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Gentlemen Of The Road

Zelikman has a morbid personality due to the trauma of watching his family slaughtered in an anti-Jewish pogrom. The two bandits begin in the Kingdom of Arran , where they con the customers of an inn with a staged duel. Before they can collect their winnings, a mahout attempts to hire them to safeguard his charge, Filaq, a fugitive Khazar prince.

Filaq's family was murdered by the usurping bek , Buljan. Before the pair can give their answer, Buljan's assassins kill the mahout, and the two gentlemen escape with Filaq, intent on collecting a reward from his wealthy relatives.

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Filaq, on the other hand, is committed to escaping and taking vengeance on Buljan. The group arrives at the hometown of Filaq's relatives and discovers that everyone has been slaughtered by Kievan Rus'. An army of Arsiyah arrives too late to save the town.

George: A Gentleman of the Road by P.a Davies

Filaq attempts to rally the troops to rescue his kidnapped brother Alp, but the army decides to place Filaq on the bek's throne instead. The army travels to the bek's palace, but a ruse by Buljan leaves the Arsiyah army obliterated. Filaq is captured and exposed to all as a girl. Amram is also captured while trying to rescue her. In disguise as a Radanite , Zelikman meets with Buljan and manages to rescue Amram.

Beaten and raped, Filaq is sold to a brothel where Zelikman and Amram take refuge. With Gentleman Of The Road, the first hour is a fun acoustic set which warms people up nicely. Gentlemen Of The Road will then come back on for the second hour and play all of the rock and pop classics you and your guests will want to hear!

A Gentleman of the Road

Because Gentlemen Of The Road aim to be a versatile band they'll also do a more standard format of 2 x 60 minute electric sets to keep the crowd entertained. The Gentlemen of the Road were excellent from start to finish, really good chat in advance covering arrangements and music choices before hand, agreeing to chance the first set to outside a few days before when the weather looked good, turning up with plenty of time to setup, a really good selection of music that got everyone dancing and had all our music choices for after all sorted.

It took us ages deciding on a band, but really pleased. We wanted a band with their own identity rather than just your standard wedding band with standard list of songs and these guys were great and loads of our guests commented how good the band were. If the need arises at an earlier age your family will be relieved of the burden of making many decisions.

Having made your funeral arrangements, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your affairs in order. Pre-planning is a wise thing to do at any age.

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    'Gentleman' George on road to retirement

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