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Sort order. Jul 07, Casey rated it really liked it. This is a really gutsy novel.

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To write so candidly about race relations couldn't have been easy for Goodman, but he pulls it off. Goodman talked about how when the novel was accepted for publication by the University of Nebraska Press's Bison Books Flyover Series, it was set in Cincinnati. Since Ohio is not in the Great Plains a requirement for the Flyover Series , Goodman revised the novel to have it take plac This is a really gutsy novel. Having grown up in KC, I was obviously interested in how Goodman portrayed it, especially since few novels that I know of are set in KC, and since it wasn't where he'd originally envisioned the novel taking place.

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As far as I'm concerned, he does a good job with the city, and he takes artistic license in places where he needs to which makes perfect sense given the shift from Cincinnati to KC. While the novel is about race relations, it's also about identity and family, and ultimately it's a love story, too. Dec 31, Gloria rated it liked it.

Points for a somewhat unflinching look at race dynamics.

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Negative points for the fact that despite a good attempt to flesh out and develop the black characters, this is still fundamentally a white man's story and you really don't understand why or whether Tisha really loves Richie and what makes her tick This may be more a limitation of the author's sex rather than race - I note that Reese, the only significant black male character, is better drawn than Tish.

In spite - of because of - a some Points for a somewhat unflinching look at race dynamics. In spite - of because of - a somewhat overblown climax featuring a riot, this book is pretty readable and illuminates the challenges of a cross-class romance.

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Still, it falls short of being truly profound or making the African-American characters fully realized. Mar 31, Alyssa rated it liked it Shelves: poc , fiction , review-copy.

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