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So, a woman dedicated to nonviolence was convicted of going near a military base, where a Colonel, not feeling safe enough with, you know, the military base, had a legal order of protection against her. Of course this is a legalistic gimmick aimed at denying people their rights to speech and assembly, as at least one court has already ruled.

These people are continuing to speak and assemble. My activism began in with the Tonkin Bay lies. After Nixon blocked our confirmed hospital beds and plastic surgeons in upstate NY, my family and I emigrated to Australia. While there teaching high school I had my students help wake up Aussies to French Nuclear testing off the coast of Australia.

Other groups Greenpeace etc were involved by the sight of fourth form 10th grade Aussie kids on top of the ABC Australian Broadcasting System at the French Consulate in Sydney led to other actions around the country to press the French.

앵무새 몸으로 울었다(1981) / Parrot Cries with Its Body (Aengmusae mom-eulo ul-eossda)

I was in a Santa Clause suit and a bag with candy and hand bills urging federal workers to find a real job…. Locals, with IBM the backbone of the job force, had no idea that their wonder company was doing wrong — until students contacted media and the story was blasted. Kids can make a difference. Two years later, President Bush met with IBM officials in the Rose Garden to award them for their winning reduction of ozone pollutants. Students by then were in college or elsewhere and of course, not mentioned.

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I hope they are questioning and acting. But being a sheep has its advantages even for the committed. So, my activism has been education. Today, my play, The Predator, you helped clean up a few items in it has been done around the nation in small group settings such as the Pittsburgh Foreign Affairs Council etc. It did close but opened up weeks later with a new name. It has worked historically. Need I repeat what most people of historical awareness know as fact….

A Meddler and her Murder by Joyce Porter

Silence is the enemy of justice and we have great silence today. Silence is based in fear but is comfortable and safe. Sheepherders are our guides today rather than national leadership. Hiding in the middle of the flock is safe. Few speak out about our murderous ways. Belo knew the other woman only by a first name.

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She described the victim as a family friend who had been facing difficulties and the Fletchalls took her in about six months ago to help her out. Lorie had worked in banking, Belo said.

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Over the years, the Fletchalls had faced financial problems, according to court records, including a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Colorado civil cases in Adams County courts involving the couple were filed in and A third suit involving money issues was filed in Adams County in ; only John Fletchall was named in that case. All of the civil cases had been resolved and closed.

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Election meddling: US sanctions 13 Venezuela officials, warns against electing Constituent Assembly

Dominik Scherrer Natasha Khan. BBC One Netflix. Professional cellist Matilda Grey finds her world has been turned upside down following the unexpected suicide of her mother, Janice. Whilst sorting through Janice's possessions, Matilda finds a box which contains press cuttings and a video tape relating to the disappearance of Carys Howell, a four-year-old girl who disappeared in the Welsh town of Penllynith in Intrigued by her findings, Matilda decides to head to Penllynith with her best friend and fellow musician, Hal, in an attempt to find out what connection her mother may have had to Carys' disappearance.

Matilda and Hal find themselves facing an angry mob of villagers who are determined to put an end to their meddling.

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Matilda forms an allegiance with Nick, an Australian who has just inherited a large estate from his great-uncle, Ewan Dean, and who offers to put her up until she can find somewhere else to stay. PC Graves continues her investigation into Ewan Dean's death and questions Ed's movements on the night. Kendrick reaches out to Matilda after she approaches the police with the necklace given to her by Sean.