible for the enslavement of the planets children have been defeated, treachery still lurks the halls of the palace. The King's advisor, Galdon, is no longer happy with his role.

He wants more, even if it means the death of his best friend King Alistare to accomplish it. Things continue to unfold with the discovery of Alestrion, the great phoenix and the revelation of Galdon's dark master Techneon.

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Prophesies begin to come to pass when a young girl named Aria is rescued from a life of slavery. She becomes the planets best-known griffin pilot, but that is not the role she was created for. Product Details About the Author. About the Author LeAnna Shields has always had a vivid imagination. As a result of school yard bullying she, like other kids in the same situation, created imaginary friends.

As she grew older she discovered the joy of writing; and now is happy to be living her dream of being a writer.

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